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chronology: chemicals company ici's major m&a deals - polyester film inc

by:Cailong     2019-07-06
chronology: chemicals company ici\'s major m&a deals  -  polyester film inc
British Imperial Chemical Industry Corporation.
I have rejected a 7. 2 billion-pound ($14. 2 billion)
Aksu Nobel, Dutch chemical group (AKZO. AS)
Say it undervalues the company.
The UK's largest chemical company that produces Dolores paint, ICI, has been seen as a bid target after losing weight.
Paint and adhesive.
The following is the annual table of major M & A transactions involving ICI in recent years: 1990-Anglo-Dutch foods-to-
Unilever American detergent GroupS.
Subsidiary acquired assets from ICI for the Katalco hydrogenation treatment catalyst business for approximately £ 5 billion ($9. 4 billion).
January 28, 1992-
Hanson Plc, a British conglomerate, said it had no plans to bid for ICI.
Prior to the statement, there was widespread speculation that the company would bid and there was strong opposition. June 1, 1993 -
The ICI's largest company in the UK, demerger, divested the Zeneca Biosciences Division and launched a large-scale Biosciences Division.
3 billion ($2. 04 billion)
The Zeneca rights issue will be used to repay the debt of ICI. May 7, 1997 -
ICI acquired international specialty chemicals business from Unilever UK Ltd.
The Dutch consumer goods company was acquired in cash of $8 billion. May 7, 1997 -
ICI sells 62 vehicles.
To acquire a 4% stake in ICI Australia Limited for $1.
72 billion is issued through global equity.
July 14, 1997 -
ICI agreed to sell its polyester polymer, titanium dioxide and polyester film business to DuPont for $3 billion.
April 15, 1999-
ICI sells its range of businesses to the United StatesS.
Huntsman group acquired it for $2.
8 billion of the deal as it tries to get rid of the bulk chemicals business.
July 26, 1999 -
Glass, coatings and chemical companies PPG industrial companies
Complete Acquisition of Germany
ICI's original equipment Special coating business is worth $684. 7 million.
October 4, 1999-
Belgian sells its Belgium-
Acrylic business based in Antwerp
Headquartered in Ineos acrylic limited, it costs $0. 834 billion.
November 22, 2006-
Givaudan, a Swiss fragrance manufacturer, signed an agreement to acquire Quest International from ICI Plc for about 2 years.
8 billion Swiss francs ($2. 25 billion).
Source: Reuters; Dealogic;
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