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'can-do' veteran goss returns to the ocean race track - pete bottle

by:Cailong     2019-07-26
\'can-do\' veteran goss returns to the ocean race track  -  pete bottle
If you can keep Pete Gauss optimistic, you can make a fortune and change the world.
Its power is beyond even BP's control.
So, at the age of 48, it was no surprise that he returned to the ocean track. Goss is a "can-do" ex-
The Royal Marines, who experienced highs and lows.
He was awarded the Legion of Honor by a grateful French President Jacques Chirac after he turned deep in the Southern Ocean to rescue Rafael Dinelli.
He sent him to Hobart, ate the food and took two days but did not help with some repairs and went on with the game, he only finished six of the 16 starters
He was the first Englishman to have Alan MacArthur as a national hero.
He continues to draw support from Dutch electronics giant Philips to get a truly aggressive catamaran to compete, a non-
Stop in the World Series. It broke.
Since then, he has gone several ways to the North Pole and built a replica of a Cornish fishing boat to Australia, but in October 31, he will take part in the starting line of a race that captures the heart of the French nation and is tied to a roundthe-
In the UK, there are very few people in the world who come into public awareness, and very few people in public awareness.
Goss lives in a humble village on the Cornwall side of the Tamar River.
You get lost if you can find his house.
As the captain of one of the ships, for the first time he has attracted national attention, Hofbrau, paid for amateurs in the original 1992 British steel global competition.
He found a friend and inspiration on yacht designer Adrian Thompson, who put 50-
Together, Foot corcorum designed the world's longest racing catamaran for Vendee, the Philips team.
It was launched by the Queen on the Thames, disintegrated in a training in the North Atlantic, and the crew survived a very intense rescue, thanks to a diverted freighter, the boat broke down under them.
One ship was never found and another was stranded in Iceland, but Goss said: "This is a project that I will always be proud.
It is cutting-edge, revolutionary and 1.
Visitors came to totnis to see it being built.
Such a thing attracted me.
This is where you learn.
You go ahead and learn the lesson.
"His next big sailing project was a few years ago when he built a 37-
Foot fishing jump Tiger, mysterious spirit.
Mystery left Newlyn in 1854 with seven bankrupt, desperate and eager to join the Australian gold rush konishman.
Goss starts with the chainsaw, looking for some fallen oak trees and putting the whole thing in a shed in Milbrook, an estuary near the Tamar River.
The original crew members were all connected by blood and marriage;
Goss's crew is small and relatively inexperienced, his 14-
Elliot, son of the year old, his brother. in-
Roque Demme and his brother Andy
They passed Cape Town and survived a storm in the South Ocean, although Mark broke a leg and arrived in Melbourne using a six-point meter to navigate, wood-burning stove and oil lamps, solar panels
To be safe, power the satellite navigation and implement the school plan for the project.
As they walked to the pier in Melbourne, they met beer, pies, and handshakes from some of the seven original members of Newlyn's Australian relatives.
"Before I left, I had nothing but respect --
"Fold and fold," said Goss.
For years, he has been working on a project with Alan Chambers of the Royal Marine Corps to trace the steps of Robert Falcon Scott to the Antarctic, including several trips to the Arctic and Greenland ice caps.
Bureaucratic obstacles and the need for sponsorship will certainly not stop him.
Now he is focused on playing against Guadalupe.
"It's one of the greatest things, but I didn't do it," he said.
I worked with Tony Lawson's team to complete my 1,000 mile qualifier and I can't wait to think, yes, yes.
It's exciting. I did it because I like it.
I'm 48 years old and the old dog of the fleet, it's funny, I was 49 in December.
But I am ready and I have never been to the Caribbean.
"Meanwhile, in Cowes Week, the Copa America champion BMW Oracle continues to lead in the race later in the afternoon.
Already 2-
0, the British team's original team won their third victory by 44 seconds.
The second race is the neck and neck, and the lead has changed twice before entering the last leg.
Later, the Americans updated one of the two ships they provided, and they did not like the idea of being beaten by the British on a ship that should be slower.
But captain Ben Ainslie and tactician Iain Percy and additional trim expertise from Simon Daubney insisted on a five-second win and took 4-0 up.
In a cowboy week of wind and sun, pouring rain, hail and sunshine, Charles Dunstone, a supporter of origin, and Ray Davis, a New Zealander, served as a tactician at his 52-lift the New York Yacht Club Challenge Cupfoot Rio. In the 88-
Strong X One Design Class, Neil Payne added 16 days to former leader Stuart Jardin on Tuesday's 32 th, bringing him back to fourth place.
But the unrelated pairing of Graham Bailey and Stephen Bailey did not stop, they were unbeaten in Etchells class with five straight-shot bullets.
With Mickey booth pulling out of the Extreme 40 series with a cracked front beam, young Gucci won 5-
The Rothschild group race for miles.
Second, 416-
A mile from Gijon to Brest UK's Jonny Malbon, 45-year-old lies on the 43 th and enters the sea for the second night.
Tomorrow, forecasters are expected to depart 12 to 15 from the north.
On the Isle of Wight, starting with the team, BMW Oracle went clockwise to participate in the 1851 cup competition. on 1851, the American Sailing Team of the New York Yacht Club defeated the best sailing team that Britain could muster. Chris Stanmore-
Mejie from Cowes and Simon joke from Leicester will each carry the British flag in the world competition starting from La Rochelle on October 17.
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