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check out the best iphone 8 cases and covers you can buy so far - transparent polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-08
check out the best iphone 8 cases and covers you can buy so far  -  transparent polycarbonate
Apple has launched three new iPhones, the smallest of which is the iPhone 8, which can now be purchased-at last!
Like its big brother iPhone 8 Plus, the back of the iPhone 8 is glass, metal frame and fragile screen.
This compact smartphone needs some protection.
You can also add your own style.
We are here to help you with some of the best iPhone 8 case and case.
If you upgrade from iPhone 7, then the good news is that your old case will fit into the new iPhone 8.
This also means you can check out our best iPhone 7 case review for more ideas.
You also want to see the best iPhone accessories.
If you want to be big this year, check out our best iPhone X case Guide.
What's better than a fully customized iPhone 8?
With casepub, you can upload one of your favorite photos or images, choose the case style you like, customize the colors and make them a truly personalized personof-a-
IPhone case.
There are a lot of different options so you can get everything from a clear family photo
A simple case of support
The handle protects the bumper, a leather wallet case with a letter combination.
Buy it from here now: casetifyleath is a comfortable material that will age gracefully, but you usually have to go to your wallet if you want a leather finish.
Nodus does offer Access 2 case which is a stylish wallet but also has leather case.
You can use it to install a magnetic bracket with the elegant octopus Nodus logo on it, and you can stick it to your car dashboard or another convenient place.
The case is minimal, the opening of the port and camera access is large, and the button cover is subtle.
It's brown, black, turquoise or gray and looks and feels great.
NodusWe thinks we 've seen everything that the iPhone shell world has to offer, but this modular design of RhinoShield offers something really different.
We are familiar with the CrashGuard bumper, which provides excellent drop protection up to 11 feet in a minimalist form factor.
The Mod case design allows you to add optional backboards, rims of different colors ($5)or buttons ($3)
Camera Accessories ($5)
Wide Angle support ($60), super wide ($35), macro ($25)Fish Eyes ($25)
Lens accessories.
Buy it now from: RhinoShieldIf. If you like natural wood grain, then you will not go wrong because of the carved box.
The regular Wood starts at $24, but the best carved boxes are inlaid with beautiful designs that cost $39, just like the big Teton photos.
There are also shell inlaid designs and prints by some talented artists.
The housing itself is a flexible black rubber with a ridge-like part that helps with grip, tactile button cover and precise cuttingouts.
Buy it from here now: This elegant shell of carved features a typical two-material structure with a flexible TPE bumper that absorbs impact and a tough and transparent polycarbonate back panel.
It is different from the other cases where a vegetable sunburned Horween leather patch is included on the back.
This patch gives this case a good feeling that it should develop its own vintage as it grows older.
With this iPhone 8 case, you can also enjoy drop protection up to 6 feet.
Buy now: not only can NomadLuMee cases protect your phone, but studio-
Excellent lighting.
There are three color variants of the limited edition marble style case-
Black Marble, pink quartz and white marble.
It includes LED lights located on the front and back, which means that your photos will be well lit whether you use the front or not
Facing or rear camera.
To keep the lighting working, each LuMee chassis comes with a rechargeable battery and charging cord.
Its stylish design and silicone design make the perfect balance between fashion and durability.
Buy from: LuMeeIf now, if you're looking for a slim, stylish shell to make your cold glass and metal iPhone 8 more comfortable and easier to grab, then inciio has your coverage.
This case is wrapped in a tough polycarbonate core and in black or gray cotton chambray fabric with some flexibility.
With generous openings for easy access to buttons, ports, and cameras, this svelte case does not add much to your iPhone's profile.
Buy it from here now: you can rely on Otterbox for solid drop protection, except for some of the most protective cases, but not all of them are bulky.
The symmetrical series offers double
Layer drop protection is provided in a rather slim package with a variety of interesting finishes and colors, some of which are new to the iPhone 8.
There is a slight lip to protect the screen, flexible button cover and frame cutting
Does not interfere with the output of camera use or cable access.
Buy all butter from: Amazon now
Fingers struggle outside to grab the sleek iPhone, and this silk box may be the answer.
This is a very small case, but the texture on the outside can provide "Kung Fu grip ".
It is light, but the airbag in the corner helps to prevent minor drops and bumps.
The power supply and volume have a tactile button cover and everything else has an accurate opening.
It is black, gray, blue and purple.
Buy it from here now: SilkThis clear case shows your new iPhone 8 design, but adds a little style with floral design, and a lot of protection with three layers that can withstand drops of up to 10 feet.
It's short and fat, uh-
The designed button cover is easy to find, no need to find and cut precisely
There's enough room for the third. party cables.
With the rigorous testing of tech21, you can rest assured that your iPhone 8 is safe in this case.
Buy now from: Tech21One our favorite case series, Speck's Presidio Grip, offering style and substance.
You can get two layers of protection against drops up to 10 feet which is a scratch
Resistant to polishing, raised baffles around the screen, and non-slip ridges.
This case also looks great with a variety of contrasting and complementary color combinations.
If you need some sparks, there's even a flash version right now.
Buy it now from SpeckAmazonThere, there is not enough purple box in the world at all, so this attractive choice designed by Greenwich has caught our attention.
It is expensive, but the manufacturer boasts that it is made of the best cowhide leather in the world and that it can stop the shotgun from exploding thanks to the hidden carbon fiber lining.
The lid can also be folded back for use with magnetic brackets. Cut-
Out provides access to all buttons and ports, and the camera also has an opening.
This case has a lifetime warranty and there are many other colors to choose from if you don't like damson.
Buy the new iPhone 8 right now from: GreenwichWhen and there's a good chance you'll want to show off.
This situation in Spigen allows you to do this with a transparent or colored polycarbonate back panel and a transparent or TPU frame of various colors.
Nice button cover, cut
Out-of-the-box, the bumper offers military-grade drop protection to ensure that the iPhone 8 is not damaged when it rolls slightly.
Now from: Amazon buy these tricky cases from X-
Doria combines the aluminum frame with a polyester shell and a plastic rubber lining to absorb impact.
The result is the ability to withstand situations from 6 drops to concrete. 6 feet.
Tactile cap with sound Key and electric source, cut
The exit is good, there is a lip protection on the screen.
The back is transparent but you can choose red, black, rose gold and rainbow colors (pictured).
Buy it from here now: this iPhone 8 case features reinforced corners and an impact-proof core to get rid of falls and bumps.
Like other products in the UAG series, you can get tough protection, oversized button covers and anti-slip pads, but the shell design of the Pylo series is more concise.
In this case, it is transparent, colored gray, or colored red (pictured).
It is very thick, but it provides solid protection and greatly improves the grip.
Buy it from here now: the UAGThis folio case comes in pastel apricot or gray with a perfectly fitted plated case that will make the iPhone 8 comfortable and secure.
The cover is soft leather-
At the end of the style, it opens to reveal a surprise.
You may find a pocket for your credit card but have a mirror.
Minimum housing, full cut range required-outs.
It's not a solid fall-proof case, but it does cover all angles, so it will serve well if you usually put the iPhone 8 in your bag.
Both inside and outside the Ted Baker brand.
Buy more options now from: ProportaNeed?
Consider buying bargains.
We will provide you with a review of the best iPhone 8 case deals.
Or consider some extra fashion: The manual contains a review of the most stylish iPhone X cases that may inspire you. Good luck!
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Update: We added some better iPhone 8 cases from casebone, Nodus, RhinoShield, Carved, Nomad and LuMee.
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