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cdc: contaminated pet food sickens 79 - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-17
cdc: contaminated pet food sickens 79  -  pet manufacturing process
Contaminated dry pet food sickens at least 79 people, including many young children, and can still be dangerous. S.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.
Although the affected brands have been recalled and Penn's factory closed, pet owners can still eat cats and dogs at home, the CDC said.
In a rare outbreak of salmonella, no one died, the CDC said, and the salmonella is known as intestinal salmonella serum Schwarzengrund.
But it can make people who deal with pet food sick, especially those who are very young and very old, and can cause bloody diarrhea.
No pets are reported to be ill.
"There are 1 dry pet food-One year shelf life
The contaminated products found in the recall may still be in the purchaser's home and may cause illness.
People who own these products should not feed their pets with them, but should either discard them or send them back to the store, "CDC said in its weekly report on death and illness.
These brands are made by Mars Petcare U. S.
Including special kitten, pedigree and member marks, etc.
A complete list of affected brands can be found on www. petcare. mars.
Com and "Mars Pet Care U" here"S.
Measures have been taken to ensure that the recalled products are no longer on the shelves.
On October 1, the company announced that Everson (Pennsylvania)
"The factory will be closed permanently," the CDC team wrote . ".
"Consumers and the health department should be aware that all dry pet food, pet food and pet supplements may be contaminated with pathogens such as salmonella, the CDC reported: "Consumers should take precautions against dry pet food, snacks and supplements from all brands. ".
"In contrast, pet canned foods are unlikely to be contaminated with this pathogen, as bacterial contamination should be eliminated during the manufacturing process.
"CDC recommends that anyone who handles dry pet food wash their hands and keep the baby away from it.
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