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cardboard craft: 3 examples of useful everyday items - acrylic glass

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
cardboard craft: 3 examples of useful everyday items  -  acrylic glass
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Credit: the consortium of the Flickr cardboard is one of the most useful materials for crafts.
It has many advantages: it is sturdy and flexible, easy to draw and cheap (
Actually, it's free in most cases)
, You can manipulate it with water or wallpaper paste. . .
It's also easy to get, it's everywhere!
This material is also a good resource for children as it does not have sharp edges, is light in weight and is easy to cut and fold.
Because it's widely available, it doesn't matter if they break it --
They can start over.
In addition, by creating new objects made of cardboard (
Will be disposed of otherwise)
We are contributing to the recycling and reuse of these materials.
No price tag, no carbon footprint!
Everything is there.
All you need is a shoe box.
With this basic element, you can make a perfect fitting to cool down in the summer.
Find a sheet of cardboard.
First, buy a thin piece of cardboard.
The shoe box works fine.
You can also use other cardboard sources.
In this case, you have to glue a few together to make them more elastic.
2 Draw 8 or 9 rectangles of the same size with a ruler, draw a rectangle about 15 or 20 inch long, about 2 or 3 inch wide.
Repeat this step for 8 or 9 rectangles.
These will be the "layers" of the fan ". Then cut them.
Decorate the stick and package with rubber bands.
Then decorate the card with paint, wrapping paper or marking.
Once done, place all the rectangles on top of each other.
Then wrap them with rubber bands so it doesn't move.
Make a hole at each end.
Draw a mark with lead on the bottom.
Try not to be too close to the end.
This will be a great connection point.
Use pins or other sharp elements to make a hole in the mark.
Make sure the cardboard does not crack outside of the hole and goes through all the bars.
Place binder on each side.
Then take a round-head stapler and pass it through the hole you make.
Open the metal blade at the back.
Protect them with some tape.
Now you can remove the rubber band.
Put a piece of cloth on the back of the rectangle.
Get a piece of silk that is color coordinated with other colors and cut a semi-circular part.
Open the bar of the fan so that they are roughly the same distance.
Put the silk strips behind.
Paste to the back of the carton.
Trim the excess if necessary.
With these last touches, the fan is done!
If you have a few items to store, but you don't want to buy a shelf, you can make it yourself with a box and make it big at any time.
It is not the most elegant, but it is simple and cheap and may be exactly what you need.
Material: box scissors or box opener.
Canned tennis (optional)
tape STEPS: 1.
If you can't find the box nearby, go online.
Sometimes, after moving or cleaning the house, people give away for free.
You can use the measures you want as long as your monthly box (shelves)
In a bigger box (shelf). 2.
Place a square box (shelves)
In the big box (shelf block)
Cut only one side of the flap.
Tape all the cubes together.
Front, back and side.
When you're done, place all the racks against the wall. 3.
Cut a square behind each small box.
Four drawers can be placed on the shelf. 4.
Put your stuff in the drawer.
Write a description in each box, and then organize the drawers in an arranged way (
Alphabetical order by type).
You can also distribute drawers so that items you use more often can be easily reached, and things you don't use often are in the top or bottom drawers.
Slide each drawer compartment inside.
You can place larger objects using compartments without drawers, or you can use small containers to place smaller objects.
Photo frames we will learn how to make a photo frame that can be used for all family photos or presented as a gift.
Material: rectangular acrylic glass, a thick piece of cardboard, a thin piece of paper tape, the same size of the cutter tape, steps: 1.
Take a piece of acrylic glass and cut it off with a cutter and ruler if it's too bit.
Cut the carton into the same size.
If you have a rectangular piece of glass, you can also use it instead of acrylic glass, but don't use it yourself. 2.
Search for the picture you want to use and fix it on glass/acrylic glass. 3.
Now you can put everything together.
First, stack the picture with cardboard on glass/acrylic glass.
Wet the back of the tape and stick it to all edges. Do one first (
Enough time for you
Then someone else. 4. Once it’s dry (around 1h)
Ready to hang up.
Put a nail and some tape at the back to keep it firm. Cardboard (Craft Workshop)
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