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carlsberg rolls out the smart barrel - what is pet plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-29
carlsberg rolls out the smart barrel  -  what is pet plastic
Almost the dream of a bar owner.
A small barrel that can monitor the beer level and alert the brewery to more supply when the inventory is insufficient, reducing the risk of beer exhaustion.
Not only that, the kegs can keep the beer fresh for a longer time and eliminate the scourge of pints.
It's a pity that it can't change itself.
Faced with stagnant sales of mainstream beer, drinkers turned to wine and spirits, and brewers were forced to innovate to keep bar owners happy and sell them a wider range of products, help them improve their profits on the way forward.
Danish brewers Carlsberg launches smart beer barrels, allowing bar staff to monitor the level of beer barrels in real time
Time on the tablet.
The data it collects will help winemakers and point-of-sale to predict which beers will be needed at certain times of the day or during the year.
"This enables us to ensure that the right products are delivered at the right place at the right time," Nancy crukshenk, who is in charge of the Carlsberg digital transformation, said in an interview.
Smart kegs are made of plastic instead of traditional heavy steel, which has been common in the last 60 years70 years.
Carlsberg's keg is being promoted in Western Europe and some Chinese cities, while the digital system around keg has been tested in Berlin and will be launched in Copenhagen, Malmo and Milan next month.
Carlsberg is not the only winemaker with a pet plastic bucket.
AB InBev, the world's largest beer maker, serves Stella Artois and other brands with its "pure raw" beer, the "Blade" and "beer lock" systems of the world's second-largest Heineken beer company have a variety of beers.
The new lighter plastic bucket uses compressed air to roll out beer instead of carbon dioxide, which can keep beer fresh for up to 30 days compared to the old steel barrel.
Carlsberg says it allows bars and restaurants to try some less-known and more expensive beers because they don't risk leveling their beers.
It also helps Brewers to increase their profits, sell more premium beers, including craft beers, and give drinkers the opportunity to taste, rather than just in bottles.
"This is very in line with the consumer's needs for different tastes and products.
"They are really willing to pay for them," Cruickshank said . ".
"This is our chance to get to a higher level --margin market.
"The shift to plastics is contrary to the trend of food and beverage manufacturers moving from single to single
With the increasing awareness of consumer environmental protection, plastic packaging is used.
Carlsberg said that although the bucket is single
Use, it is developing a plan to collect and recycle them.
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