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chilean hospital prepares for the arrival of 33 trapped miners - clear plastic rolls

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
chilean hospital prepares for the arrival of 33 trapped miners  -  clear plastic rolls
Chile Copiapo (CNN)--
Military helicopters are on standby and ready to rush into the helicopter yard.
The motorcycle police are on alert to escort a team of ambulances.
A group of electric beds with white sheets are ready empty.
This is part of the emergency plan, which aims to get 33 trapped miners from places where many want to pull them out of the Earth to the hospital in Copiapo, the town closest to the collapsed San Jose gold and copper mine.
Hernan Rojas, director of the Copiapo Regional Hospital, said: "From the first day of the disaster, we are ready . ".
"We expect the injured Union to start entering shortly after the collapse, but it has dragged out.
Andre Sougarret, government rescue coordinator, said he would entrust the construction of three cages --
Like a capsule that drags miners back to the ground.
The government expects relief in early November.
However, more and more people are speculating that the rescue may come faster, as three exercises hit people around the clock --
The size of the shaft runs through half a mile of rock into the cave, where 33 men have been hiding since the cave in August 5in.
On Sunday, President Sebastian Pinera told the media during a visit to the mine, "we don't know when, but it will be much faster than you expected.
"At the Copiapo Regional Hospital, which is publicly funded, Rojas is good --
Adjust his emergency team.
"From the moment they rescued the miners, we were ready," he said . ".
"They will come out. by-
First, we will get information about the miners on the road.
At that stage, we started our internal plan.
"As he strolled around a recently completed" special care unit ", Rojas described how to first check the freed miners at a field hospital set up at the mine.
"There will be a war hospital.
"I don't know what features it will have, but there will be a classification system to identify the most complex cases," he said . ".
Once the classification is completed, the plan requires that these people be flown by military helicopter to the helicopter farm of the Chilean Army 23 Infantry Regiment in Copiapo.
It can take 15 to 20 minutes to fly.
The helicopter farm is about 300 from the hospital.
The journey through the street is about 800.
Police will block the streets and motorcycles will escort ambulances to the emergency room of the hospital, Rojas said.
"The Alarm Will Sound.
"The hospital is vigilant and the patient will be brought in through the 24-hour open emergency department," Rojas said . ".
The hospital director said some miners may not need special monitoring.
The miners will live in wards on the second and fourth floors.
However, in the newly established special care unit, a maximum of 10 men can be detained ---
A unit designed to closely monitor patients, except for those with life --
Threat conditions
"Don't look at this as a bed ---
"Take it as a patient unit," Rojas proudly said, taking CNN to visit the special care unit on Wednesday.
The green light flashes on a series of buttons at the foot of the bed, and three language lifting instructions appear on the bed frame.
Rojas said that if any life of the miners appears to be in danger, they will be taken directly to the intensive care unit once extracted.
There are no necessary signs so far, but Rojas says his team is ready for trauma specialists, brain surgeons and eye doctors.
"People ask, 'Have they been underground for so long that their eyesight is damaged?
"I don't know the answer yet," Rojas said . "
He said in 10-
The bed special care unit will consist of a staff nurse and three carers per shift and a ward round doctor.
Experts will visit the miners in the case of the unitneeded basis.
Rojas said any miners would be discouraged if they refused hospital treatment and just tried to go home with their loved ones.
"This will be the basic task of the first-line medical team of the mine.
"People from mental health and psychologists will have to use their charm to convince miners to be examined before they leave the hospital," Rojas said . ".
Special care units at the Copiapo Regional Hospital still smell fresh green paint.
The white sheet is covered with transparent plastic rolls to prevent dust from settling down.
The heart monitor is off and the pump and oxygen line is kept quiet.
This ward has never been used before.
It was completed two months before the San Jose coal mine collapsed.
Their hospital is located in the heart of one of Chile's major mining areas, and staff at the Copiapo facility have previously provided treatment for the miners in the accident.
But none of these accidents have attracted worldwide attention.
"We are used to treating the locals and don't make too much noise or fuss about it.
But things are different, "Rojas said.
When he showed the original white form to record the life signs and other medical records of the miners, Rojas was restless in his suit pocket.
"The only thing I still lack is this pen," he said . ".
Of course, there are 33.
A patient trapped half a mile underground.
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