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cars auto notes: bulletproof econolines, nacoty, millenials driving less - cost of polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-06
cars          auto notes: bulletproof econolines, nacoty, millenials driving less  -  cost of polycarbonate sheet
Please play with the envelope.
North American automobile (and truck)
Just Monday before the opening of the Detroit auto show, the name of the year was named.
Modern accents and Range Rover Evoque are the winners selected by 50 voting members of the Automotive Press Association.
Last week, the team divided the field into three finalists in each category.
Ford Fox, Hyundai Elantra and Volkswagen Passat are the first models of the year.
BMW X3, Honda CR-
V and Range Rover Evoque were shortlisted for the final in the truck category. (
We got X3, Evoque and focused on top drives on the 2012 list).
These truck options indicate that there are no major competitors in pickup trucks or fully loaded trucks
SUV models.
Last year's champion was the Chevrolet Volt and Ford Explorers.
John Pitha shared the following
To our column on Ford, the upcoming stage --out of the E-series vans.
"I used to work in a company that made bullets --
Glass resistant for various applications.
The Constitution of the United States is displayed in boxes made of glass we produce.
"The founder of the company was an early adop who tried to make bullet-proof glass that was lighter in weight.
When the Caribbean becomes a tourist destination, cash needs to be transported on island roads that were barely improved at the time.
"The armored trucks at the time were too heavy to drive on the beach, so a rather bulletproof light vehicle was needed. My ex-
The boss and some friends came up with the idea of replacing the polycarbonate tablets (lexan)
In glass, provide bullet resistance with a large weight reduction.
"Before that, the bullet-proof windows were all glass, very heavy.
They're at Ford E-Series vans.
All layers are required to make an arc bullet-proof windshield (
In addition to polyester)
Bending into a mold at the same time by heating.
This can be difficult because of the different heat of glass of different thickness, the whole piece may break into billions of sharp pieces in the oven.
"Because the curvature of the Ford van is small, the windows are easy to bend and cut, and we made hundreds of them.
I bet there are more Ford trucks for this purpose than any other type of vehicle.
By the way, we are also starting to make the crossing windshield.
It is also easy to bend.
Ford is either prescient or lucky. "Etc.
International Automotive Co. , Ltd. , the five-
Dealer family including Honda North and four southern NH.
The store submitted a cheque of $15,000 to the wounded soldier program, a group that raised awareness and assistance for seriously injured soldiers and women.
Zipcar released the results of its second Millennium study (18-to 34-year-olds)
, Check the attitudes of this generation towards personal transportation and ownership of cars.
The study shows that 55% of millennials are actively working to reduce driving, up from 45% in 2010.
The results show that the cost of owning a car, paying attention to the environment and staying in touch with friends through social networks rather than driving is high. Fifty-
3% said they took part in a car.
Shared services such as Zipcar are among the highest in any age group.
Bill Griffith can be reached at wgriffith @ globe. com.
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