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bullet proof helmet - clear polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
bullet proof helmet  -  clear polycarbonate
Since head and neck trauma is the greatest risk of injury to racing drivers, the helmet must be light, sturdy and impact-resistant.
The current Formula 1 helmet is very strong and weighs about 1 pound. 25 kg.
The helmet consists of several separate layers that combine strength and flexibility (
It is essential to absorb a large impact).
The case has two layers, usually fiber-
Carbon fiber reinforced resin.
Below is a very solid layer of plastic, the same material used in many bullets --proof vests.
Then there is a soft, deformed layer made of polystyrene-based plastic covered with flames
Proof materials used in racing overalls and gloves.
The sun visor will be made of special transparent polycarbonate, combining excellent impact protection with flame retardant and excellent visibility.
Most drivers use colored visors, which are covered with protection on the inside
Especially in wet environments, they are blurred in order to prevent chemicals from being fogged.
A few tears of transparency
Off strips are attached outside.
When the sun visor picks up the dirt during the race, the driver can remove the dirt to clear the field of view.
The helmet design also provides ventilation for the driver.
This is achieved by using a variety of small air outlets.
To prevent small particles of orbital debris from entering the helmet, these entrances are equipped with special filters.
Surprisingly, these advanced devices are still hand-drawn, and it's a very skilled job for more complex patterns and designs that take hundreds of hours of work, most drivers wear several helmets in a season.
FIA recently commissioned the development of the next generation "super helmet" for f1 racing ".
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