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can i recycle ... plastic untensils and straws? - polyethylene terephthalate

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
can i recycle ... plastic untensils and straws?  -  polyethylene terephthalate
Plastic utensils are usually made of pet (plastic No. 1)
Or polystyrene (plastic No. 6).
Drinking straws are usually made of polypropylene (plastic No. 5).
Although plastic products and plastic straws are rarely marked with recycled symbols, they are recyclable in Los AngelesA. ’s blue bin.
Plastic straws are light in weight, so they should be placed in recycled plastic bags first to prevent them from being blown away.
Compost or biodegradable plastic utensils cannot be recovered in Los AngelesA.
A blue bin or composted in a green bin;
They must be placed in a black trash can or in the toilet at home.
Because the policies and suggestions of each city may vary, we ask the officials of each city to conduct a sample survey every week.
Continue to read and see if you can . . . . . . Burbank recycles plastic utensils and straws: not on the side of the road.
Plastic utensils and straws can be placed in a mixed plastic box in Culver City, the Burbank recycling center: utensils, yesLong Beach: NoRiverside: YesSanta Barbara: NoSanta Monica:-
Susan Carpenter Photo credit: Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times full range: Can I recycle packed peanuts, Ziploc bags, milk boxes, wine bottle stopper? . .
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