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cephalopod-inspired design of electro-mechano-chemically responsive elastomers for on-demand fluorescent patterning - bopet film

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
cephalopod-inspired design of electro-mechano-chemically responsive elastomers for on-demand fluorescent patterning  -  bopet film
The head foot displays dazzling color patterns by selectively contracting the muscles to activate the pigment reversibly-
Cells are present under the skin.
Inspired by this new coloring strategy in nature, we designed an electricmechano-
The elastic system of chemical response can display a variety of fluorescent patterns under the control of the electric field.
We combine a stretchable elastic material with a mechanical discoloration molecule, which gives a strong fluorescent signal if fully deformed.
We then use the electric field to induce a variety of large deformation patterns on the elastic surface that show multiple fluorescence patterns as needed, including lines, circles, and letters.
A theoretical model was further constructed to predict the electroinduced fluorescence pattern and to guide the design of this type of elastomer and device.
This material and method opens up promising pathways for creating flexible devices in a soft/wet environment that combine deformation, chroma and fluorescence responses with topology and chemical changes in response to a single remote signal
As mentioned earlier, the EMCR Sylgard film is ready.
Activity and control spirone and bis-were synthesized as mentioned earlier-
Function of end olefin.
Dissolve functional spirone in px (Sigma-Aldrich)
And mixed with base material and care agent (10:1 by weight)
184 (
Adhesive together).
Spiropyran is a cross-linked platinum into the Sylgard network.
Catalytic Silicon hydrogen addition reaction, the same curing chemistry as vinyl
And the hydrogen Silicon function in the initial Sylgard network.
The concentration of snail Pyran from 0. 05%u2009wt to 0.
The active lung capacity was 5% wt, 0.
5% rwWt is used for control.
The solution is to rotate
Coated on a BoPET film (McMaster-Carr)
, Then polymerization in a vacuum oven at 65 °c for 12 hours
The film thickness controlled by the spin speed ranges from 15 to 300 u2009 μm.
The modulus of EMCR elastomer is tested by one-way tensile test (Micro-
TA instrument strain analyzer
And install it to Arruda-Boyce model ().
The EMCR Sylgard film (~300u2009μm)
First illuminated by a green light (
Wavelength ~ 545 nm, 3 min)
Obtain a static balance of light and then stretch with a single-axis stretcher (S. T. Japan-USA)or a home-
Two-way stretcher made of slow strain rate (0. 025u2009s).
Fluorescent images are obtained on a Nikon Eclipse LV100 microscope equipped with Nikon glare tube C-
HGFI mercury lamp as lighting source.
The goal is to plan Fluor for the ×5 muetuk 50 LU.
The fluorescent filter is the Hy Q Cube (EX530-
560, DM570, BA590-650).
Get images on Nikon DS
Qi1Mc camera and save as 16-
Bit grayscale tiff image (width 2. 22u2009mm and 1. 78u2009mm height).
The fluorescence intensity is calculated by integrating the gray scale in the obtained image.
The fluorescent image in, is colored using the LUT command (Red Hot)of Image J.
Demonstrated the experimental setup of electronic devices
Activation of the EMCR Sylgard film.
Use high current voltage to apply DC voltage between two electrodesPower supply voltage (Matsusada).
Elastic double layer (
EMCR rubber and buffer substrate)
Bonded to a protective insulating polymer (
Kapton, Mu m, shear modulus 0. Gpa McMaster-8Carr).
Soft buffer rubber is Sylgard film with baseto-
Calculated by weight, the ratio of cross-linking agent is: 2, giving shear modulus ~ 1. 36u2009kPa.
The applied electric field in the EMCR film is pressed by = φ /(++/)
The neutralization is the thickness of the EMCR Sylgard film, the buffer substrate and the protective insulator, respectively;
Is the applied voltage; =2. 65 and =3.
5 is the dielectric constant of the EMCR film and the protective insulator, = 8.
85 × 10 kWh is the dielectric constant of the vacuum.
In order to calculate the electric field and the first constant in the EMCR film in the pit state, a finite-
Unit software, Skyscanner 6. 10.
1. Gibbs free energy for calculation of rubber-Voltage system ().
EMCR films and buffer substrates are considered subject to Arruda-
Boyce and the law of ideal dielectric (). The two-dimensional ()and three-
Size Model ()
Discrete by CPE4RH and C3D8R elements.
The accuracy of the results is determined through the grid refinement study.
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