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After the presentation on July 11, 2011-
21: 00 ETTHIS is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated. DR.
Host Drew Pinsky: Kathy Anthony after the verdict.
Her family was ruined and her reputation was ruined.
Will Hollywood embrace America's most hated woman?
I'm going to get it out of the water.
Now jurors Cindy and George are under threat.
Come on people. Calm down.
So remarkable for Christmas.
Kidnapping and imprisonment do not defeat her.
I suspect this is the message for all of us.
I will tell you what that is.
Let's figure it out.
Thinking of Betty Ford, who died on Friday, is still sad tonight.
I didn't get a chance to tell you what I thought about this and the incredible history and incredible contributions she made.
I will talk about this later on in the show.
But first, I need to address the mob mentality in Casey Anthony's case.
You may think it will die a little now, but no.
Both George and Cindy Anthony are under threat.
Their lawyers confirmed that.
Now a juror says she is hiding because of the death threat.
Some of us on our Facebook page have said enough.
That's what I said.
This thing is dangerous.
Someone will be hurt.
This is our system.
I always said that.
The fact is, the mentality of the mob needs to be vented.
In the absence of catharsis, the mob continues to inflate and loop.
Let's be very cautious about this.
Do not contribute to this.
I certainly don't want to be crazy about what we say here.
Let`s move on.
As I have said over and over again, let's send energy in a positive direction.
Not just Kathy. -
Not only for Cayman, but for all of us.
Again, I might say that later on in the show because I want to highlight this, but resentment is like taking poison and expecting it to hurt others.
It's not good for any of us.
The countdown to Casey's release tonight.
What's next for Kathy Anthony?
Now, I just want to understand it all again.
I want to know what we do.
I want to know about this case.
Look at this. let's talk. (Start Video)
Unidentified woman: Kathy Anthony is only six days away from freedom at this time.
Host Ryan Smith, session, TRUTV: since she was acquitted and killed her daughter Caylee, people would pick up the weapons.
Woman: this is disgusting. The baby --what about her?
Do you want tape in the trunk?
Who else will put the baby in that box?
Female: two
More than 30 Americans think Kathy Anthony is certain or likely to have murdered her daughter Kelly. JANE VELEZ-
Moderator Mitchell, "question": it is very important for the Orange County Correctional Facility to let her leave supervision unharmed.
Unidentified woman: of course, the question now is, how will she live a normal life?
Where is she going?
What is she doing?
Unidentified male: Most say she will surface again in big cities in New York or Los Angeles.
But everyone can guess. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Pinsky: So where will Kathy go after he gets out of prison this Sunday?
After the verdict came out, she recently refused her mother Cindy's prison visit.
George and Cindy's lawyers say Kathy hasn't seen her parents since 2008.
Listen to this from NBC's Today show. " (
Start Video Editing)
This unidentified woman: Can't this family relationship be fixed?
Cheney Mason, attorney for Kathy Anthony's defense: I don't know that anything can't be fixed, but I would say that's very likely.
She may have a relationship with her brother in the future.
I might think so.
I don't know when or how it was done, but I feel like it's bad to be with her parents. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Pinsky: you go there.
He should know.
Can Kathy go home or will he be forced to leave state?
Also, can she get millions of dollars in interview opportunities?
Former prosecutor Ronnie Combs was in the studio with me.
I also have criminal defense lawyer Mark foreign.
But first, Jane weisres.
Mitchell, host of "questions" on HLN.
Jane joins us from Orlando.
Jane, what is the word on this street? -there rather?
Did you hear where she might be going when Kathy was released? VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, she's in jail now.
She is to be released on Sunday, July 17.
The word I heard is that it is likely to happen late at night. Dr.
Drew, they don't want a bunch of looks.
They don't want a fiasco.
They will most likely leave the prison with five to seven vehicles with colored windows.
We never know what car she's in.
Jose beiz has said publicly that he will let her leave Dodge and leave this despised area.
So I think she will go to the airport, leave, go somewhere and keep a low profile.
Then, I think there's not much time left until the first big exclusive interview.
As we all know, they don't pay for interviews, they pay licensing fees for photos and videos, etc.
Then I think she's on her own.
She faces a lot of potential legal bills.
I don't know if she will sell books or movies because there is too much public information.
They can do one. for-
Television movies are based on the information they get from the court.
She's a sick liar, so you won't know if it's a novel or a non-novel if she tells the story.
So I think she's going to make a big profit and then we'll see what happens.
Now, Jane, you're in Orlando with Vinnie and Nancy.
You really caught up with this frenzy that is happening.
What do you think people should do with these energies?
Do you know what you can do?
Is this something we all have to stew for a long time and try to understand?
Or can we do something positive here? VELEZ-
Mitchell: I think there must be something positive.
I think there are only a few--
Unfortunately I would call them crazy fringe people who are crossing a line and making a threat.
But the vast majority of people are discussing the issue and trying to get to know it.
As I walked down the streets of Orlando, people came to me with their conspiracy theories, their ideas, and what they learned from them.
Good conversation.
I think we all left with a little insight. -
As a result of this situation, there is more understanding of human behavior.
So, in addition to the madman, I think everyone took something positive from it.
Pinsky: Okay.
This is reassuring.
Now, I have a question.
Does Kathy's old prison letter have a clue as to what she will do when she comes out of prison?
In a letter to another prisoner, Kathy said that she missed her manicure and pedicure, shopping ---boo-hoo.
She talked about changing her name.
She may have written a memoir in this letter.
The most shocking thing is that she wrote that she wanted to get pregnant again.
Do you think she really wants another child?
I heard she even wrote someone an article about adopting a child.
Wow, I think.
Marcia Clark said, in fact, what would the adoption agency say?
First question: Please let me know the name? Casey Anthony.
Are you kidding?
You`re kidding.
This is a joke.
Prosecutor: That's right. I`m adopted.
I know the process.
This is a very difficult thing.
No one can go out and adopt a child.
But anyone can have a child.
Combs: That's right.
It is difficult to adopt.
I mean, do you think it's possible for her to do that?
But will she?
You know, I think she might.
She is very narcissistic.
We all know. PINSKY: Yes.
COOMBS: The jury's verdict confirms all her narcissistic beliefs that she is the victim, it's not her fault, she deserves attention and it's worth spending some time in the sun.
I think she did.
I don't think how strongly people feel about the injustice they do doesn't affect her.
I think all the things that she fantasized about in her letter, of course, if that's what she wants to go out and do.
This is an interesting point.
After the verdict was read out, our producers actually overheard the people in the hall, as they did outside the court, calling it a "distortion of justice ".
"In fact, we see people in the lobby responding hysterically to the verdict.
Now, how will Kathy continue her life when the court of public opinion so clearly believes Kathy is the murderer-
Not just a killer, but a beautiful young child at the center of the story?
Kathy's lawyer defended his client on NBC's "Today Show. " Watch this. (
Start Video Editing)
I do believe her story.
I believed it from the first time I saw her.
I only officially joined the team a few weeks later.
I went to her house, her room, there was a picture there and I talked to her.
I have never doubted for a minute.
She did not kill her child. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Pinsky: OK, Mark.
You're a defense lawyer.
You have to defend someone you don't necessarily like or even believe in.
Did Cheney Mason drink Kathy Anthony Cole? Aid?
Do you think he bought something here?
It's hard to see him have such a belief in her.
Criminal defense lawyer MARK foreign Larsh: It really doesn't matter to me.
Just no.
Does her lawyer believe her?
Well, his message will only be based on what is coming out of her mouth, assuming she is telling the truth, she has to admit that she is not telling the truth.
So his faith will only be based on what she and she said.
It is not worth believing.
Looney, do you think so?
I mean when your clients show up they are cheats and they lie to you all the time do you believe them?
However, do you want to defend the despicable facts they say?
Combs: You know, I 've been watching an interview with attorney Casey.
I think they did believe her.
Pinsky: So do I.
Mark, is this really a problem?
I want to get back to you soon.
Do you really believe in your clients?
Agnes: No. It doesn`t.
First of all, in fact, credibility and accuracy are two different things.
I have believed in my clients many times.
I learned something after the acquittal, and I think I was cheated.
I didn't realize it.
But that's okay.
Again, as we are well aware, the work of defense counsel is to create reasonable doubt.
Cheney or Jose really believe them, okay, great.
It helps them to sleep at night. That`s OK.
Everything is in the divine order
But in the end, it's about making reasonable doubts.
You seem to be a little uncomfortable about this, Looney. Do you?
Well, I'm a prosecutor, not a defense lawyer.
That's why I can't be a defense lawyer.
Combs: I don't want--
Pinsky: make it clear.
I want to hear it from you.
Combs: I like to know the truth and show the truth. I don't like to raise reasonable doubts.
I don't like throwing things. I hope they will stick to it.
I don't want to make an opening speech like Mr. Baez did.
The interesting thing is.
She was later acquitted of the murder of her daughter, Caylee.
I think we all know now.
Will Kathy Anthony say her point?
How much?
Will the death of her daughter make Kathy a millionaire? Stay with us. (
Business break)
Kathy Anthony will be a free woman in six days tonight.
Will Kathy's shame make her famous for 15 minutes?
Listen to this. (
Start Video Editing)
Defense lawyer Jose Beez: While we are happy for Kathy, there are no winners in this case.
Caylee has gone too far and too fast.
My motivation for the last three years has been to make sure that Cayman and Kathy are getting justice because Kathy did not murder Cayman.
That's simple.
Today, our judicial system has not damaged her memory because of the wrong conviction. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Pinsky: But when Jose said that, I felt like thousands of people were yelling at the TV, "she was not convicted, but she had something to do with it!
"The Beautiful Child is dead. she has something to do with it.
We all know.
Now, he says the court system has not damaged Caylee's memory, but Kathy may humiliate her daughter by making millions of profits from Caylee's death ---
Book deals, movie deals, interviews?
This is probably on Kathy's desk.
It was her decision when she got out of prison.
Or will she have to hide for a while or will she decide to stay in the spotlight and tell her the other side of the story?
Please note, her side.
Please, people.
It's almost ridiculous to think of this, because no matter what her position is, I certainly won't believe a word in her mouth.
Coming back to me is lawyer Loni Coombs, Mark foreign Larsh, and many "questions" on HLN, Jane Velez"Mitchell.
What do you think, Jane?
Is she going to sell her story? VELEZ-
Mitchell: Well, I think she will.
I think her lawyer wants her to keep a low profile for the time being for the foreseeable future.
I'm sure they will take her from Orlando to a quiet place where she can hide.
I don't know if she will go.
She was quoted as saying that she liked the media and was upset when there was a cloud and the helicopter could not fly out of date.
She wants to talk to Howard Stern.
So, at some point, she might decide that I'm not going to listen to my lawyer and I'm going there.
The paparazzi may then take a picture of her.
The first shot is worth a lot of money, but if they catch her and see her in public, they won't pay her, and she hasn't arranged to take that picture either.
She must therefore have some consultants to advise her through this minefield.
Remember that for any big company that has a lot to do with her, there will be a big return and give her a boat.
Remember the fiasco of "if I did" and O. J. Simpson`s book.
So there are a lot of problems on both sides of this equation.
It won't be as easy as anyone thought.
PINSKY: Right.
This is very interesting and anyone trying to take advantage of this will have some big trouble here.
Also, I think Jane, you're referring to what Leonard Padilla's assistant Tracy told me
To put it this way, Kathy sat down as early as 2008.
Yes, Kathy is happy with the media attention and she seems a little disappointed when the spotlight moves away from her.
So I agree with you.
I think it is possible for her to bring this up regardless of what others tell her.
Don't you think? VELEZ-
Mitchell: Sure.
She is a young woman whose parents cannot control her.
Of course, she listens to her lawyer because her life is online.
Her life is not over yet. -
Remember, she was held in solitary confinement for about three years.
That means she only has 23 hours a day.
Her life was inspired by the desire to go out to the party.
That's why she got into this dilemma in the first place.
So the idea that she will stay absolutely quiet and confidential may last for a while, but in the end she will be eager to go out and I think we will see herPINSKY: OK.
Loni and Mark, I want to go back to the topic we discussed in the last paragraph.
Loni, I will start with you and talk about the question of reasonable doubt between defense and the pursuit of truth and justice.
COOMBS: Right.
Pinsky: I think one thing that bothers a lot of people throughout the case is to wonder if this is a prosecution of our system or if our system works the way it should.
Mark and I-
I'm going to see you too, Mark.
Show me the picture of Mark and I feel like I'm talking to him.
Mark, you know, I 've given you a lot of sadness about this idea of not caring about the truth.
I mean, I personally think you care about it, but the system doesn't care about it.
However, I have a prosecutor here who says she is worried about it.
So, is this just a defense lawyer who is not worried about the truth?
Either of you.
Let's make this clear.
Personally, we all want the truth to come out.
But it is not correct to state the trial to reveal the truth.
That's what I said to you before the verdict.
The best example now is this one.
There is a lawyer under Miami who is preparing to take away the sign that has been in court here since the 1940 incident.
It says: "The people we work here only seek truth.
"That's not true.
Maybe someone sitting on top of our heads wearing black polyester might be.
The prosecutor did so to a large extent.
However, the function of the defense lawyer, my function, is to acquit the client. That`s it.
So understand it, understand it, and apply it to future cases. PINSKY: OK.
Loni, I have --hold on, Mark.
I have 30 seconds left. Go.
Well, he's right.
I mean, this is a constitutional right.
Everyone has the right. -
Pinsky: But what about truth and justice?
We are all upset that this is not the ultimate goal of our system.
Combs: that's what the prosecutor did.
This is the duty of the judge.
But the defense lawyer was there to represent his client with enthusiasm and to represent his best interests.
This is to get them out in most cases.
They want to figure it out.
They want freedom.
They want to be released.
Pinsky: Okay. OK.
Next is your comments and questions about Kathy.
Later, Christmas.
This is an inspirational story.
She was kidnapped and imprisoned for 18 years.
She redefined the word "survivor. " (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified organization: Justice for Caylee!
Justice for Caylee!
Justice for Caylee!
Justice for Caylee! (END VIDEO CLIP)
Pinsky: this is just an example of the emotions that arise in Casey Anthony's case.
Let's come directly from you.
Belinda, California. you come first. Go ahead.
Belinda, California: Hi, Dr. Drew.
A short review and question.
You 've been telling us to turn our anger, hurt and frustration into something positive.
I did it myself.
But the fact of the murder of a sweet, innocent baby girl remains unchanged.
I wonder if you can tell us how to put this down and forget about it.
Pinsky: You know, one thing I tell people who make resentment ---
That's what we're talking about.
We want a catharsis, and we are dissatisfied with the fact that we cannot get it.
Resentment is like drinking poison, thinking it will hurt another person.
You can't hurt her.
You can accept anger and hurt, accept it, and guide it in a more positive way, as we have been talking about.
Happy California Lakeside, what are you thinking?
JOY in Lakeside, California: Hi, Dr. Drew.
I have a concern.
I was worried about whether I was married to a mental patient.
It's all dangerous, or some people are just themselves.
Central liar who likes to avoid conflict?
Pinsky: You know, it's easy for a mentally abnormal person to be a killer, usually very exploiting.
Anti-social people don't necessarily hurt anyone. they usually just like to manipulate others for their own benefit.
Also, please note, is this an addict or an alcoholic?
Because the addicts and alcohol drinkers look like anti-social.
If they are addicts, they can get good treatment even if they look anti-social.
All lies and manipulation and confusion can be lost. Check it out.
Social diseases do not respond very well to treatment.
Sheila, California.
Sheila, California: Hi, doctor. Drew.
I just want to say that my heart is broken for this judgment.
Frankly, I hope that the rest of Casey's life is a living hell.
Pinsky: Well, you go there.
I think a lot of people feel this way.
Let's go to Facebook.
Mark wrote, "Let's know how long it will take someone like Kathy Anthony to treat.
"Now, please note that this question assumes that I know what's going on with Kathy Anthony.
We spent a lot of time here trying to figure out exactly what happened to her.
If she is an anti-sociopath or a mentally ill person, as I mentioned earlier, it is not something that responds very well to treatment.
In my world, this feature tends to react in an added environment.
But these people don't want to change themselves.
They think the problem is the world, not them.
Cheri wrote, "Do you see any information Kathy has acknowledged or disclosed about the death/murder of her child? " I do not. I do not.
Let's be realistic here.
For example, she wrote a book about it. all.
Will you believe that book?
Of course not.
I won't believe it unless it really makes sense to me.
Even then, I will know what's going on.
Next, it is reported that the juror of Casey Anthony's trial suddenly resigned and fled Florida, all because she was worried about her life.
Later, he was kidnapped and held for 18 years at the age of 11.
Let's talk about the story of the famous Jaycee Dugard. Stay with us. (
Business break)(Start Video)PINSKY (voice-over)
Do you think Kathy Anthony killed her daughter Kelly? Join the club. Two-
30 people in the USA Today Gallup poll agreed. And get this.
A juror in the case went into hiding for fear of his life.
An exciting counterpoint.
Jaycee Dugard shows the strength, courage and coping skills she developed during her 18 years in captivity with monsters.
And my farewell to Betty Ford. JANE VELEZ-
Moderator Mitchell, "question": the gentleman, outside of the area where the protesters should be, basically said that he thought it was fair and that he was not dissatisfied with the verdict, he is also not unhappy with today's sentencing hearing.
These people are very upset to say that you belong to the other side. (END VIDEO CLIP)PINSKY (on-camera)
Local protests against Casey Anthony's verdict continue.
Question host Jane weisres
Mitchell found himself in trouble.
Jane is now from Orlando with us, as well as criminal defense lawyer Mark Eglash and psychologist Lisa poski.
Tomorrow, Jane, is a week after the verdict and still has a bad temper.
Why do you think this is? VELEZ-
Mitchell: because people are shocked by the verdict.
They look forward to something else.
What they heard in the media was that it was a very powerful case for the prosecution.
So it was a shock to her not to be convicted on any serious charges.
So the first reaction is not to believe. Oh, my gosh.
I can't believe this will happen.
And then, as they talk about the stages of grief, it's different stages.
This is the stage of anger.
Then people get angry.
Now, I went around Orlando on the weekend.
People came to me with all sorts of gorgeous conspiracy theories.
Everyone feels that they are not getting real stories, real stories.
I think it's because they haven't got the real story yet.
We really don't know what's going on, but it's certainly more than the defense has said, but does the prosecution prove that?
If the jury took more time to do it, I would respect their decision more, Dr. Drew.
Then, Jane, we had a defense party after the event, which only sparked outrage.
It's really a thug problem that needs to be vented, isn't it? VELEZ-Mitchell: Yes. Yes.
To be honest, I don't think that, to a large extent, it's an angry mob, it's a dangerous mob.
It was very interesting to see that they blocked a small place for protest, and all of these people stayed in the blocked place.
These are all mothers.
Mothers related to this story because they have children of the same age.
So, I don't think we need to worry about these people.
The people we have to worry about are chefs somewhere and they are basically acting as an excuse to vent some kind of anger they have about the system or people.
Ordinary people here are frustrated, but regular. abiding.
Thank you for your report, Jane.
Still, I have to say that I'm not sure if I want to face a bunch of angry moms. VELEZ-
Mitchell: I agree with you.
Pinsky: but they look like a well.
A group of angry mothers.
That's good anyway. Thanks, Jane.
What do you think?
Did Kathy Anthony kill her daughter Kelly?
According to the results of the recent USA Today Gallup poll, 64% of Americans think Kathy is certain or likely to kill her daughter.
As I said before, we all felt like she was involved to some extent.
Lisa, these findings may explain why so many people are angry, don't they?
Lisa boesky, psychologist: of course, I think most people think it's a form, and this trial is just for justice to Caylee, and we all know she won't be released without charge.
So when she is, I really think Jane touches it.
I really believe that people are going through the stages of grief.
They didn't believe it, and then they were really upset, and now, we're in a rage, and I don't think we can go on yet because the jury went through the deliberations so quickly.
Kathy came out so soon.
Then, when we hear about book trading, making money, and possibly getting pregnant again, it prevents the public from continuing their anger in the past, and through other stages of grief that we can finally move on.
I think it will take a while before we get there.
Pinsky: Lisa, you and I both know that people get frustrated when they fall into grief, and it seems like something hanging over them, guys, with a model that one recovers from grief
What do you think people need to do to get through this?
BOESKY: Well, I think the only thing we can do is we can't really do anything for Caylee ourselves, but we can save the other kids in the name of Caylee.
So, I think anything we can do, people are talking about changing the law.
People are talking about other ways to help other children.
Think about how many children are abused every year, how many children are killed by their parents every year, and many more.
If we can make a difference in this, I don't think little Kelly will die in vain.
Good advice, Lisa.
I'm also with Lonnie Combs (ph)
Earlier in the show
I hope this will lead to some kind of political action.
Look at jury reform, she said.
Talk to your legislators and talk to your local jury reform justice system so that jurors can talk to each other and the jury may ask questions directly to the witnesses.
Obviously, this continues in California.
Today, NBC News reported that Juror 12 in Casey Anthony's trial is still hidden because she is worried about her life.
According to her husband, she quit her job at the grocery store, fearing that her colleagues would retaliate
Workers and the public.
Apparently the woman escaped from Florida and told her husband that I would rather go to jail than sit in the jury like this again.
Mark, you 've been to Florida.
Is the atmosphere so intense that jurors need to flee the country?
Criminal defense lawyer MARK foreign Larsh: I was sad when I heard the news.
Not just for this juror, but think about it.
They don't agree with many of us on what the outcome should be, but that's their right.
There was no evidence that they had done any fraud.
They did their best.
They made the decision and it was easier for them to find her guilty.
I mean, come back, you're a hero and you found her guilty.
Despite what they felt she had done, they had no evidence and the law required them to release her without charge.
Now they have to run for their own lives?
Look, let's talk about the chain reaction of future cases.
If you want the accused to have a fair trial and reasonable doubt, not a dirty word in court, we need to change our attitude. PINSKY: Wow.
Interesting, Mark.
Now, I got something from honorary prosecutor Marcia Clark.
She sent you a blog. S. News.
The title is interesting.
It is called "brainwashing by Casey jury ".
"This is the topic of the jury.
Now, as many of us try to understand how these 12 jurors have come to a "acquittal" verdict, as you said, Mark, it's through due diligence and hard decisions.
Marcia gave a thought-provoking explanation.
She wrote, "The longer the jury has been in contact with the accused, the less evil he or she will be.
Now, in the psychology of a dynamic group, it is clear that the Anthony jury is the cheerleader of the defense.
"Now, Marcia's blog has made me think about some of the things Chief prosecutor Jeff Ashton told me after Kathy was acquitted. Watch this. (
Start Video Editing)
Pinsky: one of the things you're talking about more strongly than what I 've seen in court is that the tape is really a central feature of your case.
This is a central feature you highlighted to the jury, however, they just blew it off.
Prosecutor Jeff Ashton: I think you can say that, but it never really makes sense for me that you need three pieces of tape. (END VIDEO CLIP)
PINSKY: so Lisa and Mark, I think there's a brainwashing mentality between prosecutors because they believe the evidence is so strong.
What do you say about Marcia's theory?
Drew, I read all of her. -
Do you want me to go?
From a psychological point of view, it is called confirmation bias.
We know this will happen.
It's part of human thinking, when you start to believe in something, everything else, and you only look at things that support your thoughts from the beginning, you will blow off those things that don't match your thoughts.
I think the prosecutor really thinks she's guilty.
I think the defense thinks she's innocent.
I think the jury did accept his defense in the opening remarks of José Bez, and everything they heard later, and they heard this confirmation bias, this has always been right for them, and the prosecution. -
Agnes: From a legal point of view, if you go back, you only take away the emotion for a while.
It's hard because from day one we're all consumed by emotions, but if you look at the case objectively, as these jurors might do, because they did not follow the case as we did, they quickly decided the case individually and collectively, and their opinions never changed.
I think it shows us that there are inherent flaws in this case.
It's not that she's not guilty, it's that they have a hard time proving it.
12 people with the same mentality may get the same result.
I have an exception to Jane Veles and I love her so much, but what she has been saying and what others have been saying.
They are not in a hurry to make any judgment.
If they double the amount of time they think about it, it still doesn't change anything.
They never have a guilty faith, never give up or (INAUDIBLE)
Unless they do not commit a crime.
This is justice.
It's not necessarily true, but it's just, according to them.
Thank you, Mark.
Thank you, Lisa.
Thank you, Jane, of course.
Next is an incredible story of Jaycee Dugard. The 31-year-
She is old and has been giving birth to the child of the kidnappers against her wishes for nearly 20 years.
This is a story you must see. Stay with us. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified women: I don't know if they are looking at the same thing as us.
This is shocking.
Woman: I can't believe it.
I don't even know why I'm so emotional.
I am not attached to them at all.
I just can't believe it.
Man: I was totally shocked.
I mean, everything that happens is basically like you almost have to shoot and watch someone commit a crime and see what's going on with them on the video.
Just excuse me. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Deputy Sheriff of el dorado County security
: Antioch, who is still alive for Christmas. Excuse me.
She was found alive in Antioch.
Just to remind you that she was kidnapped in June 19.
She was taken from the street in front of her house.
As we all know, there was nothing at the time, and nothing now indicates that this kidnapped an 11-other than a stranger-year-old. (END VIDEO CLIP)
PINSKY: When a grown-up Jaycee Dugard was discovered about two years ago, the whole world looked at it in surprise.
She has been missing for 18 years.
In 1991, she was kidnapped on her way to school when she was 11 years old.
Jaycee was imprisoned in a yard in the backyard by Philip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, in fact, in solitary confinement.
She was repeatedly raped by known sex offenders Garrido and convicted rapists.
Listen to Jaycee's description that her first week in Hell-like prison will be her home.
She was locked in a soundproof room and handcuffed.
Diane Sawyer was interviewed but first aired on ABC. (
Start Video Editing)
Kidnapping survivor jaycee dugard: they are the vague ones so they don't get hurt.
Diana Sawyer, abc anchor: behind you? DUGARD: Yes.
There is a tray on the floor.
Then he said he would come back later.
He turned off the studio. -
Or a soundproof door, and then another one with a lock.
Did you hear that? DUGARD: Yes.
I can hear it.
When awake or when awake
Some sounds and smells won't leave you. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Pinsky: But I still think you can see it just by looking at the tape, this is a very resilient young woman.
Katie caraway Hall joined us and herself was hurt by Garrido before Jaycee was kidnapped and psychologist Lisa Boesky.
Katie, can you be sure what the Jaycee went through and what she described here?
Katie Callaway Hall, captured by Philip Garrido: Yes, I can, Dr.
Especially sound and smell.
When I was watching Diane Sawyer's interview last night, some of the movies they showed really brought me back to my episodes with Garrido because it was just watching him move around in the video, patrol officers are checking his house just to see how he interacts with the person, listen to his voice, then watch him and listen to him while he sings and looks at his facial expressions, this is just--
It brings back some memories.
PINSKY: Now, one of the things that might happen when you start over
Exposed to these images you will get a post
Response to traumatic stress
Do you have something like this? HALL: No.
I don't think so.
I am now going to see the therapist in person because I have been going through this whole Jaycee Dugard incident that has come into the public eye.
You know, I have to go back for treatment.
But last night, I don't know if it will be
Traumatic Stress Syndrome
It just grabbed my gut, so to speak.
Pinsky: we call it a revival.
Jaycee said she was most afraid of the unknown, and when Garrido continued to take one of his medications, look at what she told ABC's Dianne Sawyer. (
Start Video Editing)
Dugard: he will wear me for a few hours because he took Anfei for his life and speed.
He called it speed.
He will focus on one thing.
For a long time.
Then he usually takes his little book with him, and he cuts it for hours and posts it on the little girls in magazines and porn magazines.
I mean, it doesn't make sense to me at all, but that's what he did. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Let's make it clear.
It's not just drug addiction.
Drugs only amplify this terrible act.
Katie, my understanding is that he followed you again when he was released.
Not accurate?
Yes, he does.
He's looking for me where I work at the casino.
I'm a roulette dealer.
He came up to me and I acted as if I didn't know him and I didn't know him, but I knew him.
I absolutely did it.
In fact, he looks like he was in the video he sang last night. Very creepy.
Pisky: Lisa, now, you and I know that you die when someone goes through this long, serious, just shattered trauma.
You need something.
We saw in an interview with Diane Sawyer that he took something from her.
Because I think the interview is a bit missed, so talk to people about this.
In that interview, the young lady looked so resilient and so United, but there was a deep wound there and the wound left by that person would always be there. BOESKY: Yes.
I think her mother did the same.
She really lost part of herself and part of herself.
Internal part--
I mean, in the religious sense, we call it our soul, but who is the inner part of who we are, he's kind--
He took her things away.
Every time and every day, he is there, every time he raped her, every time he won't let her use her name, he is weakening her soul and weakening her soul.
So, when she shows up now, we look at her and she's really one of the most resilient people I 've ever seen.
She did very well.
But deep down there must be a wound so deep that she could never come back, that he had stolen her.
I think she said in the interview, I think it was so deep and she was angry, but she tried not to let the anger surpass her because she didn't want him to have it, because he has taken a lot of things from her.
I think many survivors have experienced this.
They were so angry at the perpetrators, but they had stolen so much from the victims that they wanted--
The survivors also don't want to let this go.
I think she's the perfect example of hope and flexibility, but I really think that, deep down, her mom saw that too, and she's lost most of her own.
Pinsky: That's right.
It leaves what we call trauma-related dead ends.
The patient told me that some of them could not get rid of the terrible hell environment.
However, the young lady told us something very important.
The power of gratitude.
Think about it.
Be grateful every day.
It has a lot of healing power.
Thank you Lisa.
Thank you, Katie.
Now, a former friend of Kathy Anthony, Clint House, appears on our Friday show.
In his speech, a picture at the bottom of the screen shows that he is satisfied with the judgment in the case of Casey Anthony and respects the judgment.
Now, I am told by the House that he is very shocked by this, but we must respect the jury's decision.
We regret this mistake.
Next, more about the incredible things about Jaycee Dugard, after which we say goodbye to Betty Ford. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
I can't imagine being killed, you know?
But when you can't imagine being kidnapped and raped, do you know?
So, you just do what you have to do to survive. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Pinsky: she did survive.
That was Jaycee Dugard and ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer talking about the terrible experience of her captive sex slaves who were repeatedly raped by Philip Garrido for 18 years.
Jaycee was actually pregnant, and in Garrido's backyard, gave birth on her own twice without medical care, while being breached by her will.
Listen, Diane Sawyer asked her why she didn't run away. (
Start Video Editing)
SAWYER: think about taking the two girls for a run.
Dugard: I'm sure I did, but I don't think I can.
DUGARD: it doesn't feel like an option.
I don't know how to explain it.
Not leaving. (END VIDEO CLIP)
PINSKY: Before Jaycee was kidnapped, Katie caraway Hall was also a victim of Garrido.
Katie, why not run away if Jaycee had a chance?
Hall: Well, as far as I can tell, what she says is, you know, he has such a great power over her and so much mental control over her.
You know, she was such a young girl when he took her, and he started working for her.
And, you know, what's the difference between me and 25year-old woman.
I can honestly say that even though he threatened to take me home because his wife would like me, I didn't know what that meant at the time, now I understand.
I doubt he can keep me because I am a mother and have a child at home.
This will be a very different situation.
I may be dead, but I won't stay.
But Katie, I think it's interesting.
I think maybe the kids locked her in.
I mean, she has no choice.
Hall: that's probably the case.
Pinsky: she doesn't know where she can go. she just wants to protect the children.
He intimidated her, I'm sure.
That's what we call the Stockholm syndrome, isn't it? Yes.
This is the case.
Thank you so much Katie for sharing this story with us.
It's great to hear these stories.
This is a good rebuttal of our anger and hostility to the Casey Anthony case.
This is something more inspiring.
Now, before I leave, I want to thank, thank and respect someone who may have done more than anyone else to get people's attention and fight addiction.
Of course, I'm talking about Betty Ford, the former first lady.
She died on Friday.
Now, you have to put yourself in this historical context, and when people don't, she openly acknowledges addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs as the first lady.
They hid this, especially women, especially the first lady.
She built the Betty Ford Center, which made her proper nouns a bit like nouns.
Probably know the place better than this person.
She is a crusader and she removes prejudice and she gives millions of people a say to continue to live a prosperous life.
She is a freedom fighter, but for women and addicts, she is more than anyone else.
Betty Ford, thank you for making the world a better place.
Thank you for watching.
See you next time.
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