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by:Cailong     2019-08-03
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The world's Americans died of Ebola;
OSCE investigators are still unable to reach the MH17 crash site; Israel-Gaza Conflict;
Obstacles to UNRWA;
LA Water Park;
California drought July 30, 2014
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Moderator Jonathan man: so it seems that the brief Israeli ceasefire in Gaza has ended earlier.
I'm Jonathan man from the CNN Center.
Next, we will take you to the world on the spot.
And this hour, in the underground war.
The new video appears to show Hamas fighters using tunnels on their own land to attack Israelis.
In addition, in the worst outbreak in the history of Ebola, another doctor lives and dies in Ebola.
This is the moment when we connect the world.
Thank you for joining us.
Fighting in Gaza has temporarily stopped.
Take a look at the scene of our John Vause on the live stream a few minutes ago. (Start Video)
John vause, cnn correspondent: Well, let's start with this ---(EXPLOSION)
As you know, it's all over.
What we have now is smoke, which was an air strike from central Gaza City earlier, which was a gas station, a gas station that was hit, according to Palestinian officials.
We do not know what the other target was hit at this point, but it is clear that the humanitarian window is now closed.
I was going to open another hour-and-a-
Half, but apparently the Israelis say it does have a provision that if Hamas continues to launch these rockets and the Israeli forces actually produce them in any way, then they will respond.
As you know, they are now responding to this ---
To be fair, these Hamas rockets continue to be fired from Gaza. (EXPLOSION)
Here it is, David.
This is really here, just--(END VIDEO CLIP)
Man: As John has just reported, the four-hour humanitarian window announced by the Israeli military should have lasted until 7: 00 local time, but rockets fired from Gaza into Israel have never stopped.
The latest round of shelling came after the United Nations said Israel had attacked a school in Jebaliyah. ph)refugee camp.
At that time, it was used as a shelter for those fleeing the attack.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health says 20 people have been killed and dozens injured.
A spokesman for the United Nations said the attack took place during morning prayers, with a high number of casualties.
The Israeli military confirmed that it did respond to the firing of militants in the area, but said it was still under investigation.
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency strongly condemned the attack and said it was the sixth time its school had been attacked.
Once the security situation has improved, we do want to live with our John Worth in Gaza.
At the same time, the United Nations demanded responsibility for the shelling of the school.
We will work with spokesman Christopher Gunness (ph)
About the victims and weapons found at UN facilities in Gaza.
First, however, take a closer look at the events that led to the bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas.
We will show you how Israel and Hamas are involved in their underground battles.
This is the future that connects the world.
Elsewhere, the chief observer for the European mission in Ukraine called for a cease-fire to allow access to the MH17 crash site.
They still can't get there.
Ongoing fighting between government forces and pro-military forces
Russian rebels in the region have not allowed international experts for the fourth consecutive day.
They haven't seen the wreckage yet.
Meanwhile, Russia is reacting to new sanctions imposed by the United States. S.
Russia's support for the insurgency.
The Russian Foreign Ministry said it would only hurt relations between the two countries.
A member of the Russian parliament wrote on Twitter: "The United StatesS.
President Barack Obama will make history, not everyone has forgotten his Nobel Prize, but as a politician who launched the new Cold War.
Senior international correspondent Ivan Watson is currently connecting with us in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.
Ivan, inspectors say it is still too dangerous to go to the scene of the accident.
Our own people have been there.
What did they find?
Ivan watson, cnn international correspondent: Well, international observers say they can't ---
They sent our reconnaissance convoy and due to mortar and gunshots they had to make a detour back about a kilometer from where they were.
Our team was able to get there safely and return.
What we have heard is that the area adjacent to the vast debris field is actually part of this battlefield.
On Monday, the Ukrainian military announced it was advancing and trying to occupy several towns along the main road leading from the separatist-controlled city of Donetsk to the crash zone.
The Ukrainian government has announced that it will have free access to dozens of Dutch and Australian investigators once it recaptures the crash area from separatists.
So there are obviously some competing goals here.
Australians and Dutch require free access immediately.
The Ukrainian government says that once we have it, we will get you there, and it is for the struggle of that area and surrounding towns that has prevented investigators from getting there.
If you need to understand how fierce and deadly this battle is, the Donetsk regional government, an effective government in exile, says at least 19 people have been killed in the region in the last 24 hours.
A senior Ukrainian military official confirmed reports from the Pentagon that the Ukrainian military recently used short-shot ballistic missiles on a strategic hill about 20 miles on Monday from the MH17 crash site, the crow flew 40 kilometers.
Therefore, we believe that this is a fierce conflict that has claimed the lives of Ukrainian troops, rebel fighters, but also the lives of a large number of Ukrainian civilians ---John.
Mann: in fact, we are not fully aware of this, and civilian areas are also very dangerous.
Authorities have been evacuating some people.
What can you tell us?
Well, this may be a highlight.
Both local officials and a doctor from the orphanage confirmed to me that in the region of the increasingly rebel-controlled city of Donetsk battlefield, the three orphanage have successfully evacuated safely in the past 48 to 72 hours. a total of 129 children in the three orphanage have been evacuated by bus.
Of these children, dozens came from an orphanage for children living with HIV. Six years ago, British musician Elton John visited the orphanage.
He donated a piano.
I went there last week and saw some doctors.
They didn't want us to shoot there to protect children and staff from this terrible conflict.
The chief executive of the exiled local government, basically still loyal to the government of Kiev, confirmed the safe evacuation of these children, John, completed with the cooperation of some pro
She called it the Russian separatists at Camp Vostok.
So this could be a highlight here, in this killing and in the cannons and rockets that the rebels can use ---
One of their camps-
Working with the Ukrainian government to help ensure the safe escape of 129 orphans under the age of four from the war zone-John.
Ivan Watson lives in Kiev for us.
Thank you very much.
A doctor treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone has been hailed as a hero.
Sheikh Umar Khan died of complications from the disease on Tuesday.
He is one of the world's leading experts in fever and bleeding, including Ebola.
And in Nigeria, America. S.
Financial advisers working with the government of Liberia also died from Ebola.
Patrick Sawyer flew from Liberia to Lagos, Nigeria, where he died a few days later. Lagos is one of the largest cities in the world.
He left his wife and three daughters living in the United States. S.
Sawyer talked about her husband's legacy. (
Start Video Editing)
Her husband died from Ebola: he felt Liberia needed him more.
He felt he needed a good fight in Liberia.
He wants a better democracy in Liberia.
He would say that there is no middle class in Liberia, you know, we are like very poor and very rich people. And you know --
Because he has lived in the United States for so many years, he wants Liberia to have a better democracy, a middle class.
He is very good at social justice. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Man: The World Health Organization says the Ebola epidemic in West Africa has killed nearly 700 people in just a few months.
Our chief medical correspondent.
Sanjay Gupta is joining us now.
I would like to ask you the fact that even medical professionals who know best how to take precautions die from the disease.
It seems to be the most terrible disease in the world.
It is spreading.
Even medical experts are not safe now.
Why are preventive measures effective? DR.
Sanjay Gupta at CNN medical center: First of all, you know, the precautions are not perfect.
These precautions have human factors, so they are not always 100% perfect.
But what I'm saying is that the most risky is usually doctors and healthcare professionals. Why is that?
Because the people most likely to spread the disease are people who are very sick, usually in hospitals, and health care workers are taking care of them.
If they even have a drop of body fluid that contains the virus, it may be the source of the infection.
You saw the video.
They try to cover themselves up to 100% and are not exposed to the skin at all, but even a little bit of drip can cause infection.
Mann: I don't want to make a fuss about it, you know, but people are shocked about it.
There is a special cabinet committee in the UK, and the British government has a special committee to deal with various emergencies.
We are used to hearing them talk about terrorism, national security, and this is the so-called COBRA.
Today, the Cobra meeting is not about these other more traditional national security issues, but about Ebola.
We have just heard that if American citizens live long enough, he will fly from Africa to the United States with the Ebola virus.
Britain is worried, and America is worried. S.
There is reason to worry.
I mean, what should the government do?
Not far from Africa, how should the rest of us think about it?
Gupta: Well, what science will tell you, and then the government's reaction will be a bit interesting.
Science will show that I think this will happen and you will have people in other countries including the UK with Ebola.
I mean, I'm in Conakry, Guinea.
At the international airport of 2 million people, the Ebola virus was seen.
People who have been exposed but have not yet shown symptoms may fly around the world, anywhere.
The real problem is that this is also happening in SARS.
I remember saying a few years ago how everyone is going to deal with it because that person could be isolated.
In fact, they are unlikely to cause small outbreaks in many other countries.
The United States, the United Kingdom, they can control it very quickly, but people will be very scared.
Basically, how to educate people to be prepared now, not later, because these types of things can destroy the whole community, society, unless the information provided is very clear.
Sanjay Gupta, thank you very much. Appreciate it.
We will have more information about the Ebola epidemic.
This hour, look back at the first Ebola outbreak that broke out 40 years ago.
Since then we have learned about the disease. (
Start Video Editing)
Okay, let's start with this. -(EXPLOSION)(END VIDEO CLIP)
Man: as another short film
The destructive end of the term "ceasefire", we will return to the root cause of the outbreak in these months --
Between Israel and Hamas. (
Business break)
Welcome back.
You're watching CNN.
This is connecting the world.
I'm Jonathan man from Becky Anderson.
Thank you for joining us.
Another deadly UN attack
Run shelter highlights the fragility of life in Gaza. The U. S.
Other world powers also acknowledge Israel's right to defend itself from Hamas rocket attacks, but the number of civilians who pay the price is again more than the militants.
While the international community is working to find a solution, many are again trying to identify the root causes of the problem.
As with most conflicts, the catalyst for the latest upgrade can be argued and explained, depending on your position.
However, one aspect will be reviewed after the dust settles.
Israel's operations target Gaza, but violence has intensified significantly following incidents in the West Bank.
Randi Kaye reviewed previous personal attacksout battle. (Start Video)
Randi kaye (CNN reporter (voice-over)
: They were kidnapped late at night as they tried to ride home from a religious school in the West Bank.
The three Israeli teenagers disappeared on June 12.
Realizing that they were in danger, people managed to call for help.
M: Hello, this is Udi.
I was kidnapped.
Man: Hello?
Male: head down.
Head down.
Man: Hello?
Unidentified male: Let go of your voice. Hands down.
Man: Hello? Hello?
This is the last time they received the news.
Three days later, June 15, the boys were still not at home.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin netaenhu has publicly accused the terrorist group Hamas of issuing a warning of serious consequences.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanya: the attack should not surprise anyone because Hamas has no secret of its agenda.
Hamas is committed to destroying Israel and carrying out terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, including children.
But he did not provide evidence of Hamas's direct involvement.
Unidentified male (
By translation)
: The comments from Netanyahu are stupid comments.
The occupation is fully responsible for the escalation of the West Bank against our people and leadership.
KAYE: on June 20, brother's door-keeping operations began in the West Bank. A full-
Look for the scale efforts of three Israeli teenagers.
Thousands of houses were searched and more than 150 Palestinian suspects were detained.
Ten days later, on June 30, the body of the missing boy was found in the West Bank.
Unidentified women: three innocent boys did nothing, they did nothing wrong in their life, they were so holy, so pure, Hamas just wanted to kill them.
The Israeli prime minister spoke about his threat.
Shortly after the body was found, Israeli air strikes against Gaza and the West Bank.
They destroyed the homes of two kidnapped suspects known as Hamas terrorists by Israel.
The next day, on July 1, the kidnapped teenager was buried.
Hamas has always quickly claimed responsibility for terrorist acts, denied that it ordered killings and questioned whether they were actually involved. (on camera)
: A day later, July 2, a 17-year-
A Palestinian youth was kidnapped while traveling to the mosque.
His body was found near Jerusalem.
He was burned alive.
Israel condemned the killing as revenge. (voice-over)
: The next day, on July 3, a mobile phone filmed a shocking video showing Israeli police beating a Palestinian-American teenager, beating him and kicking him.
He was the cousin of a Palestinian teenager killed the day before.
Israel is investigating whether the teenager is an innocent bystander.
On July 7, Israel launched an "operation to protect the edge" against rocket attacks on Israel.
Since then, more than 100 air strikes have killed more than 1,000 people, most of them Palestinian civilians.
Starting with the death of three young people, it is now a comprehensive war, and there is still no evidence of how the war started.
CNN, Randy Kay, New York. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Mann: We 've heard many times that this latest upgrade is taking place on a scale we haven't seen in years.
CNN reports to track the conflict.
Com has already generated one by the digital interpreter.
Learn how many tanks and armored vehicles are available in Israel and how many rockets Hamas may have left in its arsenal.
You will find this and all the latest stories online.
Live broadcast from the CNN Center, connecting the world.
I will see all the global headlines and more in a few minutes, but before that we will take a Zambian to meet a man, he put the roof over the heads of others to keep the roof. African Start-Up is next. (
Business break)(Start Video)
Damian chanda, founder of DT roof Limited: Hello.
My name is Damian Chanda.
I'm the founder of DT roof limited and that's what we do. (MUSIC)
Unidentified male: in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, corrugated steel is a popular form of roof.
This is a cheap and reliable material mainly used for housing, but it is difficult to buy.
CHANDA: I decided to do the roof because we needed the roof plate, so I went to a company that produced the roof plate in Lusaka and bought the roof plate.
There seems to be a lot of people buying there.
We were told that we could only get the order within seven days.
So, based on this, I think there is an opportunity in this area.
Unidentified male: Chanda seized the opportunity and soon began looking for investors.
This is a year-long process.
CHANDA: the initial problem was getting the funds, but I wrote a proposal and sent it out.
I am afraid that this proposal will be sent to local investors, because they can also do so without me if they like it.
This is the raw material we use.
This is galvanized. -
Imported galvanized steel.
The form of its coil is like this.
Weighing about 5 tons.
It is 1,200 long.
This process begins here.
So it unfolds from here and is shaped in the machine over there.
He eventually received foreign investment from Zimbabwe but still faces many challenges.
Chen Da: After my investor invested a certain amount of money, he decided not to invest any more.
The equipment did not work properly at that time.
Fortunately, at that time we received orders from some people who had not yet entered the roof stage.
Therefore, we use this money to repair the equipment and deliver it when the customer is ready to collect money.
Unidentified male: DT roofing process roofing materials on site.
CHANDA: So the paper slides in from that side of the machine and these rollers fold it into the shape of the roof plate.
These ripples actually help it strengthen it and make it stronger.
Unidentified male: The business is only 6 months old, so there are still some hurdles for Chanda to overcome, but he is determined to make his company successful.
We certainly want to expand.
We basically want to increase production and expand our consumption base.
This is our plan.
This is the last product, the green roof plate. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
This is connecting the world.
Headlines this hour.
A major doctor died in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Sheik Humarr Khan was ill earlier last week when he was treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.
He died Tuesday.
According to the World Health Organization, at least 672 people were killed in the outbreak, the worst in history.
Chief monitoring officer of the European monitoring mission in Ukraine called for a ceasefire
Fire allowed to enter the MH17 crash site.
Ongoing fighting between government forces and pro-military forces
Russian rebels in the region have not allowed international experts for the fourth consecutive day.
Israeli air strikes and Hamas rockets have flown over Gaza again, despite Israel's announcement
One hour humanitarian window
Just hours ago, the United Nations said Israeli air strikes hit a school where Palestinians fled the bloodshed.
The Palestinian Health Ministry says at least 20 people have been killed.
Israel says it has responded to the firing of militants in the area, but is still under investigation.
Now, let's take a look at John Worth, who we serve us in Gaza.
John, a day of deadly attacks and stops
In the end, the fire does not last until the time it should last.
John Worth, cnn correspondent: This is definitely the case, Jon.
You see, what we have here is that Israel has decided that there will be these four-
An hour's humanitarian window or a suspension of their activities in Gaza, because, in fact, it was such a deadly day until then.
Until that humanitarian window, the number we got was: more than 70 Palestinians were killed today alone.
That number has now risen, as the humanitarian window declared by Israel lasted only about two and a half hours.
They do say that if Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israeli soldiers in Gaza, military operations will basically resume.
This is what happened.
About two and a half hours later, we saw the airstrike resume.
The building, which is not far from our bureau in Gaza, the roof was knocked on, and there was a big explosion on the roof, warning people to leave the building because there could be air strikes on the road.
This hasn't happened yet at this point, so it's not clear what's going on there.
But incredibly, at least according to health officials in Gaza, it was an attack on a market not far from the center of Gaza's old town.
15 people, officials told us. -
Israeli air strikes there killed at least 15 people.
In fact, many others were injured.
Israelis say if Hamas continues to launch rockets-
Hamas refuses to accept a ceasefire
Fire, saying it's basically just a publicity stunt, they did it for the media--
Israel will resume these air strikes, which is what they have been doing.
Man: We saw the live broadcast on TV when you were reporting.
When we have you now, I was wondering if you could take a look at the other things we saw on TV: al-Aqsa TV.
What we're going to show the audience is the military arm of Hamas, I . E.
The camam brigade, which seemed to come out of the tunnel, ran to some sort of facility. Al-
Aksa said the operation took place on an Israeli military tower east of Gaza, known as "behind the enemy ". Here it is. (
Al-Aqsa said-
The Kassam Brigade killed 10 Israeli soldiers during the operation.
The IDF said five soldiers and one attacker were killed.
John Worth, it's not Israeli TV that caught our attention, it's al-
Aqsa TV station
It is the Palestinians, Hamas television stations, which, if they want to do propaganda, may make the Israeli side's determination even more determined than its confidence in Hamas fighters.
Yes, absolutely.
In fact, this is the message repeatedly sent by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanya.
These tunnels are basically a existential threat to Israel, which is why thousands of Israeli troops in Gaza have now discovered and destroyed this huge network of tunnels, hamas spent years building buildings in the Gaza Strip and in Israel.
In fact, this may strengthen the determination of the Israelis to continue to move this process forward, making it more difficult for people to find some kind of stop. fire.
The pictures we saw on Hamas TV last night, from a propaganda point of view, are incredible.
We see this over and over again.
The images that are constantly shown on Hamas TV basically beautify their fighters on the battlefield and often exaggerate their victories.
Hamas says it has killed more than 100 Israeli soldiers.
That's just over 50.
They also said their rocket hit Israel. -
Rather, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
This is not the case now.
But this is how the Palestinians here are told.
For most people here, Hamas TV is one of their main sources of information when they have electricity, which is not common these days.
So, this is a stable diet for the information they get from Hamas.
From the Hamas perspective, they told the Palestinians in Gaza that they won.
Man: In fact, videos like this seem to tell the Palestinians in Gaza one thing, that is, these tunnels may be used to shelter civilians during the Israeli attacks.
They seem well-
They were reinforced with cement.
In a very dangerous place in the world, it looks like the safest place you can imagine.
As far as you know, these tunnels are no longer secret, does Hamas invite any civilians into the tunnels and use them in this conflict to protect civilians?
VAUSE: I think there's a big difference in Gaza between what Hamas's political leadership and military departments get and what others get.
If you are an ordinary civilian here, if you are not part of a senior Hamas political leader, then you can only rely on yourself.
In fact, these tunnels are very complicated and we were even told that they even have elevators.
-Senior leadership-
Senior Hamas leaders have their own tunnels, special ones. -
According to some reports from Israel-
This can take them out of Gaza and cross the border into Egypt if they need.
So there's a difference here.
The question of whether a cover should be provided for ordinary Palestinians on a daily basis has not even been raised.
John Worth lives in Gaza.
Thank you very much.
Once again, as we have reported, during the unilateral ceasefire declared by Israel, it seems that Hamas has never stopped firing rockets from Gaza into Israel. fire.
Our Sarah Sidner saw this with his own eyes from the Israeli side of the border. (Start Video)
CNN International correspondent sara sidner: From our vantage point in Israel
The Gaza border, even after the ceasefire, has many operations. Call the fire
After about 15 minutes, there was a siren here and everyone had to get out of the way.
Mortar rounds came from Gaza.
This is what people must do.
If they drive on the street, in the fields, try to find something that can protect them.
A huge explosion-proof wall has been installed here.
As you know, you just squat down and try to avoid any fire coming from there.
It's also the usual bus stop, but it's also made of solid concrete, trying to create some sort of shelter.
Let's go back.
You can see how close these things are.
Gaza is very, very close.
You can see the buildings, you can see the details of things.
We also saw smoke.
After the mortar fire, we must have heard a great deal of Israeli fire into Gaza. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Man: Brave and busy people are risking their lives to provide humanitarian assistance to Gaza, in two ways.
While Israel says it has not specifically targeted UN shelters, there was another deadly attack this morning.
At the same time, a group of Hamas weapons were found in a United Nations facility.
Chris Gunness, spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency from Jerusalem, joined us via Skype.
Thank you very much for talking to us.
We are always sorry for the opportunity to get together again.
Israel attacked one of your schools.
Palestinian sources say 20 people have been killed and many injured.
Israel says it is investigating, but now Israeli soldiers are responding to positive attacks from the region.
Can you tell us what happened?
UNRWA spokesman christopher gunness: First of all, we called the Israeli army 17 times to tell them the exact coordinates of the school and explain to them, 3,300 people took refuge there.
So, first, they know exactly who's there and what's going on.
They know there are a large number of civilians.
We are responsible for what is happening within our facilities and the parties to the conflict are obliged to respect the neutrality of these facilities.
Now, if the Israeli Army tells you that it attacked our school because of the militants inside the facility, then some serious questions must be raised ---
Mann: Now let me interrupt you just to be absolutely clear because I don't want to misrepresent what the Israeli authorities have told us.
They told us that a group of militants fired at Israeli soldiers from nearby, who responded by firing at the origin of the fire.
Just wanted you to know what they said.
So, Jonathan, let me ask you--
I mean, yes, but is it reasonable for them to say that in a school where women and children sleep on the classroom floor of the United Nations, the strike
Have they been notified of the designated security area?
They gave them precise GPS coordinates at the United Nations, and suggested to you after the exact information about the thousands of people gathered in this school? Do we understand that the strike is reasonable and it is appropriate to kill one or two militants ---
Whether or not they do, we don't know. -
Who risked killing so many civilians nearby?
Man: Well, I leave this question to the Israeli authorities to answer, but I'll ask you one more question.
In the past, we have heard of situations where, if not negotiations, at least some effort has been made and your people or Israeli authorities have arranged for evacuation from United Nations facilities or civilian areas.
Before this special strike, did your agency request any offer from the Israelis?
GUNNESS: The Israelis certainly did not make any proposals until the strike.
Let's not forget that these people have fled their homes, many of whom have been told to leave because they have received leaflets and text messages from their mobile phones that have fallen from the air.
So the Israeli army told them to leave and they gave up their homes and then took refuge in the UN
The designated security zone with a blue flag on it informed the Israeli army, and then the army hit them directly and told them to leave their homes. Would you --
Let's think from this logic.
Mann: I would like to ask you about another website, which is a very important allegation, and we are trying to figure it out, and I think you are, too, finding a third arms reserve at one of the United Nations locations.
What can you tell us?
What did they find? whose weapons are they?
GUNNESS: First of all, it's not--an allegation.
We were positive about this, and once we found the third rocket cache at school ---
By the way, this is a school, like the other two schools we found the rocket, it has been sealed and closed for the summer, just like any school anywhere in the world
Rockets or weapons were found during our regular inspections.
We immediately carried out a very strong public condemnation of the group that placed them there, because it is clear that civilians will be harmed.
We have informed all parties that need to be notified, and we have taken steps to protect the security of the area to ensure the safety of civilians.
There are schools in the area so we have to pull people away.
So we followed the rules and we condemned the groups that were responsible.
But to suggest in any way that because the weapons were discovered and voluntarily reported near the school we attacked last night, it is recommended to justify the attack on a school in any way, it was a notified school, where 3,300 civilians had taken place and was a completely unacceptable connection.
This should not be done.
The fact is that the Israeli army is in serious violation of international law and needs to deal with this issue.
Man: whoever puts these weapons there is a grave violation of the sanctity of United Nations facilities.
Your people are very busy. -(CROSSTALK)
GUNNESS: of course. MANN: --
In the face of such a serious-
GUNNESS: Very agree. MANN: --
Trouble, do you have to put in the manpower now to search the school you sealed up?
How did you find out? -
Gonness: Well, we have-MANN: --
How many places are there weapons?
GUNNESS: We check on a regular basis, we check on a regular basis all the time, there's nothing new about that.
Even in conflict areas, we are conducting regular inspections to maintain the neutrality of our facilities.
We have already had five staff members killed, and still, we are continuing this neutral work.
And don't forget, Jonathan, that the Israeli army sometimes says to us, leave the building and evacuate all your staff because it's about to be hurt.
Of course, you will accept that in this case, it is completely unreasonable that people expect that we do not have any staff because they are evacuated because of the conflict, stop militants from firing rockets at our school.
Man: Chris Gunnis of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.
Thank you very much for talking to us.
I'm glad, Jonathan. thank you.
Live broadcast of the CNN news center, you are watching connecting the world.
Next, Europe is stepping up its efforts to combat the spread of Ebola in Africa, but where did the virus come from?
We will track its history and bring you the latest battles. (
Business break)
Welcome back.
The EU will allocate an additional $2.
7 million help fight the Ebola virus.
The EU has contributed more than $5 million, but the fight continues.
Britain's foreign minister says the Ebola outbreak in West Africa poses a serious threat to Britain.
Philip Hammond said he was happy.
If the disease reaches the UK, the level crisis meeting will begin to coordinate the response.
The Ebola virus first appeared in Africa about 40 years ago, and there is still no cure.
Isa Soares takes us back to the initial outbreak to see how it all started and what scientists have learned so far about a very deadly disease. (Start Video)
David Hayman, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: villages around Yambuku-
Isa soares (CNN International correspondent (voice-over)
: In 1976, the Ebola virus was first discovered in Congo (Kim), then-Zairian and southern Sudan.
Hayman: We use this register very early to check it out during the time of the outbreak to see if we can find any patients who are in line with the Ebola diagnosis.
Suarez: Professor David Heyman, who is part of the team investigating the first outbreak, said it all started with the owner of a school, he may have been infected after slaughtering animals purchased from a local market.
Hayman: he was treated with an injection in the clinic for nosebleeds and diarrhea.
There are only four needles and syringes in that clinic.
These four needles and syringes were not disinfected during use, in addition, they were brought into the obstetrics department.
Suarez: So, the first outbreak took place in the hospital, and he said it was common that the hygiene there was poor.
The hospital was closed within three months, killing 280 people, including many health workers.
Hayman: Health workers are starting to get infected because they don't know what the disease is.
They are infected and they are the source of the virus for their families and then enter the community.
So, it's an outbreak that shouldn't have happened, and it wouldn't have happened if the hospital's approach was what they should have happened.
Suarez: The Ebola virus has erupted about 10 times since then, with 3,140 reported cases and more than 2,000 deaths.
The symptoms remain the same throughout the process: silent, but when it attacks, it is fast and usually fatal. SOARES (on camera)
: Why is there no cure since the first virus was found to be Ebola 40 years later?
Hayman: there are no known drugs that can be effective against Ebola, but there are still many studies underway.
So, we know a lot about this disease.
We know how to stop it.
The mystery remains as to exactly where it came from and how it entered human beings from nature. SOARES (voice-over)
: It is therefore essential to maintain a clean and sterilized environment.
Isolation and vigilance-
Experts say they are key to controlling the deadly virus.
CNN, Isa Soares, London(END VIDEOTAPE)
Man: After a short break connecting the world, California is fighting floods and droughts at the same time.
Let's explain it again. (
Business break)
Welcome back.
A corner of Los Angeles is cleaning up after a huge water main break. A 93-year-
Old pipe burst under Sunset Boulevard-
Maybe they should call it the waterfront.
It sent 30 to 40 million liters of water to the street on Tuesday.
In fact, at least three drivers must be rescued from the underground parking garage. (
Start Video Editing)
Jamie Moore, spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department: It's very dangerous, and that's exactly what we're afraid.
In fact, we already have one. -
In the water, they were washed away by a stream of water and they were trapped under the car.
Our water rescue team pulled them out and saved them.
So, this is not the place you want to play, or the place you want to have fun in the water.
There was a lot of debris there and the ground was destroyed and very, very dangerous. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Man: think about it ---
Underground parking lot, water rushing you without any explanation.
You don't want to be there.
It turns out that the University of California, Los Angeles, has suffered the most from its campus.
We saw the basketball court flooded just now.
There are millions of facilities.
The dollar was renovated two years ago.
In fact, losing so much water is not coming at a worse time.
California is in severe drought.
They need every drop.
Meteorologist Samantha more has the latest report on this.
What can you tell us?
Then a lot of water was wasted.
Samantha more, ams meteorologist: Ah!
I think people are carefully watering the lawn.
Oh, I know.
Jon, the new slogan is "Brown is the new green ".
"In fact, Governor Jerry Brown put forward this slogan with his team to help people understand that it is mandatory to save water now.
This is voluntary and has no effect.
They actually used more water.
They did a study in the month.
As a result, Brown is new green due to drought, 100% of states are now in severe drought or worse conditions, and 36% are now in abnormal drought conditions.
They do need water. it's a shame to see that water is wasted.
Think about insurance bills.
For the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles, this will be very incredible.
Thankfully, how strange is it that there was no death in that flood?
So, the high pressure in the next few days will make the weather here hot, so the drought is getting worse and worse.
You may remember the lightning death we had when the weekend thunderstorm came out of the monsoon.
Well, it's kind of back to the east as it tends to do.
The monsoon in Arizona tends to go west and then east.
As a result, there is no rain in the weather forecast in the Los Angeles area, which will benefit the drought there, or the drought in central California.
However, look at these storm clouds as the storm system passes through France.
You can see that these are mammatus clouds because they look almost like cow breasts and that's where the breast and mammatus clouds come from.
They are signs of bad weather. have we seen heavy rain?
Now, it's moving to Romania again, where they 've had incredible rain on Tuesday, 152.
So, look at the flood here.
This is in Romania, where there is heavy rain and one of the wettest summers recorded.
There's no place to go, it just can't dip into the soil fast enough, we get the run-off, the incredible run-off.
The house was destroyed.
We also have reports that people have been evacuated from the area to try to be rescued from the flood.
Many cars were swept in.
There was a house that was damaged because of this incredible flood they experienced and more rain was on the way.
How terrible would it be to sit in the car washed away and then end in this flood?
You can see here an estimate of rainfall, which is that since the beginning of July, we have been well above average at this time of year, at 150 so far.
Therefore, some of these places have seen a month's rainfall in a short period of time, and there is more rainfall. -
More heavy rain is coming by at least Thursday.
Then, as the high pressure forms behind this system, we may see a little rest, so we should take a break once the process is over.
But at the same time, they need to pay attention to heavy rain, hail and strong winds.
Jonathan, this orange and red area is a worrying area where we can see more severe weather and more severe flooding in the next 24 to 48 hours.
Man: Samantha more, help us.
Thank you very much. MOHR: You bet.
The team connecting the world wants to hear from you.
Go to facebook.
Let's Talk About com/CNNconnect.
Tell us what you like on the show, tell us your questions, your concerns, the stories you want us to follow.
I'm Jonathan man.
You 've been watching connecting the world.
Thank you for being with us.
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