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celebrities pack front row at london fashion week - clear pet plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-04
celebrities pack front row at london fashion week  -  clear pet plastic sheets
Celebrities, stars and fashion elites packed the front row at London Fashion Week on Saturday, and the fashion event entered the next day.
Although at least two shows made the outdoor humidity their theme, the weather in London gave everyone a sigh of relief.
Hunter, the maker of the fashion suit's preferred rubber rain boots, went out of his way and staged an impressive debut with Drew singers Jesse J, Anna Wintour and Stella McCartney sitting in the front row.
Les Miserables actress Samantha joins the singer Eliza dollitle and other stars in Julian Macdonald's charming performance.
Here are the highlights of Saturday: The Hunter made a splash in his debut: the inconspicuous rubber rain boots made a splash on the London fashion stage.
Hunter, the most famous ones are the strong ones.
Nonsense seen in the trendy music festival young attendees like Glastonbury, in a basement launched its costume collection that looks like a dark forest, it is equipped with a watery runway and realistic birch trees. Models -
Male and female-
Splash on the T-stand in colorful raincoats and cloaks, shorts and miniskirts, band windbreaker and fluffy winter jackets.
Of course, everyone is wearing Hunter boots of all colors and styles, including high heels and ankles --length version.
Hunter has won a lot of publicity for the event, with front-row VIPs including fashion editor Anna Wintour, singer Jesse J and designer Stella McCartney.
McCartney's husband, the creative director of Alasdhair Willis, performed.
To make sure to impress the guests, the brand ended with a magical show and a poker shower.
It's a cool touch, and fun start.
Julian McDonald: Are there too many sequins, feathers, pure fishtail lines?
Julian McDonald will tell you: never.
The work of the gorgeous designer is almost always sparkling and super charming, and the series staged on Saturday at London's magnificent royal court is no different.
Models wear tight cocktail dresses and floors
Long fishtail gown with silver foil, golden lame, Rainbow peacock and snake skin, all inlaid in beads and sequins, or beautifully embroidered.
The sparkling parts are usually strategically placed, leaving large pieces of meat on the back and on both sides of the body, covered only in the smoothest nude mesh.
Star Samantha, known in the film "Les Miserables" as epani, joined singer Eliza dulitle and British model Abbey Clancy in the front row of the show.
The design of McDonald's may be a bit aging, a bit like Las Vegas, especially with little
Numbers with feathers
But he knows his target client, and no one else at London Fashion Week can do this --stopping gowns.
Wet weather at London Fashion Week can drive fashionistas crazy, but orla kiely is here to remind us that a little indoor rain effect can be lovely and romantic.
Especially when it has a few cats and dogs. The Dublin-
Born designer known for her popular 60 s
Ish's leaves and vines pattern, abandoning the traditional runway, went to a square show space that looked like a corner of the park to prepare for her Saturday show at London Fashion Week
This laid the foundation for a performance inspired by the classic music starring Catherine denough and the movie "umbrella of Cherbourg.
Models in sweet polka dot dresses, vintage floral print dresses, preppy pants and clumsy Mary-
Jane's shoes wander dreamily, as if in a living story book, sometimes looking up at the distant imaginary clouds of rain, or daydreaming on a bench.
When the soundtrack and lighting effects simulate heavy rain, the transparent plastic umbrella appears, accompanied by the sound of meow and barking.
This is irresistible fun, pet animal theme continues to print sweaters and kitties and dog hand bags.
A model even hugged a sleepy black dog.
The show ended when the model wore a shiny PVC printed trench coat for the closing ceremony. What else?
Of course, "sing in the rain ".
In the romantic destination of John Rochas, Iceland may rank very low in most lists.
But John Rocha says his experience with the North Atlantic islands
Changing light and natural wonders is the inspiration behind his latest collection of women's dresses, "at some point in the year it's dark and then it's all bright.
I love the transition there and all the different textures, "he said after the show.
Rocha opened his display with a series of things
The black dress is decorated with a huge cloud of folds, both a sculpture hat and a collar.
The series has a lot of Rocha trademarks: oversized ruffles, tons of thin snow spinning and tulle, and such sophisticated lace or crochet fabrics that are better than the items in the wardrobe
The atmosphere is dark and dramatic, but there are also lighter parts.
A few of them-
The black transparent gauze dress is embroidered with colorful 3D flowers, as if the model had just rolled in the flower bed and the petals were glued to her clothes.
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