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bubble trouble! popping it is one of life's great joys - but is hard-to-recycle bubble wrap taking over the world? - clear plastic corrugated sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
bubble trouble! popping it is one of life\'s great joys - but is hard-to-recycle bubble wrap taking over the world?  -  clear plastic corrugated sheets
Is there any cheaper fun than working in the corner of bubble wrap that is more satisfying? Pop! Pop! Pop!
However, it is possible to have too many good things.
A couple of weeks of renovation is coming to an end, and my apartment is full of stuff.
It has sheets and sheets.
Each purchase was delivered in a foam-packed blanket: Tile, shower-
Screen, bathtub faucet, brush, mud bag, picture hook.
Even towels can't be broken, they can't be broken.
If I keep everything, I have enough to spread the apartment several times.
This is enough to drive you crazy.
My local council, Westminster, does not recycle foam packaging.
So what should I do?
The council advised me to keep it when I moved (
I have no plan to do it immediately)
Or use it to wrap the vase.
If I don't have cabinet space to store it, I should put it in my black household garbage bag and take it to the landfill, which doesn't seem to be eco-friendly.
What does the head of household have to do with all these foam packs?
Can't recycling really work?
Why do retailers insist on using such ridiculous quantities?
In 1957, pop-history foam packs first appeared in a garage in New Jersey. Alfred W.
American engineer Phil Ding and Swiss inventor Mark chawannis are working on a three-
Create a series of bubbles by sealing the shower curtain together to form a size textured wallpaper.
There are not many homeowners who buy plastic foam wall materials, so the inventors re-
Sell as a greenhouse insulation material and then as a package.
Sealed airlines earn more than £ 5 billion a year worldwide.
End your concern the first scientific study of the way we like to pop up bubbles-
To reduce pressure, a sealed air capsule pops up
It was published in the journal Psychological report in 1992.
A professor of psychology at West New England College found that repeated activities reduced stress and anxiety and improved energy levels.
It has been shown that a bubble burst helps with car disease
Maybe it makes you feel uncomfortable.
Parents of autistic children report that popping has a calming effect on a painful child.
Scientists have yet to give a completely convincing explanation of this habit of treatment and addiction, but even more so, our passion may be part of human evolution.
The theory is that the bubble burst copies the grooming behavior of apes taking off and crushing lice from their young hair.
Plastic foam packaging is made of the most common plastic polyethylene in the world.
It is used to make packaging materials such as bags, transparent films, bottles, etc.
Polyethylene cannot be biodegradable unless treated with a chemical that breaks down the plastic
That's why you see so many discarded plastic bags and bottles in hedges, streets and the seaside
But it's recyclable.
Polyethylene plastic can be collected, chopped, crushed and compacted into bundles or trays, and then melted before it becomes black bags, plastic chairs and tables, and even wool garments.
In no case should it be burned, as it will release an unpleasant, spicy black smoke.
According to the British Plastics Federation, more than 5 million tons of plastic are used in the UK every year, of which only plastic is estimated to be recycled. RECYCLE OR NOT?
Westminster Council in central London does not recycle foam packaging;
The Lewisham committee in southern London is also.
Oxford City Council is proud to recycle foam packaging;
There is no South Oxfordshire council.
A good record of recycling does not guarantee that the Council will accept the challenge of bubble packaging.
Judging by the percentage of recycling waste in 2013/2014, none of the top 10 best recycling records in the country's Council will accept foam packaging in the bin.
The fact seems to be that many councils believe it is easy to be sent to landfill sites because of its sheer size and volume.
If you don't have much plastic, put it in your black trash can.
Epping Forest council told me that you can take it to your local dump if you have a lot.
It's not just the expansion of foam packaging that causes problems.
Jonathan Neville, managing director of Norfolk packaging and recycling company Polyprint, explained that it is difficult for most people to distinguish between different plastics.
For example, there are flexible polyethylene for foam packaging and soft plastic bags that we buy toilet rolls;
Hard, cracked polypropylene for salad wrap and crispy wrap;
And silky cellophane as the cover of the greeting card.
These must be recycled separately, but most householders mix them together.
They can use infrared separation at the recycling plant
Red sensors that recognize different plastics according to the way they reflect light, but this is both expensive and time consuming
There is no consumption and technology for each sorting facility.
Transporting large quantities of plastic to remote sorting plants is often very expensive and these sorting plants do have infraredred sensors.
Therefore, many committees do not see this as a cost.
Plastic such as recycled foam packaging is effective.
However, it is misleading to tell residents that foam packaging cannot be recycled.
If your local council does not recycle, you hate the idea of sending it to a landfill, what can you do with your foam pack?
Various suggestions on recycling websites from wise-
Isolate your greenhouse and protect your potted plant from frost, save it when you move
Ridiculous, frankly, ugly.
Use a large sheet as a shower screen, or tape it over a window to protect privacy, rather than a net curtain.
It's not very fashionable, but there's an ecology.
Friendly blog advice to put some in the car as an emergency anorexia if it rains
Or as a pillow for tired passengers.
Remember, though, that all plastic products should be kept away from children.
One of the more clever suggestions is to line up on canvas shopping bags with foam wrap and ice
Packaging in the refrigerator to cool the insulation
Carry bags of wine bottles and salads during the picnic.
You can even copy an example of a bride who is walking down the aisle of Lincoln County church in a wedding dress completely wrapped in foam.
Now bubble packaging can be found in food packaging.
"Swallow This: Serving the darkest secrets of the food industry," says Joanna breesman, author of raspberry and other fruits presented in crystal form.
A transparent plastic container, under a layer of "breathable" film, placed on an absorbent crimson "bubble pad" that can mask any leaking juice.
She warned that some toxic chemicals used to make plastic packaging may also be included in bubble packaging and should not be in contact with food.
A delicate product like berries should be sold with packable cardboard or cardboard, says Blythman.
Starch container.
She also mentioned a tip from the supermarket: "foam packaging will make the berries climb higher from the carton (
So you think you have a better value for money)
Maybe it's an excuse to charge more?
While bubble wrap does a great job of protecting really fragile items, do we really need that much?
Do soft bathroom towels have to be wrapped in foam?
Retailers have gone too far. cautious.
In order to avoid customers returning bruised fruits, cracked glassware or fragmented pottery, they use a large number of bubble packs that are more suitable for transporting bright vases.
Retailers should work together, mail-
Reduce orders and internet companies for bubble packaging
Especially when we shop more and more online and deliver products --
And polyethylene recycling from Parliament.
The Commission should at least honestly explain why they don't recycle the foam packaging.
The classification of plastics is indeed a challenge, but the problem of bulk has been solved --
Despite being in a very laborious way.
Recycling evangelist Jonathan Neville said: "The more you pop out of the air, the better.
So start jumping!
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