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camera; the carousel projector is hale at 25 - color transparency film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
camera; the carousel projector is hale at 25  -  color transparency film
Andy Grandberg
1986 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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From the centennial of the birth of the great modernist photographer Edward Weston to the 50 th anniversary of Life magazine, this is a memorable year, a beacon of news photography in the past.
These are not ignored: Weston is half remembered
More than a dozen museum exhibitions, Life published a special commemorative edition and a book
The best photos.
On the other hand, the two anniversaries in the field of color photography do not receive all the attention they deserve.
50 years ago, Kodak's Kodak film was 35-
Mm size of color slide. A quarter-
In the 1961 s, Kodak announced the carousel projector, its warhorse system, which allows photographers to present their 35-
Mm slides as big or bigger as life is at home.
The use of the projector ushered in the era
The slides of the fuss.
Doing so helps fuel a frenzy of color
Transparent film between So-
Known as a senior amateur photographer
Its launch also coincides with the development of the Kodak Rome II film, which has increased the speed of the original Kodak Rome --
From about ASA 10 to ASA 25.
The Kodak herrome film family has been expanded and modified several times since 1961, most recently this year, Kodak herrome 200 and roll-film-
Kodak 64.
However, the efficient but inconspicuous carousel continues to remain basically the same --
The correctness of its original design was proved.
To be sure, advertising has been done, but they are mostly at the end of the lens of the unit.
They include autofocus, increased zoom lens and "Bend-
Scene lens for compensating the buckle in cardboard-
Installed transparent film.
However, these improvements were said to have been achieved overnight.
While no one questioned the value of having a zoom lens that allows people to resize the image based on the size of the screen, it automatically
Focus and bend
The field lens does not cure the disease of out-of-
Focus on the slide image.
Still, no one came up with a better idea, after sliding in and out of the climax,
The intensity beam of the projector bulb.
The huge innovation of the carousel in this regard is the use of gravity.
Each slide is mounted separately in the round tray and when it's the turn it actually falls into the projector door.
On the next click of the forward button, it is gently lifted back into the tray by a plastic rod.
The system is very simple and has little blockage, especially compared to other engineering methods that have stalled over the years.
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However, occasionally a slide will clog the project
Usually at the worst.
This is especially possible when using a tray that holds 140 slides.
In most cases, the quick solution is to insert the edge of the coin into the slotted hub in the center of the tray, turn it a little and remove the tray.
You can then remove the offending slide (usually curved) from the light path and replace the tray.
Besides this, the carousel
As well as other projectors based on their mechanical principles, such as projectors in the Leitz Pradovit and Kodak Ektagraphic series
Is a model of reliability.
Only a few shortcomings make it an ideal system.
These include the tendency of projector bulbs to burn out when they are unlucky, and the seemingly inevitable situation called key stone smashing, in which case ,-
When the projector is tilted to install the projected image onto the screen-
The image at the top is wider than the image at the bottom.
None of these shortcomings can be overcome.
For example, the Swedish manufacturer of Hasselblad cameras has managed to find a way in the design of their new Hasselblad PCP80 projector.
It has two projector bulbs, one of which is spare.
If the work light is burnt out during the projection process, the spare light bulb will be replaced automatically and the program will continue.
You just move the lens up and down instead of tilting the projector to put the image on the screen.
Because the slides are kept parallel to the screen, key operation is avoided.
There are two disadvantages to the Hasselblad projector: it is 2 1/4-inch slides (
The kind of Hasselblad camera shot)
About $2,500.
Kodak may find a way to provide 35-
Mm price.
While at Kodak, perhaps it can consider allowing those bulky round turntable trays to be foldable, freeing up thousands of square feet of closet space across the country.
A version of this article was printed on page 1001059 of the National edition on December 28, 1986 with the title: Camera;
The projector of the carousel is tough month.
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