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central railway confident of 100% plastic ban in food sale | mumbai news - times of india - metalized film

by:Cailong     2019-07-13
central railway confident of 100% plastic ban in food sale | mumbai news - times of india  -  metalized film
Mumbai: Central Railway (CR)
Decided to ban the sale of food packaged in plastic and other non-plastic
The development momentum of biodegradable materials is strong. Nearly all 200-
Strange stall operators in the Mumbai branch have complied with the rule after it came into effect on May 22.
Medha Patkar-
Led Booth Operators Association to "advertising-
The decision of the Hoc will affect the livelihood of stall operators, whose sales have fallen by 50% over the past week.
A senior officer at CR said, "Our inspectors are visiting all platforms and advising stall operators to comply with this decision because it is in the long-term interest of the railway, commuters and the city.
These efforts have yielded results because we will be able to ensure compliance by midnight on May 31.
Railway officials said the packaging made of ba8nned materials was thrown on the track by commuters.
It then blocked the sewer, causing water on the tracks during the heavy rain.
However, the ban applies only to stations and platforms where suburban trains operate.
Therefore, food stalls including railways
Ahaar, which operates in January, is still selling food packaged in plastic.
The official said, "due to the amount of consumption and garbage on the track, the problem is more serious on suburban platforms.
We have seen a noticeable change since the decision came into effect because there is no garbage on the track.
"There are 25 kinds of foods in total, such as cakes, biscuits, wafer biscuits and other salty snacks in Africa.
Biodegradable packaging made of plastic, metal film packaging, acrylic acid paper packaging, aluminum foil packaging, etc.
The official said, "so far, only the stall owners have protested the move.
However, neither com8muters nor the passenger association objected.
Officials said that China Resources plans to introduce more fresh and can
Biodegradable bags ensure that commuters have a good choice.
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