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Celebrity plastic surgeon 'Dr Bumbum' on the run in Brazil after death of patient - acrylic glass

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
Celebrity plastic surgeon \'Dr Bumbum\' on the run in Brazil after death of patient  -  acrylic glass
Brazilian police are hunting down a well-known plastic surgeon whose patient died hours after undergoing surgery at his doctor's home.
Denis Furtado gathered 650,000 Instagram fans by posting photos of his work, of which 45-year-
In his country, the old man known for "performing magic" on women --
Especially the bottom.
But now he fled after the death of Lilian quizia kalicxto, who had hip enhancement surgery in his luxurious apartment, this apartment is within the vicinity of Rio's trendy Barra de Tijuca.
She traveled more than 1,200 miles from the city of triba to Fortado, which is believed to have used a controversial acrylic glass filler.
In Latin America, dozens of women died from the use of this synthetic polymer, especially in Venezuela. Ms Calixto -
Bank manager-
Began to feel unwell after the injection on Saturday and was admitted to hospital with a fast heart
After that, she had several heart attacks and died early Sunday morning.
According to local media reports, Furtado's assistant
Considered his girlfriend.
Has been arrested, but officials have not yet found a surgeon wanted for the murder and crime Association.
He was condemned by the Brazilian Association of Plastic Surgery, and his chairman acknowledged
For the number of programs executed, this is second only to the United States. has a problem.
Niveo Steffen, a well-known plastic surgeon, told AFP: "The invasion of non-plastic surgeons is increasing
This professional expert has caused more and more deaths like this.
"You can't have plastic surgery in the apartment.
"Many people sell dreams, fantasies to patients in immoral ways, while weakened people tend to be attracted to low prices without considering whether the conditions are sufficient.
"In addition to police operations, the Rio Regional Medical Commission has also started an investigation.
In the meantime, Furtado appears to have deleted his Instagram account, which shows dozens of front and back photos showing the results of his surgery.
His social media page
Including Facebook and YouTube.
Negative comments have flooded since the allegations were filed.
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