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Landslides triggered by the new earthquake; U. S.
Russian secretary of state for talks;
Thai fishermen who are not recognized as victims of trafficking;
The defector says Kim Jong Un
Uncle and aunt were killed.
Nepalese responded to the earthquake on social media. Aired 8-
May 12, 2015
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CNN host Kristy Lou Stott: just over the past few hours, there have been strong earthquakes in Nepal and a series of aftershocks.
At least 29 people have been killed in Nepal, 3 in India and more than 1,000 injured. (
Start Video Editing)STOUT (voice-over)
: This is a video where people rush outside when the ground shakes and you can see the fear on their faces.
It is reported that several buildings have been damaged in this new building 7.
Magnitude 3 earthquake
For those who were in there at the time, what it was like.
The building shook clearly, the camera shook, and the audience jumped.
They rushed out of the building.
The epicenter of the earthquake was in eastern Nepal.
This is close to the border with China, but it is also far from New Delhi.
The new earthquake has caused landslides in Nepal.
The Canadian Red Cross took these photos.
Let's watch and listen together. (INAUDIBLE)
Provided to us by the Canadian Red Cross, the landslide triggered by today's 7 th.
About 50 kilometers north of Kathmandu, a magnitude 3 earthquake struck here. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stott: about more things that happened earlier today, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers is now with me from the CNN Center in Atlanta.
He's been monitoring all the earthquake activity.
The earthquake was so strong that it felt so strong all the way to New Delhi.
Tell us more about what you know.
Chad Myers, ams meteorologist: Although the aftershocks are very close, you really can't call them aftershocks.
I think it was the 7 th earthquake.
It actually put more pressure on the region earlier this month.
It was the original earthquake in Kathmandu and the new one today.
There are now many aftershocks along the same fault line.
But think about the earthquake, it's not just a point when the ground shakes.
The ground actually cracked.
That's why we saw this big crack in central Kathmandu.
The crack, the crack, the cut, the tear of the zipper, all the way through Kathmandu.
This time, the earthquake here continues to tear, continues to zip, and continues to tear the world in the Kathmandu area.
We will help you enlarge this.
The epicenter of the quake was farther east than Kathmandu, but the quake did return all the way back to Kathmandu, with a big shock for many, where 10,000 people were killed in 1934. The --
There, 2015 people, now more than 8,000.
Now understand, now back in our 30 s, we had a very big earthquake here, about 8 + years old.
0. we really don't know the number, but it's over 8. 0.
But population density is not the case now.
The population density here is very high.
Just today, the strong earthquake, right there, 3.
8 million people were shocked by the earthquake, and now we look at this PAGER data, about 35% of the probability is 100-
1,000 deaths
Here earlier today, 10-100.
Now, the U. S. Geological Survey believes that there will be more deaths due to shaking, and the strong shaking is, this is a 7-8.
This is a big earthquake.
There are about 15 major earthquakes every year.
But the problem with Christie is that the buildings are already fragile.
They have been broken.
Now they are broken by this shock again.
So buildings that barely stand still collapse now, more after shaking-
Definitely an aftershock. -Kristie.
STOUT: That's right, the previous big earthquake has caused damage to the buildings, watched the video we got from the Red Cross, and of course, due to all these seismic activities, the cliffs and hillsides can cause landslides.
This is because of the earthquake activity, the history of the earthquake in Nepal, which is why we see the formation of the Himalayas and EverestEverest there.
Chad, will there be more earthquake activity and more aftershocks in the future?
Miles: of course.
The Indian plate here is striking the Eurasian plate and forming a balance.
That's why we have Mt.
Everest, why do we have K?
2, why is it that when this plate collapses, the top of our world is here, the land hits the land, it is rising, not going bankrupt like it is on the west coast of Japan or the United States.
It is rising, so the Earth moves every time it crashes;
Every time I shake, I and strain can guarantee that there will be aftershocks on the 6 th.
There is no doubt that there are 0 ranges for those who are trying to find survivors.
You are our expert in bad weather.
One thing I keep hearing from ground Rescuers in Nepal is the threat of aftershocks and the arrival of the monsoon season.
Remind us why this is a deadly combination.
Because you have [08:05:00]
Stone, rock, no land connected to where it is located.
If you start on the mud, on those rocks that are already loose, it rains a lot, and the rocks fall.
You will encounter landslides, avalanches, mudslides.
So when we walked out of June, we began to see almost 250 of the rain.
Then until July, in the area of Kathmandu, it will rain nearly half a metre in July. suddenly, those loose boulders, loose soil, soil are eroded and trees are destroyed, they disappeared.
There is nothing to put that piece of soil in.
Once this happens, all of this will start going down the mountain once the weather gets wet.
The mountains are very steep.
Yes, it is a very dangerous situation.
Chad miles, thank you very much for your report.
Miles: You're welcome.
Stott: people in Nepal were apparently shocked by the recent strong earthquake and police, who told people not to be outdoors, stay in open fields and keep the roads open. (
Start Video Editing)STOUT (voice-over)
: In fact, on your screen, in this tweet sent out earlier today, they also advise people to use text messages to communicate, and the telephone network will not get busy.
A geophysical scientist at the US Geological Survey said Nepal could have more aftershocks.
You also heard more aftershocks from Chad Myers.
They have this advice, too. (
Start Video Editing)
S. Geological Survey (USGS) Geophysical home Amy Vaughan: We encourage people to stay outdoors, away from buildings that may collapse and/or fall near them, and stay as open as possible, away from buildings and buildings.
As far as aftershocks are concerned, we have seen several times since another major earthquake. We've had 5. 0s and 6.
We are analyzing and releasing 0 registrations.
We can expect, because, again, we already have a bigger event, like, it's a very important earthquake in itself and an aftershock in the entire series.
The biggest aftershocks that we have experienced so far, we can expect that over time, more redundant shocks may increase again-
The most common aftershocks are--
They are smaller than the main shock now.
Usually in the days, weeks and months of weakening, the intensity and frequency of aftershocks will decrease.
But it is clear that this will increase again at least for the time being.
Of course, we may not be able to predict it exactly, but we have seen some aftershocks. -
In fast succession. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stott: that's Amy Vaughan, an American physicist. S.
Geological Survey, said to us from the golden color of Colorado.
Now CNN's senior international correspondent Ivan Watson came to Nepal after the devastating earthquake about three weeks ago.
He's in Hong Kong with me now.
Ivan, this is the last major earthquake in Nepal.
What does that mean for Nepal, a country that has been destroyed?
Ivan watson, cnn senior international correspondent: Well, as you can imagine, they're still struggling to cope with the deadliest earthquake that has been experienced by generations in the country, less than three weeks later, prosperity, 7.
Level 3 earthquake, let everyone run to the street, Level 5 collapsedand six-
High-rise buildings in Kathmandu, like this collapse.
This is a terrible development, and even some geological experts have predicted more such earthquakes and aftershocks.
It is not limited to Nepal;
The Indian government told CNN that at least three people were killed at the border in a region of neighboring Nepal by collapsed roofs;
At least 29 people have died, the Nepalese government told CNN.
These figures were made in the first five hours of these seven hours.
The magnitude 3 earthquake, when we hear more than 1,000 people injured, unfortunately, the death toll may rise over time.
But we are now entering the sunset in Nepal, which will hinder recovery and rescue efforts ---Kristie.
Yes, more than 1,000 people were injured.
The number of deaths at the age of 29 is on the rise, Ivan, can you tell us about the extreme challenges facing aid workers?
Nepal may already have a network of aid workers.
But they have to deal with the aftershocks and the monsoon season of the future.
Watson: Well, that's right.
I mean, after the earthquake of April 25, a lot of external aid poured into Nepal.
So we're doing a lot of witness statements. -
Aid organizations, United Nations agencies have sent additional volunteers and employees to Nepal.
Now they are caught in this very strong earthquake. [08:10:00]
If there is a glimmer of hope, it is that emergency services have been mobilized and active since April 25.
So we already know that the Indian Air Force has deployed helicopters in the air to evacuate casualties from villages.
We know that the Nepalese Army has evacuated people, and the police have dug through the rubble in these seven hours.
Magnitude 3 earthquake.
But we have another challenge, which is that most people may sleep outdoors because they are advised to stay away from fragile structures that could collapse in the aftershocks.
This is a lot of homeless people who live in a temporary shelter in an area and have been raining heavily in recent days.
The monsoon season continues.
It will attack a country that is already vulnerable to landslides and avalanches, and increase the suffering of people who have to sleep outdoors under tents and tarpaulins.
This is a very difficult challenge, probably the last thing Nepal needs to deal with right now ---Kristie.
Stott: As you mentioned, there will be a lot of people staying out for the night tonight, just staying--
If they can even sleep, just sleep in fear of another strong earthquake ---
Ivan Watson reports, thank you very much, please note.
We will continue to bring the latest earthquakes from Nepal and try to get a clear picture of the situation there after the most recent strong earthquake. Plus the U. S.
The secretary of state arrived in Russia.
Let's take a look at what's on the agenda.
In addition, we will continue to pay special attention to the illegal fishing industry in the Asia-Pacific region: a person who has endured forced slavery wants to know why his homeland does not recognize him as a victim of human trafficking. [08:11:55](MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)[08:13:35]
Stott: less than three weeks after the earthquake killed more than 8,000 people, the second major earthquake in the already traumatic Nepal. This new 7.
The magnitude 3 earthquake was a major earthquake that triggered a landslide. (
Start Video Editing)STOUT (voice-over)
For example, this is about 50 kilometers from Kathmandu.
The video was taken by the Canadian Red Cross camera.
The epicenter of Tuesday's earthquake was in eastern Nepal near the Chinese border.
At least 29 people have been killed in Nepal, 3 in India and more than 1,000 injured.
Not long ago, we heard from witnesses.
Unidentified Woman: I think it was a very big earthquake because it was also landing and in Nepal they moved like that and they didn't fall again and that's it now. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stott: I just talked to Paul Dillon of the International Organization for Migration.
He was driving in Nepal when the earthquake happened. (
Start Video Editing)
Paul Dillon, International Organization for Migration: you never get used to seeing the Poles swing and surf around you, and as the Earth moves at your feet, the buildings just swing along the sine curve.
Unexpectedly, all the buildings in that area I drove through, and we ended up stopping the emptying of hundreds of people ,[08:15:00]
The mother with the children held their breasts tightly, the men, the little children pouring out of these buildings, a lot of confusion, a lot of real anxiety, and I saw several gentlemen running back to the building trying to rescue people.
It's just a pretty big event.
Stott: soon after the earthquake, people will feel confused and anxious and instinctively go out and look for open places to seek shelter there.
Can you tell us your understanding, damage assessment?
We received word from the government that 12 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured.
Not only did we try to understand the casualties, but we also tried to understand the losses caused.
What impact did the earthquake have on buildings and houses around you?
Dillon: Well, I can tell you that there is a big crack in the building opposite the compound of IOM in Kathmandu, No. 5 hours ago.
Colleagues on the street reported seeing half.
Collapsed damaged buildings
There is a lot of evidence that there is dust in the air, which indicates parts of the city where the walls collapse or the buildings themselves collapse, Kristie.
I can tell you that there is a large number of remote areas in our town of japata (ph)
This is one of the areas most affected by the April 25 earthquake. we have at least 10 buildings collapsed in that town.
With the persistence of the remaining personnel of the search and rescue team, at least 100 Nepalese police officers are currently working to mine personnel and remove them from the rubble. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stott: this is what Paul Dillon of the International Organization for Migration said to me earlier.
We will continue to cover the new deadly earthquake in Nepal in the near future.
But first of all, we are concerned about some other news reports. The U. S.
US Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting Russia
Level diplomatic talks
A range of issues, including ISIS, Iran, Syria and Ukraine, are on the table.
Moscow accused of assisting relatives
Rebels in eastern Russia.
Now let's invite our Senior International Correspondent Matthew cash.
He's in Moscow.
Matthew, how important is America's top diplomat in Russia?
Matthew Qian, cnn senior international correspondent: I think this is very important.
You have to remember that this is the first time since 2013 that U. S. President John KerryS.
The secretary of state has traveled to Russia to meet with senior Russian officials in this way.
Of course, he has met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov many times in the past 12 months.
But he came to Russia and did so, and the fact that he was going to meet Putin, that meeting should have started 20 minutes ago, but as far as we know it hasn't.
I think it's important in itself, because it shows the U. S.
The leadership is in some way reaching out to the Russian president in an attempt to explain its position in an attempt to determine whether they can normalize relations with Moscow.
Of course, the relationship has reached a Cold War low over the past 12 years.
13 months after the Ukrainian crisis broke out, the Ukrainian crisis broke out.
Washington has imposed economic sanctions on Russia.
Concerns have been expressed, and the Kremlin has expressed anger at all these things and continues its efforts to expand NATO.
So, yes, there is a very, very bleak relationship between the two countries.
Perhaps it is now trying to make the situation better because, after all, it is one of the most important relationships in the world.
Russia vetoed the UN Security Council.
Despite Western concerns about Ukraine, the West still relies heavily on Russian support for measures to be taken in the Security Council.
Over the past few months, they have again demonstrated how they can cooperate on Iran and its controversial nuclear program.
They have cooperated on the Syrian issue, and they also need such cooperation on the Yemen issue.
Washington understands that.
I think the impression you get from the Russians is that they are very prepared to continue this cooperation, but only if there are some other issues between the two countries, such as sanctions, like the crisis in Ukraine, NATO expansion has also been resolved.
STOUT: there are so many controversial issues on the table, Matthew.
You use the word "dim" to describe the relationship between the United States and the United States. S. and Russia.
Relations between the two countries are obviously tense, but does Russia expect this visit to help the two countries re-establish relations?
Opportunity: I got the impression from the Foreign Ministry statement that they are waiting for what kind of proposal the United States will bring to this meeting.
Keep in mind that they have exaggerated the idea of John Kerry coming to Russia;
It's not Sergei Lavrov who went to the United States to meet [the president]08:20:00]Obama.
It is the opposite way.
The Russian foreign ministry therefore sees this as a US foreign minister. S.
The initiative to try to break the deadlock in this very cold, cooling relationship between Moscow and Washington.
So I think the Russians want the United States to see what concessions they are prepared to make and what compromises they are prepared to make in order to get Russia's continued cooperation in all other areas of international diplomacy.
Strong: Okay.
Matthew cash reported the live broadcast of Moscow for us, thank you.
Thailand now says it is working to curb human trafficking.
But our investigation tells a very different story, where a fisherman talks about going home after slave labor at sea, only to find that his government does not recognize him as a victim of human trafficking. [08:20:50](MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)(MUSIC PLAYING)[08:23:43]
Stott: CNN's Freedom program highlights efforts to end modern life
This week, we will focus on fishing in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Indonesian government recently cracked down on illegal fishing and found thousands of people forced to work as slaves on board.
The first of three.
Part of our series aired on Monday, a report from Thailand exposed the harsh conditions of Thai fishermen on Indonesian islands.
In part two, CNN found dozens of fishermen returning home from the ordeal, but found that they were not even considered victims of human trafficking.
Saima Mohsin reports from Bangkok. (Start Video)
CNN correspondent saima mohsin: Kristie, in terms of human trafficking and slave labor on Thai fishing boats, many questions are often asked about international reactions and even interventions.
Now, the biggest response we have seen in the world is that the United States downgraded Thailand to a level 3 human trafficking report last year, which is a huge embarrassment in Thailand.
According to a labor protection network, the Thai government's response is to manipulate the figures reported this year. Take a look. (
Start Video Editing)MOHSIN (voice-over)
Thai Prime Minister Prayuth in early April08:25:00]Chan-o-
Cha officially declared the fight against human trafficking a national agenda.
Over the years, despite the political gesture, the campaign groups have said that there is nothing to show that changes have been made or that they have proved that these changes are effective.
We met Samart Senasook, who was repatriated by the Thai government from a rescue mission on an island in Indonesia.
He said that he was cheated to work on the ship for a longer period of time, which he planned without pay, and that he refused permission to leave whenever he asked to go home.
He collapsed repeatedly.
When he told us his story, six years of abuse at sea.
What we did not think was that, despite this clear description of being forced to work against his will, it could only be described as slave labor and samart would return to Thailand, it was found that the authorities refused to register him as a victim of human trafficking.
Samart senasook, a fisherman sold (
By translation)
I think I'm a victim of human trafficking, but I don't know why they don't recognize me as a victim.
If I were not a victim, I would know everything and now I know it from the beginning.
MOHSIN: we contacted police officers involved in accepting statements from Samart and other fishermen.
Two officials told CNN that many cases were not identified as victims of human trafficking.
They added, "this does not mean that the investigation is over and things may change.
"But for now, neither Samart nor many people like him are considered victims. MOHSIN (voice-over)
: Activists say the recognition of trafficking status for victims is the first step towards justice, which may include financial compensation for the slavery they have suffered.
The evidence is indirect, but rich enough, and worrying.
Of the 73 fishermen repatriated to Thailand during the period August 2014, 21 were registered by the government for trafficking.
On April, a well-known repatriation returned 68 men.
The number of people believed to have been trafficked by the government: only 9.
A prominent opposition
Human trafficking groups consider them victims of human trafficking.
The labor rights promotion network has slammed the government's inaction.
Patima tangpratyakoon, labor rights protection network, through translation)
: The government pays less attention to the real situation and more attention to the decrease in the number of victims. MOHSIN (voice-over)
: LRPN claims that the government only wants to manipulate the number of human trafficking or tip reports published annually by the United StatesS. government.
Don platakun (
By translation)
: Because it is time for another TIP report, which will make Thailand a country to fight human trafficking, the Thai authorities want to return to level 2 or level 2.
Because last year was the third floor. MOHSIN (voice-over)
This is the lowest ranking in Thailand's history.
New data from the Thai government will be released in the next report to be released by the United StatesS.
State Council, June.
MOHSIN: We have been in contact with the Thai government many times to ask them to continue
In response to these specific allegations, camera interviews or written statements were rejected even when we were invited to interview.
Now we have no response to these specific allegations, but what I can tell you is that we think the response from the Thai government is very contradictory.
On the one hand, these allegations of manipulating these figures are only intended to show publicly that it has made a difference in human trafficking.
But at the same time, in April it was announced that new measures will be implemented, which will be implemented in the coming months to try to avoid this happening in the future ---
Vehicle Monitoring Systems, joint inspections on board, things we 've thought of over the last few years.
But they said they would do it now. -Kristie. (END VIDEOTAPE)
STOUT: Thank you Saima, another shocking and powerful report from CNN's Saima Mohsin in Bangkok.
Now, on Wednesday, you will hear what the Thai government has to say about it, and you will see an unforgettable scene that has always promised to do more. (
Start Video Editing)MOHSIN (voice-over): Nung (ph)
Fell to the knee
He is one of the Thai fishermen recently repatriated by the Thai government.
He plans to leave for only a few months.
He has been away for two years, a ghost at sea.
Unidentified woman (
By translation)
He told me that he only ate one potato and water to survive. MOHSIN (voice-over)
They hold on to each [08:25:00]
Others, refused to let go after too long apart. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stott: We'll see what makes this pre-modern-
Slavery in history
This time tomorrow, only on CNN News.
You're watching CNN.
Next, the second major earthquake in Nepal may be felt in New Delhi, and the aftershocks will not weaken.
Live reports from neighboring India after the break.
In addition, there are still a few hours before it stops nationwide. fire in Yemen.
But will the recent violence threaten a truce?
Details follow. (MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)[08:33:36]
Strong: I am a strong Hong Kong in Kristy.
These are your world headlines. (
Start Video Editing)STOUT (voice-over)
: Less than three weeks after the massive earthquake killed more than 8,000 people, the second major earthquake in the already traumatic Nepal. This 7.
Landslide caused by magnitude 3 earthquake;
29 people have died in Nepal and 3 in India.
More than 1,000 people were injured.
In Bangladesh, a blogger was hacked to death, the third person killed this year for posting online criticism of Islam.
Police in the northeastern city of Sylhet say four masked men attacked Ananta Bijoy Das with a kitchen knife.
Das is an atheist who writes for a blog created by Avijit Roy, a writer who was killed the same way in February. The U. S.
US Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting Russia
Level diplomatic talks
He will meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
They will discuss a range of issues including ISIS, Iran, Syria and Ukraine.
Moscow accused of assisting relatives
Rebels in eastern Russia. As E. U.
Greek finance ministers gathered in Brussels to try to avoid default by repaying key debts to the International Monetary Fund.
Nearly $0. 84 billion
Pension cuts, layoffs and budget targets remain controversial.
The Greek bailout extension will expire at the end of June. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stott: seven today.
As far away as Nepal in New Delhi, a magnitude 3 earthquake can be felt.
When the earthquake struck a few hours ago, Tony castlerman was there and he was a representative of the Catholic relief service and now lives with me in the Indian capital.
Tony, thank you so much for joining us on CNN. This 7.
Even in India, there is a feeling of a magnitude 3 earthquake.
What did you go through there?
Tony castlerman of the Catholic relief service: Well, in India, we just felt a relatively small shock.
This is certainly notable, but our team in Nepal can't feel it.
Our team--
Among CRS rescuers and our partners and the beneficiaries we are working with, they say it is very painful for them.
We have a team in the Gorka area, which was the epicenter of the April 25 earthquake.
At the time of the earthquake, they distributed relief supplies to families and communities in three different locations.
A school building at one location where we distributed the materials collapsed.
Fortunately, there are no people inside, so no one on these sites and members of the community are injured.
However, we received reports of additional damage to the premises.
Unfortunately, there are more deaths. Even (INAUDIBLE)
Where we worked.
Our team in Kathmandu also reported that people were very scared and very worried and planned to sleep outside again tonight.
Many houses were damaged but not destroyed in the earlier earthquake, some of which had collapsed and were destroyed today due to the second earthquake.
So it really just makes the bad situation worse.
We and our partners plan at the Catholic Relief Society we plan to touch the ground again tomorrow and continue to distribute relief materials to people affected by the first earthquake and those affected by the recent earthquake.
Yes, fortunately, you have built a network on the ground.
However, you are faced with so many extreme challenges, including these uninterrupted strong shocks and landslides, which may be the landslides of life --
Threaten and affect your logistics, and affect your ability to ship aid to people everywhere and most in need.
How do you deal with this challenge?
CASTLEMAN: Yes, no, it's a big challenge, and fortunately, the government of Nepal and many groups like CRS, like Catholic relief agencies and others, the Indian government has also been supporting us in sending materials.
What we do is we have a lot of pre-prepared materials that are already in Bihar state, North Bihar state, close to the Nepalese border.
So as soon as the earthquake happened, we sent the materials to Nepal by truck.
That way we can reach out to community members very quickly.
Then we purchased some extra materials and sent them in.
As you said, landslides are a challenge, and there are problems with road congestion and airport congestion.
But I think, whether it's the government of Nepal, organizations like us or many community groups, there's an effort to make sure that the communities that need it most receive the material.
In this case, the priority is to meet the urgent needs of the people.
Emergency shelters are now the main ones.
Therefore, we have been distributing a large number of emergency shelters, tarps, ropes, mats and foam mats so that families can live in safe places in the short term and prevent water with water treatment-
Spread disease, hygiene supplies and blankets.
With the arrival of the rainy season, the arrival of the monsoon season, the next stage, we will need to strengthen these shelters, perhaps the use of metal roof plates and other salvage materials, and provide some extra material to help families get through the monsoon season and the rainy season.
Then, after the rainy season, help families rebuild, rebuild their houses, and rebuild their homes better, which means building them in a safer and stronger way in case more earthquakes occur in the future.
Strong: Yes.
Time is crucial as the monsoon season starts in the middle
In June, before that, you have to find strong temporary shelters for people in the earthquake-stricken areas.
So Tony, all the best for you and your team in Catholic Relief Services. Good luck. Thank you. After the 7.
A magnitude 3 earthquake occurred about 85 kilometers from Mt.
Mount Everest, where the earthquake last month triggered a deadly avalanche.
People are worried that it will happen again this time.
Earlier, we interviewed Ryan Waters, who runs a mentoring company called "mountain professionals," and he talked about what he did when the earthquake happened. (Start Video)
Mountain professional ryan waters: The first thing I did was to contact my partner, my Sherpa partner, and we were running these exhibitions with them, and they were all fine in Kathmandu.
Of course, this is quite far from the epicenter of the earthquake.
But it sounds like they're all fine and I 'd love to talk to them-
What many people may not know is Namche, if in fact this is an area that was really damaged by this earthquake ,[08:35:00]
This is the heart of the Sherpas in Nepal, so this will directly affect such families in the climbing community and the adventure tourism community, as Sherpas are the work that guides people to a great extent, and work with foreign companies to help people live in the mountains.
So it could be a very big blow to the Sherpas, so--
Of course, I feel for the whole people of Nepal.
But it's a bit of a fad right now because we left recently and I and my clients and our other guides and things, we were a little worried about whether we should stay or not, help them in some way.
We have a mixed feeling, either we will get in the way or we will help in some way.
We don't know what the best choice is. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Stott: That's Ryan Waters, the mountaineering expert who works in Nepal, who talked to us earlier.
Now, if you want to see who is helping the Nepalese people, we have a list of groups that are already on the ground providing assistance to people in urgent need.
And learn more on cnn. com/impact. U. N.
Aid arrived in Yemen from Sea just five hours ago. day cease-fire.
But on the ground, violence has intensified before that --
Close to truceThe Saudi-
Coalition forces have stepped up air strikes against Houthi rebel strongholds.
Warplanes bombed an arsenal in the capital Sanaa.
Saudi Arabia says a citizen has been killed by artillery shells on the Yemeni border.
Reporter Hakim Almasmari reports in Sana.
He talked to us a while ago. (Start Video)
Reporter Harkin Almas Mali: There have been 180 air strikes in Sana alone in the past 48 hours.
So people are waiting for this and want this to stop
The fire could last more than five days as the current humanitarian crisis in Yemen is intolerable.
Millions of families suffer from hunger, humanitarian malnutrition, lack of electricity, and lack of other goods because all are on board.
So people hope it's not--
Compared to the current situation of the crisis, five days is not just a few days, and nothing will be done. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Stott: That was the reporter, Hakim almasari, who saw the truce for only five days, not enough to send much needed humanitarian aid to the country.
Media reports say the newly appointed president of the United StatesN.
The Yemeni envoy has arrived at the rebels-
Occupy the capital before the truce
The envoy has just told the official media that he wants to sit down with different parties in Yemen over the next few days to reach a political solution.
After the break, we will have more information about Nepal.
In addition, we conducted an exclusive interview with a North Korean.
See what he thinks about the upcoming leadership. [08:42:56](MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)
Strong: Okay. Welcome back.
Later, we will learn more about Nepal throughout the day on the show and on CNN.
But now let's take a look at some of the other major stories of today.
South Korea's president is holding a security conference after North Korea's missile test. (
Start Video Editing)[08:44:34]STOUT (voice-over)
Last weekend, Pyongyang successfully tested a ballistic missile from its submarine.
South Korea believes the photos of North Korea's launch are true, and North Korea may have full capacity within five years. But a U. S.
Officials say it may just be a mock shot.
Others say the United StatesS.
The possibility of these images being ps is being studied.
Fate of Kim Jong Il
Since the North Korean leader ordered the execution of his uncle in 2013, the UN's aunt has been the subject of speculation.
Since then, Kim's aunt has never appeared before the public.
Reports suggest she died of a stroke or suicide.
But South Korean intelligence officials say they think she's still alive.
Now one of the most senior officials who defected from North Korea says he doesn't think that's true.
Our interview, Paula Hancocks. (Start Video)
Paula HANCOCKS, a reporter from CNN (voice-over)
: As a member of the family, not enough to save your life in North Korea, arrested, tried and executed in less than a week, the brutal death of Kim Jong Il
In 2013, the United Nations Uncle Zhang Chengze shocked the world.
CNN now understands that the leader's aunt, Zhang Chengze's wife, may have suffered the same fate.
The man is considered to be the highest level official who has fled North Korea for years.
To protect his friends and family in Pyongyang, we hid his identity and called him the park. In his first-
In an interview, he told us that he believed that Jin Jinghui was poisoned under the command of his nephew Kim Jong Un. un.
"Jin Jinghui was very angry after her husband died," he said . ".
"She disappeared from sight, the guards surrounded her home, and it took her months to express her anger.
The late leader, Kim Jong-
Kim gave his sister a great deal of power to Kim Jinghui.
She and her husband, Zhang Chengze, were selected to guide Kim Joon.
The young leader quickly decided that he did not need their help.
"On May 5 or 6 last year," Park said, "Kim Jong Un-
The UN ordered her to be killed.
Only his bodyguard 974 troops knew that.
Senior officials now know she was poisoned.
As for his uncle, openly Kim Jong Un
The United Nations called him "scum" and said he was trying to overthrow the government.
But Park said their problems began in the direction of the government's economy.
"He ruled for a year and a half," Park told me --
The United Nations hopes to establish a ski resort and a water park.
Uncle Zhang Chengze wants to rebuild the economy first.
Friction starts here.
The park says the ski resort is actually a death order signed by Zhang Chengze.
According to the park, Zhang Chengze was allegedly executed in the underground chamber of secrets;
Few people know how he died.
But he told us that Zhang's assistant was killed more in public.
He said: "His close assistant was executed, not with a normal gun, but with four guns --
Barrel machine gun.
Many of the things that the park tells us cannot be confirmed independently.
North Korea is one of the most closed and depressing societies in the world.
The "park" depicts a picture of a brutal dictator whose actions even shocked the North Korean elite, a young man willing to kill his family if they can't see their eyes ---
Paula Hancocks, CNN, Seoul. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Stott: North Korean authorities told CNN last week that the North Koreans are often criminals who make up stories to justify their actions and please South Korea.
More than 1,000 refugees from Bangladesh and Western Myanmar arrived in Malaysia by boat on Monday. (
Start Video Editing)STOUT (voice-over)
Officials said they landed at the resort of Langkawi and were then detained.
Malaysian authorities have set up temporary detention centres to deal with all refugees from Bangladesh and Rohingya.
Women and children were among the participants in the trip. (END VIDEO CLIP)
You're watching the news stream.
After another powerful earthquake in Nepal, people began to express their fears and frustrations on social media. INAUDIBLE). [08:48:50](MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)(MUSIC PLAYING)[08:51:33]
Stott: Once again, look back at the breaking news that we are following from Nepal.
A powerful earthquake in Nepal has killed at least 36 people and three in India. (
Start Video Editing)STOUT (voice-over)
: More than 1,100 people were injured.
The quake leveled buildings that had been destroyed weeks ago, killing more than 8,000 people.
The new earthquake also triggered landslides like northern Kathmandu.
You can see some buildings near the bottom of the screen.
The magnitude of the new earthquake is magnitude 7. 3.
The epicenter was 75 kilometers east of Kathmandu. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Isa: Isa Soares has been monitoring the response to the earthquake in Nepal on social media and she is now joining us from CNN London channel.
Isa, a citizen journalist with one of the rescuers, shared news on social platforms about the latest powerful earthquake.
What did you learn?
Isa soares, cnn correspondent: Hi Kristie.
We started to really feel this destruction from the ordinary Nepalese there and those who are not Nepalese
The profit organization is still working there and has been working there for three weeks.
So we 've been monitoring social media, everything from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, to get an idea of what's going on.
Let me tell you what you think first. N.
The office is sayingU. N.
The Asia-Pacific Human Affairs Coordination Office said, "If the figures are expected to rise, there will be 20 to 30 new damaged buildings.
The death toll is also expected to rise, they said.
"Their Twitter pages also update their Twitter pages frequently.
Most people there are working nervously, they say, Kristie, for fear of returning to their office, for fear of more earthquakes and more aftershocks.
Now, the International Organization for Migration says about 2,000 people have set up tents on a golf course in Kathmandu.
Paul Dillon, mentioned here, is a spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration.
He said the search and rescue team had begun searching for debris east of shoutara and Kathmandu.
It was seriously affected.
They are monitoring, they are sending teams, they are looking for something disruptive and they will update us on the quantity.
Fear is, of course, a further aftershock.
Police in Nepal have urged people to really stay outside.
They said, please live in the open space far from the building. Do not make --
Obviously, don't block the road.
They also ask people to text or text instead of calling because it makes the network congested.
If we remember the first earthquake we saw three weeks ago, the network would signal a huge problem;
We can't reach our family or each other.
So, it's just text messages that invite people to please and really stay away from the building.
We also heard from reporters on the ground.
Now Shakat Hadikari (ph)
Living in Kathmandu, he said he was actually in a new bus park when the earthquake struck.
You're looking at the pictures.
These pictures were sent to us by iReport.
When we show you the pictures, let me tell you what he said.
He said the building was shaking and it was really bad.
He said people were well prepared after the first few aftershocks, but now people are starting to move on.
They are more scared now.
I can see a lot of people on the way, people just don't get ready for it.
That's what he told us.
He sent us [08:54:57]
Images of the collapse of these buildings.
That's what we heard from local NGOs.
We are also from Hasim Riai (ph)
He has been sharing his experiences on Instagram.
He said he was watching TV at the time of the second earthquake.
He and his family ran into the garden because they heard the sound of these pots smashing pots.
They ran into the garden, and then Hashim and his family are now hiding from people in the rain in tents with their families.
So you can see people actually go to outer space.
They were told they were waiting in case there were more aftershocks.
Of course, we will continue to monitor NGOs and ireport to better understand what is happening on the ground.
If you're outside and let us know how you're doing, tweet me @ IsaCNN so we can really share--
Understand what is happening on the ground-Kristie.
Stott: Yes, from the psychological impact of the earthquake on the body, all of this is shared through online and social platforms ---
Thank you, Isa Suarez.
Now, I would like to remind you what the situation in Nepal looks like after another strong earthquake.
This is the video. the people outside are rushing.
This is the ground vibration (ph)
You can see the fear on their faces, the several buildings that have been damaged, have been damaged by the earthquake two weeks ago, reportedly due to the collapse of seven buildings today.
Magnitude 3 earthquake
For those of you who were in the building at the time, what it looked like.
The building was clearly shaking, the camera was shaking, and the audience there was frightened.
They jumped at their feet and they just rushed out and headed straight to the exit.
The epicenter of the quake is now in eastern Nepal near the Chinese border.
But there was a strong shock as far away as New Delhi.
I am Hong Kong, which is strong in Christie's.
Keep watching CNN's latest Nepal News.
We keep reporting on Maggie Lake--next. [08:56:55](MUSIC PLAYING)
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