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chef dies ‘wrapped in cling film during sex’ - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
chef dies ‘wrapped in cling film during sex’  -  black plastic sheeting
Two men were tried for manslaughter after a Cook died in a drug incident wrapped in plastic wrap
Gay sex games.
A court heard that Aaron Williams, the P & O ferry chef, died of a heart attack after being mummified and dehydrated. The 47-year-
The old man who lives with his girlfriend
Interested in binding and mummy making and will have sex with men online.
The Royal Court of Canterbury heard his meeting with 35-year-old cerebral palsy patient Richard Bowler and 23-year-old "informal caregiver" David Connor.
But the sex game went wrong, and the jury was told that shortly after six o'clock A. M. on August 20, Connor walked into the rental station where his mother worked and said, "Mom, Richard killed people ".
After bowler called his brother and texted his sisterin-
The court heard that the law sought help, called the police and told them that he was involved in a "weird sex meeting" with a friend who was wrapped up and stopped breathing ".
When the jury heard that Mr. Williams was found wrapped tightly from head to foot in plastic cloth and plastic wrap, bowler cried loudly and left space around his nose and mouth so he could breathe.
The court was advised that a hood was allegedly placed on his head at Mr Williams's request and that sexual behaviour involving three men had occurred.
Prosecutor Ian Hope said bowler cut plastic wrap and plastic sheets for CPR and told emergency services: "I thought he was just sleeping.
Sorry, I should have called before.
"He took him and his money.
Connor told police that at midnight, Bowler told him that he had a man coming over for an eccentric sex meeting, after which he left the apartment he shared with bowler.
He said he came back at one o'clock A. M. and bowler told him that Mr. Williams wanted to be made into a movie.
Police found drugs in Mr. Williams's backpack, including grams of his life, cocaine, meth and meth.
They also found a gas mask and tie in his bag, sex toys, masking tape, black plastic cloth and adhesive film in the apartment.
The court heard how a laptop found in Williams's car showed his interest in slavery and mummy making.
Both denied manslaughter.
They also face another charge of manslaughter, which they all deny.
The trial continues.
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