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chennai to get 5,000 new toilets soon - transparent polycarbonate sheet price

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
chennai to get 5,000 new toilets soon  -  transparent polycarbonate sheet price
Chennai will install a total of 5,000 newly designed toilets in 15 districts.
Toilets will be built in public areas.
Private cooperation mode and advertising rights on available space in such toilets will be provided to private entities setting up toilets.
The contract could take 10 years.
Municipalities have begun to determine where toilets are needed in the city.
These locations are being identified based on input from local residents.
Municipal officials are also identifying commercial areas that lack toilet facilities to establish new structures.
The toilet will be made of high density polyethylene or polycarbonate sheets or equivalent materials.
The color and design of the toilet will also meet the aesthetic requirements of the urban environment.
Chennai has built 714 toilets in the city, but many are in poor condition.
The newly designed toilet will replace the existing facilities.
According to a senior official of the civil society, the number of locations where toilets are installed has not yet been determined.
The requirements of a resident or representative of a commercial establishment for the establishment of a toilet will be considered.
Public groups will not accept the requirement to set up toilets in pedestrian areas.
New toilets are not allowed to block the sidewalk.
The civic group decided to remove the concept of dry toilets as it was found to be unsuitable for Chennai's climatic conditions.
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