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car comforts : gadgets to keep you from getting homesick in your car - mylar rolls for sale

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
car comforts : gadgets to keep you from getting homesick in your car  -  mylar rolls for sale
Traffic to and from work takes a bigger share of the day, and many drivers are offering cars in a second home.
It seems that few drivers want to leave home without it.
Here are some car accessories on the market that can ease the long and tortuous road.
What are some of the functional gadgets people buy for cars?
According to Jonathan Holland, sales director at Brookstone at the North County Fair, the glowing note attached to the windshield with a suction cup is a big seller.
The Note pad is priced at $20, allowing night motorcyclists to scribble freely without turning on the internal lights.
The phone/address book clipped on the car sun visor is a handy item for car phone owners for $12. 95.
Similar to metal pop-
In the phone book 20 years ago, the user swipes the arrow to the desired alphabet letter, presses the label and the book opens the required page.
Because commuters face spending more than half a day in the morning.
Conscious hours on the road, wondering when he will see his next cup of coffee, the market has produced many beverage cups for the car.
At Brookstone, there is a hook-up bracket in the slot of the window, sticky bean bag transactions on the floor or on the passenger's seat, and a coffee cup is placed.
It's $5 now.
50, you can install a drink rack on the lighter to keep the drink warm.
Is there anything that can improve driving comfort?
Auto parts store in Kragen (
Whole North County)
The beaded seat cover, which costs about $9, is said to be relaxing back and neck muscles during a hard commute.
The wooden bead cover is similar to the loose macrame blanket, and the curtains and balls on the seat stimulate the cycle.
The sheepskin seat cover is considered a luxury by some, while others consider it a necessity. Superlamb Inc.
At Miramar Road, customized seat covers are specially made for customers.
In addition to custom coverings, Superlamb offers a variety of standard styles for car seats, with a maximum of 21 colors to choose from.
The price of a pair of seat covers ranges from $159 to $639.
In the car accessories store, another long-term popular item is cloth.
Cover the steering wheel cover.
The lid not only prevents the steering wheel from touching the heat, but the rubber backing provides better texture and grip for the arthritis hand.
What are some unusual car products?
For drivers who don't know from the south to the north, Brookstone offers a new electric compass.
The Compass, which is driven by the car's cigarette lighter for $50, allows commuters to move on.
$40, drivers can keep cool without air
Whether they drive through the mohaway River or park their car in the sun for hours, there is air conditioning.
Designed for four people
Solar door car
The operated automatic ventilation fan is connected to the side window, inhaling air from the outside and discharging hot air.
Windshield sunscreen, usually made of cardboard, is widely used.
A model of silver laminated Mylar can not only keep the sun away from parked cars, but also deflected the light.
What's new in the office on wheels?
There are still some people in the world who are welcome to get on the bus. The only reason is that there is no phone or fax machine to torture them.
However, for those who do not, there is a range of mobile phones.
There are three types of mobile phones.
The car is permanently installed on the car and runs out of its electrical system;
In their case, the transport ran out of batteries; and portables (or hand-helds)
The battery in their phone is dead.
The phone has an external antenna;
No one else.
The phone starts at about $450;
Transportation costs of $599; and a hand-held at $799.
Such as Pac Tel Cellular and mobile phone companies in the United StatesS.
Whether it's in San Diego or commodities like Dow, silo and Jack, they're selling the phones.
Tim Wickers of Amerifax of Carlsbad said that fax machines operated by mobile phones are a rare car product, in part because they don't work very well.
However, this does not prevent death. hard faxaholic.
Wickers says a company called Cellabs in Canoga Park sells portable faxes that can be installed.
What can stop someone from stealing a car?
According to the Auto Sonics of Encinitas, depending on the function you want, the price of the car alarm can range from $189 to $1,000.
If it's easy for you to forget about this, the more expensive system offers the comfort of rolling up windows and skylights and locking doors.
For more standard alerts, however, whenever an earthquake or a big truck passes by, it gives out annoying horns at a cost ranging from $350 to $400.
No matter what system you choose, you will be equipped with another car gadget to start and deactivate the pager of the alarm clock.
Unfortunately, people holding these remote controls sometimes can't remember if they are beeping, and when they walk into the car, the result is often deafening.
If you want to be safe, there are a variety of steering wheel locks, which are much lower than the cost of an electronic alarm system.
The most popular steering wheel lock is the club, with prices ranging from $40 to $60 depending on size.
The bar made of tempered steel hooks around the steering wheel lock makes it impossible for the car to operate.
Is there anything that prevents the car from looking and smelling like a pigsty?
For only 99 cents, the driver can buy a solid air freshener that hangs in the rearview mirror or sits on the dashboard for about six weeks.
There are many perfumes: forest pine, Island Coconut, strawberry, Jasmine, lemon, and the imposter version of the popular perfume Georgio.
You can find these for sale in car wash and auto shop.
Think about throwing things (
For example, those unwanted faxes, posting notes and coffee grounds from the bottom of the Cup)
A fine of at least $500 on a highway or street.
Think about $3 then.
99 for an ersatz leather trash bag hanging on a lighter you don't already exist now, this is probably the best option for 1992.
According to a shop assistant at a gift shop, the best-selling garbage bags are black in color, but can be available in a variety of colors, including brown and dark blue.
And if you need a container for your non-
For disposable items such as tapes, CDs and portable audio, please check the stereo store.
Finally, if you think It's as time-consuming and laborious to tidy up your car as It is to clean up your house, consider the dashboard duster sold at the It store in Carlsbad.
Feather Duster is specially designed to clear all dusty corners and gaps on the dashboard of the car.
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