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cheap sunglasses may damage eyes in long run | allahabad news - times of india - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-24
cheap sunglasses may damage eyes in long run | allahabad news - times of india  -  polycarbonate lenses
Allahabad: choose the cheaper sunglasses just to save a few bucks and in the long run it can end up hurting your eyesight.
Dr. Kamaljeet Singh, senior faculty of ophthalmology at MLN Medical School, detailed the difference between good quality sunglasses and cheap sunglasses, saying, "cheap glasses have irregular surfaces, this leads to diffraction of light falling on their surface.
If you want cheap sunglasses, the eyes must work harder to convert these rays into parallel beams, thus increasing the eyesstrain.
The quantum of eye damage risk is highest from 10. 00 am to 4. 00 pm.
"Athletes, school and university graduates, salesmen, milkworkers and others who have long faced high temperatures and strong lights are at the highest risk.
The doctor suggested that typical sunglasses should be selected. He said that dark sunglasses are enough to reduce sunlight, but the color of the glass is not dark enough to distort the color and affect the identification of traffic signals.
"There is little difference in tone, as this is mostly a matter of personal preference, but neutral gray, Amber, brown or green lenses may be the first choice," Dr. Singh said . ".
He also said that although teenagers and seniors are very clear about ways to protect their eyes, children should also wear sunglasses when they come back from school and school.
"The holidays are beginning and parents should take good care of their eyes and not let their little eyes --
Toddlers venture out without eye protection.
"Be careful, sunglasses should not be cheaper, but sunglasses made of polycarbonate lenses," the eye specialist said . ".
Dr. s p Singh, director of m d Eye Hospital, gave a detailed account of the harmful effects of the Sun, saying, "exposure to UV rays can damage your eyes and eyes
Long-term exposure can lead to cataract and even skin cancer around the eyelids.
Cheap sunglasses are usually made of recycled plastic and do not offer any of these benefits, just have colored lenses that block some light, but no UV rays.
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