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cloud of steel: sou fujimoto's temporary pavilion for london's serpentine gallery unveiled - clear polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
cloud of steel: sou fujimoto\'s temporary pavilion for london\'s serpentine gallery unveiled  -  clear polycarbonate
How do you make clouds with steel?
If you are Japanese designer Fujimoto Sou, one of the rising stars of architecture International, you can cut the 28-kilometer-long thin metal tube into 27,000 parts and connect it together in 10,000 places, put the building on the grass next to the winding Gallery in London. And presto!
This is a pavilion of beautiful mysteries of light, space and geometry that will be used for music, screenings, lectures throughout the summer, and most importantly, hang out somewhere in Hyde Park
Everything in the pavilion is ambiguous.
It looks very delicate, very strong, very difficult-
Edge and blur.
Charming 42-year-
The old Fujimoto creates a tempting maze of perspectives that guides your eyes into the structure, and then, very interestingly, turns the apparently strict structural order into an impossible visual riddle.
We can blame it on Einstein, a scientist whose theory of relativity changes the world's view of space and time.
"In high school, I was very fascinated by Einstein's theory," Fujimoto said . ".
"My concept of space was proposed by Einstein, not by my architectural training.
"His other inspiration came from the great architect of Catalan, Anthony Gaudi, who, nearly a century after his death, his vivid buildings and public spaces are still very popular in Barcelona.
"The first time I found out Gaudi was when I was 12, I thought-wow!
Then I visited Gaudi's work in Barcelona and at his Park Guell I felt the diversity of the area-people behave differently and have no sense of boundaries.
So we can think of the snake-shaped pavilion as a building that may seem certain and "structural", but actually a subtle design, it sees space and light as or through it.
There is no special feeling on the outside or inside-Fujimoto wants to erase the boundaries of these buildings.
He also clears the roof by using thin and transparent polycarbonate disks of horizontal clusters, which are slightly torn in the breeze;
They are almost invisible from some angles.
The pavilion is the most ethereal since the 2009 structure designed by Sana architecture.
This is a delicate, Super
Thin amoeba of highly polished steel, seemingly floating on the grass, reversing the reflection of trees, people and even fallingrain.
Fujibensu is the youngest architect of the pavilion, commissioned by Julia Peyton, director of the snake gallery.
Jones and hansorridge aubrist
The latter is fascinated by Micro
The macroscopic effect of the building, as well as the fact that its images are constantly changing according to the light.
He explained: "Seven years ago we met Sou in Tokyo when he was writing about amanifesto of the original building. We have been following his work since then.
In Japan, the design of Fujimoto's house is always opened or gives the impression that it is deconstructed in some way.
The winding Pavilion is 13 pavilions over the years, both original and complex.
Roman engineer Vitruvius declared in the first century B. C. that architecture should be firm, commercial and interesting.
The Pavilion of Fujimoto Sou, especially the "pleasant" button, is very gorgeous.
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