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can you make your own homemade spacecraft? - mylar plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
can you make your own homemade spacecraft?  -  mylar plastic
In 2007, a team of British rocket enthusiasts spent £ 4,000 pounds (About $6,000. S. dollars)
On a homemade rocket.
The rocket was designed by rocket man Richard Brown, with 12. 5 feet (3. 8 meters)
Tall, known as "fat stumps ".
"At the time, it was the biggest amateur rocket ever, but still only rose to about 1. 1 miles (1. 8 kilometers).
This is for the krmn line and NASA's 50-mile (81-kilometer)border.
Three years agoS. -
Civil Space eXploration Team (CSXT)
Successfully launched the first amateur rocket into space.
The rocket is said to be about 70 miles high. 113 kilometers)[source: AP].
While the cost of CSXT is unknown, it is estimated that tens of thousands of dollars [source: Graham-Rowe].
Of course, such a high cost is the reason why the X Prize Foundation and like-minded organizations exist: to provide profitable cash rewards for those who break through the boundaries of independent space research.
So, let's forget to build a space rocket in your cabin, at least for now.
What about balloons?
The idea itself is not new.
NASA successfully launched the first space balloon Echo 1A in August.
1960, 1,000 miles above sea level (
Again, if the space is from 62-mile (100-kilometer)or the 50-mile (81-kilometer)
The historic flight made the balloon a spaceship.
31,416 square metersfoot (2,918 square-meter)
The balloon consists of a reflective aluminum coating on an expanded Mylar plastic ball [source: Choi].
You can think of it as an oversized Christmas tree ornament. -
People who can reach an amazing height
Several amateur "space balloons" have made headlines in recent years, for good reason.
On Sept, for example.
2010 years old, a father and son team from Brooklyn, New York. Y.
Attach the camera to the balloon and take amazing shots of the edge of space.
It's an inspiring story, of course, but it's only 19 miles high (31 kilometers)
, No accepted boundary of space/atmosphere.
Therefore, these ambitious efforts have only been achieved. space.
Therefore, it seems that space flight is still the exclusive domain of national and private companies.
For more information about space flight, please go through the link below.
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