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city gets its first foot overbridge - polycarbonate sheet online

by:Cailong     2019-07-02
city gets its first foot overbridge  -  polycarbonate sheet online
End a 16-year-
The national capital finally has its first footbridge (FOB)
Before the High School of Government Women, cotton Mountain.
Tourism Minister kadakamparali Surendra officially opened the facility to the public and students at the school on Friday.
In addition to ensuring the safety of children studying at school, FOB will also enable several pedestrians to negotiate in the event of heavy traffic in the area.
At present, more than 4,000 students are crossing busy roads during peak hours with the assistance of three or four police officers.
FOB is full of security facilities including armrests and CCTV cameras.
In addition, vertical garden, painting, LED lighting, aluminum composite panel facing the road-
Other aspects of it are columns and roofs covered with polycarbonate sheets.
In addition to the entrance near the main entrance of the school, the school-specific staircase leading to FOB is another highlight.
The arrangement will allow students at Cotton Hill school to enter or leave the premises directly without having to go through the main entrance.
The project has been implemented under the public-
The private infrastructure public-private partnership between trifande and sun. Ltd.
The latter bears its costs and will carry out maintenance.
In turn, the facility will benefit from the revenue generated through its advertising space. Mayor V. K.
The unveiling of the event to mark this moment, Prasanth said that with the launch of 12 projects planned to be implemented under the Smart City project, City companies are moving towards a major stage of development.
Deputy mayor Ravi raikumar presided over the function. V. S.
MLA Sivakumar delivered a keynote speech.
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