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buying guide: the best macbook 13″ case - protective plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-02
buying guide: the best macbook 13″ case  -  protective plastic film
1st Location: Incase hard shell this stylish and protective hard shell is made of frosted plastic pieces that can be easily attached to the 13 inch MacBook.
The case provides protection for ordinary suspects: scratches, dust, stains, but not too much protection against impact.
What is special about this box is the variety of colors.
If you are not happy with your white MacBook and are eager for the old black MacBook, there is a black Incase Harshell case. Price: $49. 95.
Available in Incase store.
Advantages: MacBook can be used when the chassis is open.
The MacBook does not add much volume.
You can customize your Mac in multiple colors.
Easy to install.
Disadvantages: The price is high. Easy to smudge.
2nd: Australian bag from Australia, Australian bag is made of soft neoprene, which can keep your MacBook away from scratches.
What separates this shell is its installation design and will not interfere with the use of the equipment. Price: $36.
The standard design is $90 and $39.
Select 50 if you would like to customize it.
It is available in Australian bag shops.
Advantages: The unique design allows us to use the MacBook while keeping the case.
Value for money.
With accessory bracket.
Cons: ships from Australia, so it may take a while to get there.
Block the heat on your laptop, so if using the processor, we recommend removing the display cover
Intensive applications.
3rd Place: Waterfield laptop case this stylish case is very customizable for people who travel a lot.
Whether you're looking for a professional and cool design or a colorful and fun style, the number of choices makes your case unique.
Orders are shipped from November 24.
Price: different from custom.
Available at Waterfield store. Pros: Highly-
Customized design can be customized according to your needs.
Easy access to MacBook.
Meet TSA standards, so you don't have to take it out of the box when you go through airport security. Cons: Pricey.
Production did not begin until November 24.
The fourth place: zyminvisible visible ShieldThis case is made of plastic film glued to the MacBook and can provide light weight protection.
Zander claims that their plastic shield is made of the same plastic used to protect the helicopter rotor, which seems accurate according to our tests.
The Zapper stealth shield will protect your device from scratches and dust while not adding any volume. Price: $54. 99.
Available in Zulu online store.
Professional: very fashionable. Adds (almost)
There is no weight on the MacBook.
Guarantee for 45 days.
Cons: not as strong as a neoprene or hard plastic case.
The installation is difficult and requires a lot of trials.
Fifth place: MEC Mac computer SleeveAs is an economical option that stands out in the crowd due to the density of its neoprene and the great value it offers.
The opening of Velcro is a bit noisy and the method without decoration is simple, but it provides good protection at a high price. Price: $18. 00.
Available in Mec.
Very valuable.
Very dense neoprene provides scratch protection, and some will help if your MacBook is dropped.
Cons: noisy velcro opening.
There is no custom option.
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