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cardboard lumber - corrugated plastic roofing sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-11
cardboard lumber  -  corrugated plastic roofing sheets
You want a very sturdy, cool, cheap building material to make lightweight tables, chairs, bookshelves or whatever you can think.
It has always been a good idea to use cardboard to make furniture, but the results I see are either very complicated or look bad.
By laminated the cardboard into a large piece, cut with a table or a circular saw, you can make cardboard Wood of any size: 2x 4S, 2x8 s, 4x4 s.
You can make plywood if you use grain alternately.
If you stick the wood togetherto-
You can create solid honeycomblike boards.
Only three things are needed to make cardboard Wood: 1)A Saw2)
A lot of cardsGlue. . .
Lots of sticky saw: the best saw you can do is the table saw.
You can adjust the fence of the table saw to help you cut out completely uniform wood from the paper plate.
This allows you to scale easily
Produce cardboard Wood.
Because of the table saw fence, you should be able to cut wood twice as thick as the Blade's maximum height by cutting it once, then flipping the paper plate and cutting it completely.
Round saw: If you are really good at cutting straight lines and don't have any other options then I think you can give it a try.
Handsaw: it's possible, but the labor intensity is too strong for me.
Band saw: If your band saw is as powerful as a round saw, this can open up interesting options.
Chainsaw: messy. . .
No saw: Unfortunately, this manual is not for you for people who don't have a saw.
I know it looks cool but it won't work.
Super Ethical and completely legal free cardboard: Save cardboard from the box used by your family.
You will be surprised how fast it adds up.
Go around town and ask them if they have any cardboard you can take away.
It may have been broken for you.
Super Ethical, basically legal free cardboard: If you're in a hurry or just lazy, you can drive behind the store and see their cardboard recycling bins.
Although diving in the bin is a crime, most people will be taken away by you with some rubbish.
Maybe legal and ethical free plastic cardboard: Those corrugated plastic ads and campaign signs scattered around you are considered * garbage/unclaimed property in * some * areas.
Grab a bunch quickly and you will have an awesome start on solid corrugated plastic wood (
However, be sure to use glue designed for plastic.
Wheatpaste will not work properly. )
Most of my cardboard comes from school canteens and recycling in my home.
I'm going to make a large piece of cardboard the same way and all the ripples point in the same direction.
If you want to make a classic plywood, Please alternate the ripples in the whole block.
The second way may be stronger, but I will use it because it looks better.
You have to cut the cardboard so that each layer is flat and fully filled with cardboard.
The look and strength of the wood all depend on how well you cut the cardboard layer.
It's best to have all the cardboard meet in a hard square corner.
In order to prepare your original carton you have to cut all the cartons into flat rectangles, remove all the tape and anything you can do to make them just cardboard rectangles.
Before you stick everything together, pile the cardboard in a pile.
It doesn't matter if there are some small gaps, we just make sure we have enough gaps.
I would like to make a square cardboard of 4'x4 'with a thickness equal to the depth my saw can cut.
Now is a good time to estimate the square. ft.
See how much you can build.
You have a couple of options here, I mean two: wheat sauce: less than a dollar per gallon, and that's what I'm going to use.
You can check my instructions for the wheat sauce here, or basically heat the 1: 4 portion of flour/water until it is thicker.
Whetherpaste, if made properly and applied properly, will be as strong as the glue that binds the ripples of the cardboard together (
They use starch glue. white flour is starch. . . ).
It is used by paper makers and graffiti artists to Post paper pictures on concrete walls and make a hard, non-removable stone poster.
I suggest you add any bacterial deterrent (
See Structure).
1:1 wood glue: If you're lucky, you can find a gallon of wood glue at a local hardware store for about $10.
This should be diluted with 1: 1 as we cover such a large area and want only a thin layer of coating and can also help the glue to soak in the cardboard.
$5 a gallon.
The advantage of doing this is that it is stronger, the ripple will always tear before the wood glue seam, and it is easier to make and apply (but not much).
After doing this with wheat paste, I would recommend this method just because the wheat paste is not as sticky as needed.
Note: I think you can also paste with wallpaper;
It has powder in hardware store.
You need at least 2 gallons of glue to properly glue the cardboard I'm making.
Put our cardboard on a flat surface and prepare the first layer.
By pouring the glue on the surface and applying it evenly, apply a large amount of glue on one part.
If you feel like you're using too much, the glue on your body is almost enough.
Now apply the glue to the piece to be applied to the second layer.
Don't think it's sticking the cardboard together!
Imagine it as a paper paste made of cardboard! Lots of glue!
Continue to assemble the cardboard neatly and stick it together until you reach the last layer and you have no cardboard.
My 4x8ish block is a bit thin so I cut it down from the middle and doubled it.
Hold down a bunch of your stuff, or pile a bunch of stuff on it.
I will wait for at least a few hours in the sun.
If it's an indoor night
I used a saw and a T-shirt.
Cut a square that is uniform on three sides.
I was surprised by firecrackers.
It's like the cardboard I made when I cut it.
Then I cut everything into 1 with a table saw. 5" strips.
I highly recommend a partner to help you cut your expenses.
It is heavy and bulky.
Once you have the wood, you can use these individual parts or glue them with glue, edgesto-
Edge, creating a very, very sturdy sheet of paper suitable for use as a table top or seat.
Because the ripples are vertical (as a tabletop)
Its strength is much larger, not horizontal.
Use your imagination!
This is a brand new building material that you have to figure out how to use.
To further strengthen your project, you can seal the whole project with wheat paste as I did in the previous step.
Ideas for using these things, suggest anything you would like to add: Scapile (
All of this was my original inspiration)
Cardboard playroom made by piersga, completed a large number of wood products projects (
Search with the "View more tags" link)
Many wood plans blueprint sandy Lee coffee tablenice table design cool to sit in another seat and the other seat is combined from the instrucablespano chair, please rate and comment. . .
But please note: can we stop talking about environmental issues?
I didn't really try to point out the environment that would help anywhere in my teaching.
If you have easy access to cardboard, flour and power tools, then you may be interested in making such tools.
Try it and tell us what happened.
If you don't like the idea then please make a better choice.
Please calm down comments on the assumptions about how cardboard and wheat paste affect the environment.
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