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bubble wrap, at 50, a pop culture mainstay - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
bubble wrap, at 50, a pop culture mainstay  -  clear plastic sheets
People walk up to the altar wearing it, use it to protect their garden plants, and even show it at the elegant Art Museum.
Most of the time, they like the sound they make when they destroy it one by one, which largely explains the appeal of the foam package, disguised as a pressure reducer for the package buffer, maintain inexplicable control over popular culture.
The product, once envisioned as a new wallpaper, will be 50 th birthday this month, and fanatics 'obsession with it has spawned more than 250 Facebook pages dedicated to bubble packaging.
Ken o'reichiro, director of Sealed Air Communications at Elmwood Park-
The company that produced foam packaging, I thought he had witnessed all forms of bubble packaging frenzy until last year when he received a wedding invitation from a woman in Ohio, she said she would wear the product while traveling down the aisle.
Aurichio said that the shooting of protesters at Virginia Beach, the mother of connadik state where Google's cloud service was interrupted, interrupted Harris's speech, "I have never seen her before . ".
"She must have known my name from the website. " (
No, he did not attend. )
As with many innovations, foam packaging was originally designed for completely different purposes.
According to Aurichio, at the end of 1950, a New York City designer proposed to inventor Marc Chavannes and Al fields to create a textured wallpaper.
The idea stalled, but according to the company's legend, the products created by the two men in a small lab in New Jersey found their place, and fielding was flying into Newark Airport, he noticed the fluffy clouds that seemed to provide a cushion for the landing of the plane.
After 50 years, Sealed Air earned more than $4 billion in global revenue, and a large number of fans provided countless uses for bubble packaging (It's a wig!
This is a mobile home!
It's a sleeping bag!
This is a floating device! ).
"It seems like there's something new every day," said Rohn Shellenberger, the company's air cellular product business manager . ".
Sealed Air 100,000-square-
Just off Interstate 80, about 15 miles west of Manhattan, the walking warehouse is an obsession.
The dream of Compulsive, with a diameter of up to 7 feet, is a row after row of stacked bubble rolls.
The temperature is sweat-
Induced by a machine that processes millions of resin particles (
A box is marked with "Macchi resin ")
Make transparent plastic sheets at temperatures of up to 560 degrees.
Shellenberger broke a myth about bubble packaging;
That is, the air is injected into all these tiny bubbles.
Instead, when they pass through several rollers, it gets stuck between the paper, and one of the rollers creates dents for the bubbles.
Two significantly different forces together shaped the growth of foam packaging: the emergence of transistors and later PCs and all their accessories, which led to the growth of the transportation of delicate electronic components by billions-Dollar Industry;
The Internet provides a forum for fanatics to exchange stories and cement foam packaging as cultural icons.
Catherine Howard, an Massachusetts artist, tied a bubble-wrapped bow to a chair at her wedding in last May to allow guests to compete in an explosion.
It's not surprising for a woman who set up a virtual bubble packaging website in 1996 and is called the unofficial "bubble packaging lady" of the web.
"We are trying to find the most useless thing on the Internet, and bubble packaging is a complete tactile experience," Howard said with a smile . ".
But this is what everyone likes.
"It's hard to imagine that chamanis and fielding, who have passed away now, will suggest that their invention will inspire such a silly mood or enter the film (Wall-
Ace Ventura: Detective pet), television (Monk)
Cultural height (
Museum of Modern Art, 2009).
That is the real fashion sign (
At least for now): A bubble-
Pop-up app for Apple iPhone.
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