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calls for banksy's defaced 'art buff' piece to be re-instated in folkestone - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
calls for banksy\'s defaced \'art buff\' piece to be re-instated in folkestone  -  clear plastic sheets
A seaside town is being rebuilt.
A piece of Bansky was found on the exterior wall of an arcade because the owner said they could no longer maintain it.
The mural of the "art buffet" appears on the wall of the amuse stone playground at the end of septemel.
Art lovers quickly flocked to see the work. The work depicts an old woman listening to what appears to be an audio guide while staring at an empty base.
To protect the work, a piece of transparent plastic was put on the mural, but the penis was sprayed-
Drawing on the base two weeks later, committee staff were drafted to clean up the murals.
The Godden family owned the arcade where Banksy painted the work, and they dismantled the "art buffet" over the weekend, claiming that they were no longer able to protect it from damage.
The artwork is expected to be auctioned by the bank robbers Gallery in London.
Before removing the rough graffiti, the picture of the mural is displayed on the main page of its website.
Over the weekend, protesters opposed the removal of art gathered on the site and left a message on the Facebook page of the bank robber gallery to express their disappointment.
The sherpway District Council, who has been helping to maintain the murals, said it was "disappointed" to hear that the "art buffet" was removed ".
Damian Collins, Conservative MP for Fol stone and Hythe Collins, also called on the Godden family to save the bank for fol stone.
"I was very upset to hear that the bank artwork on the entertainment wall of the fol stone palace was removed at the request of the Godden family who owned the building," he said . ".
"It would be much better if they had discussed the issue with the people in town before taking action.
Mr. Collins wrote to his family to discuss another solution for the sale of the work, which would see the work continue to be shown publicly in the "same location or different locations" of folstone.
Art dealer Robin Barton told folstone's community radio FM Academy that any proceeds from the auction would be donated to a cancer charity, the agency set up Jimmy Gordon in honor of Mr. Gordon's late father.
The wall photo of the taxpayer Park appears on the Banksy website, before and after the artwork appears, claiming that the image is part of the three-year-old fol stone.
The three-year period ended yesterday was two-year.
A month-long art show at the resort attracted the love of the widow of the late Beatles, John Lennon, Yoko Ono.
At this year's conference, Berlin-
Artist Michael Sailstorfer hid 30 bars for 24 hours, triggering a stampede.
Carat gold, worth 10,000, is located at fol stone beach.
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