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chennai seeks clarity amid confusion as plastic ban takes effect | chennai news - times of india - film packaging material

by:Cailong     2019-07-12
chennai seeks clarity amid confusion as plastic ban takes effect | chennai news - times of india  -  film packaging material
Chennai: "What is banned, what is not" is the chaos that took place the day after the big Chennai company officials began to enforce the plastic ban.
They visited shops, stalls, shops and markets and seized 8 tons of prohibited plastic products.
But violators and executors are in chaos.
There is not a clear list of prohibited products.
The officials Toy met in Parry knew nothing about the banned product list. “All single-
"We have banned the use of plastic items and we will catch them," an official said . ".
Hawkers who are angry about it do not allow officials to enter the streets.
After many discussions, officials seized plastic cups, plates, covers and Sheets stored in the store on purumar Street in Malaya.
Most institutions remain closed as part of the country
Big strike against ban
In the morning, a special group visited the Koyambedu market and confiscated the plastic tote bag from the supplier.
At T Nagar, the vendor threw the plastic bag into the bin before the officer arrived.
"People were very confused when officials confiscated packaging materials from our store.
But we were told it was not forbidden.
We are not sure who to complain to, "said Raja N, who runs a store in KK Nagar.
Textile owners who use transparent plastic covers for clothes, local manufacturers of food and catering suppliers are all confused about whether they will be allowed to use these items as they are also disposable plastic.
Ranjit Jacob, of Harrington Road, said many of his neighbors believed that bags over 50 microns were allowed.
"The government should raise awareness because many corrupt officials may abuse power to harass the people," he said . ".
Shambhu Kallolikar, chairman of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Commission, said only secondary packaging materials are prohibited.
"All primary packaging materials are allowed.
Therefore, even if the product is single, the product packaged before the product is listed will not be banned
"Plastic," he said.
But TNPCB engineers say the government is looking for alternatives to primary packaging materials.
"We will ban them once we have alternatives.
We will introduce policies to properly handle these items.
The company must collect and dispose of it safely.
We will also let the producers of these plastic products collect them . "
In some wards, some shopkeepers complained that they had been punished, but company officials denied it.
D. Karthikeyan, commissioner of the company, said there would be confusion as it was a paradigm shift.
"All these issues will be resolved in a few days.
"We haven't punished anyone yet," he said . ".
The excellent government is considering, P Madhusoodhan Reddy, deputy director, health, saying, "the penalties proposed by a resolution we have adopted include Rs 500 fine home users.
But we are waiting for the government's order before it is executed.
Traders continued their strike the next day.
"We will wait for the government to respond to our inquiries, as most of the banned products are recyclable and non-recyclable
Recyclable products are not prohibited.
We are supported by some grocery owners and department store associations.
We will call them to close their stores, "said Anwar Salim of Georgetown plastics Traders Association.
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