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buying guide: running — insider tips - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-15
buying guide: running — insider tips  -  characteristics of polyester
Running is not just one of the best exercises to lose weight --
It is not only one of the best forms of exercise to lose weight, but also one of the cheapest forms of exercise.
Runners have different views on what equipment is really necessary and useful, so don't be surprised if one runner likes a certain piece of equipment that another runner feels ridiculous about.
Your own preferences change as you gain experience and record more miles.
Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, it doesn't take much to start running.
However, you will want to try to choose the right running shoes, and secondly, buy the right running shoes.
The level of quality you choose in both categories can develop or break the running habits.
For most other gear products, from fuel to runner watches, you can start to be cheap, upgrade to a more expensive version, and learn about what you really like (and don’t like).
No matter what level of runner you are, you will find some suggestions in the section of this guide.
This is your most critical purchase.
It is very important to choose your running shoes wisely, because you usually wear about 500 miles on these babies before you change them --
Wrong shoes can make every mile miserable.
Here are some tips to help you get the best features and meet your personal needs.
Instead of shopping or sports in a general sports shoe store
Merchandise store, go to a store that runs multiple brands.
Ask the manager which employee has the most experience in equipping people with clothing based on your body size and running experience level.
"A good running store will put you on a treadmill and see how your feet are landing," said Gear blogger Lisa Jhung . ".
Have the staff check your old running shoes or sneakers so he can check the wear mode;
This can help him determine your strike mode and the movement of your feet (
Most runners are "superspin", meaning their ankles roll inward every time they hit the ground).
The staff should also look at your stride, measure your feet, and then ask the distance you plan to run, and what kind of terrain you will usually deal (
Roads, trails, tracks, etc. ). Bring (or buy)
You will use a pair of running shoes and try on several different running shoes to compare their fit and feel.
"Put a different shoe on each foot so you can compare it directly," coach Joel Harper said . ".
Don't just walk around;
Run some steps on a hard surface to see how the shoes fit during exercise. (
A good run store will allow you to run outside and around the block. )
You should feel stable and supportive.
For more specific information about finding the best fit, see most women at the beginning (
Unless they are on the bright side from the beginning)
Might use one of the best
Stephen Prite, an expert in sports foot disease, said stable shoes are firm.
"One thing is not to be carried away by a pair of soft shoes," he suggested . ".
"You'll want a bigger, stronger one, which is still a cushion enough for you.
"However, you have to try on a couple of pairs to find the hardness and buff that works best for you.
"This is a personal matter," Jhung added . ".
"When I was pregnant, the buff was more important to me as I gained weight.
Does it feel too "propped up?
Or is it crashing?
Both cases indicate that shoes may not be suitable for you.
"Most of the stability shoes tend to face flat-footed runners, so manufacturers think you need more support than you really need," said Gear Editor Sean Downey . ".
You may wear some sports bras in the gym or other sports, but that doesn't mean they will make the running partners feel comfortable.
A good sports bra must provide more than just support for running;
When any small stimulus can become painful, the running that handles longer periods of time must be breathable and comfortable.
"It's important to try a few," said Jhung . ".
Not just a band, Jhung suggested.
She explained that while choosing a sports bra is a very personalized option, models that compress and encapsulate breasts often provide maximum support while running.
"Jump on and off when you try on a bra," said Jhung . ".
You want to feel good.
Support and comfort without any friction.
That is, don't buy a bra until you try to run a few steps in it;
Discomfort also comes easily from the side --to-
Side movement as upward movementand-down bounce.
Ideally, stay away from everythingcotton T-
Shirts and shorts.
Use a soft, seamless synthetic mixture (
For example, a mixture of polyester and spandex)—
They can absorb moisture and reduce friction.
Jhung warned that rubbing the seams on the thighs or underarms may seem insignificant in the first few minutes of running, but that irritation will only get worse.
Clothes made for running often reduce seams.
The traditional running shorts have a lining, which will become crowded and cause friction when making big strides.
Especially when the thigh is relatively large.
This is one of the reasons for wearing compression.
Type shorts under non-lined synthetic sports shorts are becoming a popular trend, Jhung said. How (and if)
You can track the progress of your run.
Some women like to record their running speed, route and distance, while others may just want to record their running time without being bothered by anything else (
After all, running should be liberating. )
These simple tracking tips can help motivate you without making your life too complicated.
Most beginners only need a regular sports watch with the timing function to record their running time.
Newcomers tend to go too far and too fast to increase their distance too early --
This can lead to fatigue and injury.
Consider adding only one or two minutes to each outing or several runs.
When you're used to running two or three times a week for at least 20 minutes, you can start introducing distance as an incentive.
At the beginning, you can record your distance with a cheap pedometer.
Beginners who stick to running tend to overtake walkers very quickly, so there is no need to drop more than $15$20 on one.
Or, you can mark your route and record your mileage on Google Maps, or use the Nike system, Donnie said, it calculates distance and speed by transmitting a signal from a chip in a shoe to an iPod or iPhone.
Harper recommends that you reward yourself every 50 miles when you start tracking your running distance.
For example, buy something you want or go on a small trip.
If you find a running error and find yourself getting more serious about tracking mileage and speed, you may want to upgrade to a runner watch with GPS (
Or other GPS devices).
GPS function is particularly useful in long distance training.
For example, when you train a 10 K or a half marathon, you may start doing what you call a "negative split ";
It just means that you will finish running in the second half faster than in the first half.
GPS will be very helpful for you to measure if you are on the track.
When you track your weekly total mileage, having a GPS device also gives you the flexibility to run any route you like without having to map in advance.
It may not shake its tail to lick your face, but your smartphone is still a good running companion.
Look at the app we think is worth the money (
Or download the effort if they are free)
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