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budding queanbeyan artists play part in national museum's encounters exhibition launch - clear plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-17
budding queanbeyan artists play part in national museum\'s encounters exhibition launch  -  clear plastic film
A pair of budding artists from Queanbeyan are given a special opportunity to become part of a new exhibition at the Australian National Museum in Canberra.
Kyle Hardman and Ben Ridley were guided to the encounts exhibition before showing off their own project on Wednesday afternoon
Temporary devices specially made for launch.
Encounts presents 151 pieces of artwork from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, most of which were taken by the British in their early interactions and have not returned to Australia since. With Governor-
Sir Peter Cosgrove and Aboriginal elders from 27 communities in Canberra, Australia, celebrate the launch, which Kyle and Ben acknowledge is a unique opportunity.
This temporary installation is painted on a transparent plastic film canvas between trees in the museum's outdoor courtyard --
Dream Garden in Australia.
The young men, under the guidance of professional street artists Jeff filler and Dan maginetti, drew an eastern gray kangaroo, a crow and gum leaf.
"It is a very good opportunity for young people to explain their culture with modern technology," Mr Filmer said . ".
"It's all done on a transparent film with aerosol paint.
"Kyle and Ben demonstrated their passion for art at a public street art project in Queanbeyan and were invited to the press conference.
In order to revive a shabby park in the east of kuanbeya, a large group of young local indigenous men joined the ranks of the old train carriages carefully painted the park.
Malcolm Tony, Aboriginal program liaison at Queanbeyan City Council, said budding artists need an opportunity to develop their skills.
"They need an opportunity to express themselves through the art they are familiar with," he said . ".
"This is once. in-a-
This is a lifetime experience for these young people, and we hope that they will be inspired to participate further in art.
"As part of the painting of the train carriage project, they have been shining brightly, and that is in return for them," Mr Filmer said . ".
"Seeing these young people in our community have this opportunity is also a reward for us. " Topics:art-and-design,street-
Library, Indigenous artmuseum-and-
Canberra gallery
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