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city lacking in a sense of urgency? - 1 polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
city lacking in a sense of urgency?  -  1 polycarbonate sheet
Chennai is a city with a population of 5 million and has 714 public toilets.
More than half of them have no conditions of use and the company is removing several old toilets every month.
It's not surprising that toilets are barely found in most public places.
The specification suggests that a public toilet must be provided for every 60 people in a city.
This means that the population of the city is less than thousands.
Even if some people think that this standard is only applicable to developed countries, Chennai will be seriously inadequate even if the standard is reduced.
So, how to end the open defecation?
The urban poor who rely on public toilets are most affected.
Even if they are prepared to pay for the use of public facilities, there is little choice and a few toilets in good condition are not easily accessible.
A study by NGO transparency Chennai found that more men than women use public facilities.
Men use women's toilets in some places.
In most facilities, the space used for bathing and washing clothes was not fully utilized due to lack of water.
This has also affected children.
It hinders their toilet training and many children do not want to use them because they are dirty.
Children's Studies at Kameshwaram School (
Southern nagpatti)
The United Nations University in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and friends in need found that since school toilets are not very clean, many children prefer to urinate on the streets.
There is very little money for maintenance, and schools focus on providing laboratories and sports facilities instead of maintaining toilets.
The company announced that it will install 5,000 from high
Measure the density polyethylene or polycarbonate sheet compartment for 1. 2m x 1. 2m each.
The toilet is located near the cinema, shopping center, bus terminal, market and other public spaces.
The question, however, is whether this will help.
It's not just about scaling numbers.
Location, design, privacy and security are also key issues.
Ideally, people do not need to walk more than 15 minutes for the convenience of the public.
Experts say more urinals are needed.
As far as design is concerned, India has not given much consideration.
For people with specific needs, such as the elderly or people with different needs, we lack innovation in design --abled.
Design is very troublesome even for othersfree.
It should also be attractive to children.
Chennai's proposed cubicle has no room for guards.
There is no room for washing clothes or bathing.
In the past, the toilets with administrators were maintained better.
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