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builders stress common sense in balcony design to avert accidents | pune news - times of india - acrylic mirror sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-06
builders stress common sense in balcony design to avert accidents | pune news - times of india  -  acrylic mirror sheet
Pune: in beautiful buildings, the surge in children's fall from the designer balcony with glass railings has caused problems in the safety of the gallery and the attention of the Guardian to the children at home. A two-year-
On Tuesday, an old child fell off the balcony of the apartment on the ninth floor of Chinchwad.
At about four o'clock P. M. , the girl, Ankita Tomar, fell on the balcony alone, while her mother and grandparents were at home.
Experts stress that parents need to be vigilant and not leave their children alone on the balcony or at home.
One of them said that if a child had to stay alone for a while, the door to the balcony had to be locked.
Builders believe that equal attention must be given to the aesthetics and safety of the building in order to minimize accidents.
National Building regulations stipulate that "every flat panel or balcony overlooking any outside or interior open space less than 2 m or more shall be equipped with a guardrail or guardrail not less than 1 in height.
2 m, this guardrail should be firmly fixed on the wall.
Shrikant paran, president of Credai Pune Metro, said that while there are no specific rules on the design of the balcony, the height of the railing or the gap to be maintained between the two members (structures)
Railings are one of the obvious and major aspects of the design.
"Although there are no specific rules for Pune Municipal companies (PMC)
This is a functional design.
"We usually have vertical components on the railing, and there is a narrow gap between the two so that no one will pass through," he said . ".
Ranjit Naiknavare, secretary of Credai Metro, said, "although PMC insists that the railing must be at least 1. 05 metres to 1.
The company is 2 m high and does not limit builders in design.
We recommend that our members use vertical members on the balcony railing.
Level members can be used as steps and children can use them to climb up.
The Association of Architects, engineers and surveyors must give advice on the use of vertical members, "he said.
Rohit grera, a child focused on its own
Friendly home, say three
Accidents can be avoided.
"First of all, there are regulations in the national building code.
It maintains a minimum and maximum height for wall guards or handrails.
The second is to maintain the common sense of the minimum gap between the daughter wall or railing members and the use of vertical components.
Finally, parents must know what poses a risk to their children and install something similar to an acrylic board in front of the girls' Wall, "he said.
Paranjape said Credai Pune Metro did not consult in this regard.
"We may issue some basic guidelines to avoid any accidents," he added . ".
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