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characteristics of linen fabric - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
characteristics of linen fabric  -  characteristics of polyester
Linen is a fabric with a long history, extensive use and durability.
Due to its strength and breathability, it is used as a utility and luxurious fabric at home.
Linen has been increasingly used for clothing and a variety of household items, such as handkerchiefs, tablecloths and bedding, recently.
There is evidence that, at 8000 B. , linen is used for clothing and household items such as bedding. C.
In Switzerland now.
The earliest written history of linen is 4,000-year-
The old Greek tablet computer recording the strong linen textile industry.
The natural fiber of the linen also makes it the preferred fabric for the mummy making of the ancient Egyptian king, and so sturdy and durable
The mummy found recently is still packed in good linen.
It's used as a heavy-
Practical fabric and premium luxury fabric.
Currently, linen is used for daily clothing and premium clothing
High-end heirloom household items.
Linen is made from linen plants, two to three times as much as silk or cotton.
The long fibers of the linen plant have a natural plant wax coating that, when woven together in the textile, creates a subtle gloss.
The fiber of the linen plant is naturally strong, soft and light;
Linen fabric made of these fibers is breathable and durable.
Its nature
White has a good tolerance to dyes and maintains its color without fading.
It wrinkle easily, but can be flattened with an iron.
The natural fiber of linen makes the woven textile slightly uneven and smooth on the surface.
The cost of linen varies greatly depending on the quality of the fibers used and the density of the fabric.
Lower as of 2010
For $12, you can find a rougher end linen than a finely woven linen. 98 a yard.
This type is usually used for daily household linens and clothing.
At $99 a yard, you can find a finer woven linen, lighter, smoother and more glossy.
This linen is most commonly used for passing heir household items, christening gowns and highend clothing.
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