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british bank notes set for plastic surgery - transparent window film

by:Cailong     2019-08-19
british bank notes set for plastic surgery  -  transparent window film
The Bank of England is considering launching a plastic five yuan and 50 pounds with transparent slots to improve durability and prevent counterfeiting on the next generation of banknotes.
Notemaker De La Street UK acquired the bank's printing business in 2003 and signed a contract to produce UK bills by 2015.
However, it is understood that the contract may allow new suppliers to present some of these updated instructions by that date.
Bank officials are believed to be concerned that the 5-pound note is not strong enough because the low-denomination note will soon change hands.
The pound is currently mainly made of cotton, but Australia has paved the way with a polymer currency that is more suitable for daily use.
A source close to the bank said: "It is currently in the evaluation stage.
Will not make a decision in the next year or two, will not be produced for a period of time after that, but a £ 5 plastic note is possible, although it does not provide much security as other options do.
"Polymer paper money is considered easier to copy than paper money with clear plastic windows in traditional cotton.
Banks are considering the latter option for other notes, leaning towards a £ 50 trial.
This is a less commonly used banknote, which does not require durability of £ 5 for £ 50, but is more costly for the economy if forged on a large scale.
"The bank is looking for a way to see --
"This is a major security feature through a transparent note window," the source said . ".
An industry insider added: "There is a dialogue between banks and industry suppliers about the future features of paper money, especially to combat counterfeiting.
"The European Central Bank is also considering a similar reaction.
Counterfeiting Measures for second-generation banknotes.
Paper money makers are producing prototypes, several of which are considered to include plastic windows.
The notes were seriously delayed: the first series has been 9 years and is expected to be replaced this year.
However, since it will take time to replace existing notes, they will remain subject to statutory tenders for at least a few years.
It was suggested that starting next year and showing up in 2013, the first note for starting production would be € 5.
€ 10 will be paid in 2014 and € 20 will be paid in 2015.
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