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On October 15, 2009, President Obama delivered a speech at the University of New Orleans
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Kyra phillips, cnn anchor: a tough time for minorities in New York City.
In three weeks, two brutal attacks, two apparently hateful attacks, resulted in two men being hospitalized.
Mario Walla (Brooklyn), September 23)ph)
Ride home by bike from the pantry.
A few minutes later, three people came down from his front door and their message was loud and clear.
Stacey Sager of our affiliate WABC provides more information. (Start Video)
Television reporter (voice-over)
A tearful Anna Gallado (ph)
Tell us she just wants her husband Mario Vara to get through it.
Anna Gallado, the victim's wife (
By translation)
They beat him up for no reason.
I felt helpless as his wife when he came home.
Sagar: She said Vara came back in September 23. ph)
He left a pantry in the Church in Lower Manhattan with his groceries.
He rode his bike through the Williamsburg Bridge into Bushwick, where police said he was allegedly hit in the head and then fell off his bike while three black men shouted against himMexican slurs.
Two or three people told himph), go back. "Moharo (ph), go home. Moharo (ph)Leave America.
Female (voice-over): After Vero (ph)
His wife sent him to Woodhull Hospital and the doctor sent him home with Tylenol.
But his condition deteriorated, and a few days later, an MRI at baysisrael Hospital in Manhattan showed three blood clots and trauma to his brain.
Unidentified woman (
By translation)
My husband is in a bad situation.
They say he may come out soon or it may take a few years.
He does not know his daughter.
He doesn't know his family.
Unidentified woman: supporters of his family say the biased attack took place on last December, when an Ecuadorian man was killed outside another block.
In this case, there is also racial discrimination, which community leaders fear stems from uncontrolled anger, anger at immigration status, and even anger at the hard work of some immigrants.
They call us ATMs and mobile phones sometimes.
They attacked us because we sometimes carry money and cash. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Chilla Philippe, cnn anchor: The stage of Stacey at WABC (ph)reporting.
Now in Queens, October 9.
Jack Price, a gay man, walks home from a deli.
As you can see in this security video, he was attacked,-
Gay slurs shouted at him.
Two men were arrested in the attack.
At least one person has been charged with hate crimes.
The statement came from New York police chief Ray Kelly.
"This is a despicable crime.
This man was attacked for his direction, and we will not tolerate this in this city.
"The justice minister told CNN that hate crime is expanding and that the hate crime bill should be expanded so that justice can catch up. (
Start Video Editing)
Attorney General Eric Holder: If you look at the expansion of hate crime that we see, I first testified for hate crime legislation 11 years ago, when I was the deputy attorney general of the Clinton administration
Since then, about 12,000 hate crimes have been committed, of which about 8,000 are related to sexual orientation.
This bill will expand the definition of hate crime, including sexual orientation, gender, disability, all places where we need federal capacity to help our state and local partners prosecute such crimes. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Phillips: legislation to be passed by Congress will allow Holder's Justice Department to investigate those who discriminate against LGBT people.
Of course, just a week or so ago, Holder promised in Chicago that the federal government would help deal with the deadly teenage violence in the city.
Now, the mother of a teenager has sent an emotional request to Florida, she is doused with alcohol and lit up by other teenagers. Fifteen-year-
Old Michael Brewer was maliciously attacked allegedly because he told a boy who was trying to steal his father's bike.
Five boys between the ages of 13 and 15 are now facing felony charges, including a boy charged with attempted murder.
Michael Brewer is in intensive care at a Miami hospital.
There's some health news right now that might get a little annoyed by those who don't break the law.
Sick prisoners can get swine flu vaccine before the law allows
Citizens living in Massachusetts
People are worried that the H1N1 virus will spread rapidly in prison, so 21,000 of the vaccine dose will be sent to medical staff and high school in prison.
In the second week of November, prisoners were at risk.
The public can be vaccinated at the end of the month.
The prisoners in the health prison are at the end.
The public does not need a flu shot, but should health care workers need a flu shot?
The nurses in New York don't think so, so now she's going to sue.
Susan Candiotti, CNN correspondent. (Start Video)
Susan Candiotti, CNN National Correspondent (voice-over)
: At a hospital in northern New York, nurse Sue Field was told to get a flu shot or other vaccine.
Registered nurse Sue Field: we will be fired if we do not comply with the task of receiving H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines.
CANDIOTTI: New York State is the only state that forces hospital care workers to be vaccinated, even private doctors on hospital rounds. DR.
New York State Health Commissioner Richard Daynes: when patients go to the hospital, they should have ---
Hospitals and workers have done everything they can to make them safe.
CANDIOTTI: nurse field is suing on the grounds that New York is going too far.
She does not object to the general vaccine, but says the hospital nurse has taken very precautions to prevent the virus.
Others say they don't believe the vaccine has been fully tested.
Then this is the argument.
Field: I have an issue with the government asking me to get these vaccinations and tell me that I don't have a job if I don't comply.
CANDIOTTI: The New York State Nurses Association supports her by saying that "the state emergency regulations are unnecessary without declaring an emergency.
Her lawyers point out the Centers for Disease Control and President Obama.
There is also no requirement for mandatory hospital vaccination.
Attorney Patricia Finn: If President Obama is suggesting a voluntary injection of swine flu, I really don't know where the health commissioner is entitled to authorize this particular group.
We believe this is arbitrary and capricious.
CANDIOTTI: but the head of Health in New York says his state is likely to be a leader in national policy.
We do some things. ph)
Demonstrate that they are safe, effective and practical and then adopted nationwide.
Nurse field said it wasn't that fast.
Field: seasonal flu and H1N1 this year, so what right does the government have to say they want to inject us next year?
CANDIOTTI (on camera)
: Others, including the New York Civil Liberties Union, are also suing for forced shootings, arguing that they violate the constitutional right of health care workers to control their bodies.
CNN, Susan Candiotti, New York. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Phillips: What will it look like when health care reform enters Congress?
Today, the Democratic Party's top closed-door meeting is trying to solve the problem.
It was after the Senate Finance Committee approved a overhaul plan on Tuesday, but it was torn apart by both parties.
Republicans say it will raise your taxes and premiums.
Democrats say it needs a public option to make health care affordable for the middle class.
It may take a few weeks before we make a new war strategy.
President Obama and his national security team are still trying to find the best way forward for Afghanistan.
Yesterday, they got together again, the fifth time in recent weeks.
President Obama is considering a request to increase American troops in Afghanistan. The top U. S.
The commander there said it would take 40,000 more to fight the increasingly shameless Taliban.
Want proof?
Look at Pakistan.
Today's violence has prevented it from resting.
Another series of deadly attacks
Militants attacked two police training centres and a federal agency, killing at least 47 people.
Victims, police and civilians.
Eleven more militants were killed.
The Taliban said they carried out the attacks.
Convicted, executed, buried, now cleared.
Is it better to be late than not? Sure.
But it must be too little too late. (
Business break)
Phillips: Now Live Photos of NOLA.
We will hear the president at the town hall meeting at the University of New Orleans.
As President, this is his first visit to the City of New Moon.
We will give you a live speech as soon as he starts.
A new year, a new salary increase.
Or, in fact, social security will not improve next year in the new year.
More than 15 million of Americans receive these checks, which are not paid for the first year since 1975.
But thanks to President Obama, these bank accounts are likely to increase.
He asked the elderly to pay an extra $250.
The worst three months ever. -
Online marketers who track home foreclosure numbers are actually talking about the third quarter.
RealtyTrac says more than 937,000 homeowners have received foreclosure notices.
This means that there is one in every 136 families in the United States. S.
Nevada is the hardest.
One is foreclosed every two dozen houses.
After 75 days in Iran's prison, today, for three American hikers, it could mark a big step toward freedom.
We are now following up with the trio.
They strayed into Iran about two months ago and since then their mother has collected more than 2,000 signatures for their release.
Today, they plan to introduce the news to Iran's representative to the United Nations. N. mission.
An American father was detained in Japan.
He's a free man now.
Christopher Savoie was released today after two weeks in prison.
He was accused of going to Japan to try to steal his child from his predecessor.
His wife kidnapped them from the United States. S. A U. S.
But Japanese prosecutors are still under investigation.
Once again, we will hear President Obama at the City Hall meeting at the University of New Orleans.
We will go to the scene when he starts.
You can see Mayor Ray Nagin walking into the room.
Also, you will see some--
In fact, I think there is one-
Yes, I saw Ray Nagin.
I think there's Mickey in there.
Now I lost him in the picture.
Anyway, once the president comes out and starts speaking, we start live.
In fact, he appeared there for the first time as president.
Many are frustrated by the president and want him to provide more in rebuilding the city, especially in District 9.
Others said he did a lot and expressed support.
So hopefully once he starts we will get a lot of good Q & A from the people at the Town Hall.
And Bobby Jindal, governor of the state of Luis Anna. (
Business break)
Phillips: Let's see after the president. Katrina.
He returned there for the first time as president.
He studied at the University of New Orleans. (
Joining)BARACK H.
President Barack Obama :. . .
The people who are with us today
So, I just want to make sure I announce all of this.
First of all, I would like to thank Prime Minister Tim Ryan. . . (Cheers from the audience). . .
All the staff at the University of New Orleans did well. (APPLAUSE)
I would like to thank the great governor of the state of Luis Anna, Bobby Jindal, who is here. (APPLAUSE)(AUDIENCE BOOS)
No, no, Bobby did a good job. (AUDIENCE BOOS)
Hey, hey, wait.
Bobby, if it works-hold on.
Bobby, first of all, I always understand if it makes you feel better. (LAUGHTER)
The second point is, you know, even though we have political differences, one thing I would say is that this person works hard on behalf of the state.
You must give credit to people for their hard work. (APPLAUSE)
He's a hard-working man.
We have Mary Landry, a senior senator from the great state of Luis Anna. (APPLAUSE)
We have the deputy governor--
I don't know if he's a relative. -
His name is Mitch Landrieu. (APPLAUSE)
We have an outstanding member of Congress, Charlie Melancon. (APPLAUSE)
We have Joe Cao, the newest member of the Luis Anna state delegation from this area, and his beautiful daughter.
Joe, what's your daughter's name? (UNKNOWN): Betsy.
OBAMA: Huh? (UNKNOWN): Betsy?
She's cute. (
The audience answered yes. ")
Hey Sophia. How you doing? (LAUGHTER)
Yes, those are some lovely children. (LAUGHTER)
They look like mom. (LAUGHTER)
Mom is there. There you go. Well, she's --
She's beautiful, just like your daughter.
I'm happy with my daughter. (APPLAUSE)
Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans, is in our house. (APPLAUSE)
The crowd here is very active. (APPLAUSE)
Home speakers
Karen Carter Peterson is here. (APPLAUSE)
Joel Chaisson, president of the Senate, is here. (APPLAUSE)
We only have some good cabinet members who have been here constantly trying to make sure that the federal government is a good partner in the recovery process.
Janet Napolitano, minister of human affairs. . . (APPLAUSE). . .
Department of Homeland Security
Sean Donovan, secretary of HUD. (APPLAUSE)
Education Minister, Arne Duncan
Arne was supposed to be sitting here.
I don't know where he is.
He's right behind me.
President of the White House Committee on Environmental Quality ---
This is very important in restoring wetlands. -
This is Nancy Sutley. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: In the end, I want to say thank you for the call of Pastor Phoebe ROV, who led the oath, and Samar Keith Allen played the national anthem on the horn. (APPLAUSE)
All right.
It's good to return to Crescent City.
Audience :(OFF-MIKE)
I love you too. (LAUGHTER)
It's always an inspiration to spend time with men and women who remind the rest of America what it means to face tragedy, to face destruction, to stick to rebuilding.
Katrina may have swept the whole city, but it did not destroy the community because of you, the people of New Orleans. (APPLAUSE)
It has been more than four years since that terrible storm hit your coast.
In the days that followed, the country and the world witnessed the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina not only by natural disasters, but also by the collapse of the government. . . (APPLAUSE). . .
The government is not well prepared and we have not responded appropriately.
During my visit here as a senator and then as a presidential candidate, I saw the consequences of this failure.
So the first thing I did when I took office was to tell my cabinet and senior staff, our reconstruction efforts along the Gulf Coast and our disaster relief efforts will be the top priority of this White House.
I want to make it right. I want us to be ready.
I am pleased to report so far that we have made good progress.
We still have a long way to go, but we have made progress. (APPLAUSE)
Over the past nine months, we have sent more cabinet members to the region than anywhere in the country, not only to show up, but also to listen, learn and help you move forward.
As we continue this recovery effort, I have made it clear that we will not tolerate the usual turf wars between institutions, so we have made coordination among governments at all levels a priority.
We have established innovative censorship and controversy.
Solution to move the project forward quickly.
We released $1.
5 billion of aid was used for recovery and reconstruction, which has been plagued by red tape for many years.
This assistance enables us to move forward with stagnant projects along the Gulf Coast, projects to rebuild and improve schools, investments in public health and safety, and to repair damaged roads, bridges and buildings.
The Recovery Act has significantly expanded this effort to return thousands of Gulf Coast residents to work. (APPLAUSE)
In terms of housing, we are addressing the corruption and inefficiency that have plagued the New Orleans housing authority for many years. (APPLAUSE)
We have also significantly reduced the number of people still in emergency housing.
We're moving forward--
We are bringing our family to ourselves.
Ensure plenty by helping homeowners rebuild and help rent r find affordable options.
In terms of education, I have just visited the Martin Luther King Charter School. (APPLAUSE)
The first school reopened in District 9 is also a source of inspiration for the city.
We also strive to be a better partner and release the funds to make places like this university, the University of New Orleans. . . (APPLAUSE). . .
And reconstruction of Southern University of New Orleans. (APPLAUSE)
We are looking for a more flexible approach so that New Orleans can build the school system it deserves.
Because many of your public schools have accepted new ideas and innovative reforms, we have actually seen an improvement in overall achievement, which has made this city a model of national reform.
This is good news, thanks to the hard work of New Orleans. (APPLAUSE)
In terms of health care, we have invested in supporting medical centers and recruited more primary care providers, nurses and other medical professionals to fill the shortfall left by Hurricane Katrina.
We are still committed to building a new lawsuit. A.
The medical center in downtown New Orleans so we can better serve and take care of veterans. (APPLAUSE)
To help fight crime, we help to hire police and rebuild the prison.
That's what we're doing in terms of reconstruction and recovery, but we're also focused on preparing and responding so history doesn't repeat itself.
We are committed to ensuring that disasters like Katrina do not happen again. (APPLAUSE)
This means that in Washington, we focus on capacity and accountability.
I am proud that my federal emergency response authority director Craig Fugate has 25 years of experience in disaster management in Florida, a state with the most hurricanes.
I think the Republicans and Democrats will prove his skills and experience. (APPLAUSE)
We have --
We have set up a team led by Sean donovine and Janet natantano to look at disaster recovery across the country to find out how to do it better.
Across the country, we are improving coordination among different institutions.
We are modernizing emergency communications.
We are helping families cope with the crisis.
On the Gulf Coast, we are working to ensure that the area is protected at 100 kilometers. year storm.
We have seen dams and flood-proof walls worth 220 miles repaired and we are working to strengthen the wetlands and barrier islands that serve as the first line of defense along the Gulf Coast. (APPLAUSE)
This is essential not only for the physical protection of the region, but also for our environment and for our economy.
That is why we are setting up an inter-agency working group to coordinate our recovery efforts in the Gulf region and at all levels of government.
Now, even if we have taken all the actions and made all the progress, we know how much work remains to be done.
Whether you're driving through New Orleans, Biloxi, or Southern Luis Anna, it's clear how far we have to go before we call the recovery a real success.
There are still sewers and roads to be repaired.
The House and Hospital are still empty.
There are still schools and communities waiting to prosper again.
So I promise you
Whether I am here, my cabinet, or my other government members, we will not forget New Orleans.
We will continue to work. (APPLAUSE)
We will not forget about the Gulf Coast. (APPLAUSE)
We will rebuild this area together, and we will rebuild it stronger than before.
It will be stronger than before. (APPLAUSE)
I know that for many of you, your questions and concerns are not limited to the Recovery Act and the ongoing efforts in the Gulf region.
You also want to know the ongoing recovery efforts across the United States.
Because about nine months ago, 10 months ago, an economic storm hit the recession, which is as bad as anything we 've seen since the Great Depression.
Clearly, this did not leave the death and destruction left by Katrina and Rita.
But it brings incredible pain and difficulty to communities across the country, seeing too many communities where jobs are gone, too many businesses are closed, too many middle classes
Just a successful class family.
These families are the backbone of the United States.
They built the country and made it great. -you --
Make this country work every day.
So you deserve the leaders of Washington who are willing to work as hard as you are and are willing to fight for your future.
That is why our goal is not just to bounce back from this recession;
This is to build an America that works for everyone, where everyone looking for a job can find a job. . . (APPLAUSE). . .
Not just a temporary job, but a permanent job year after year, season after season. (APPLAUSE)
What we want is an economy in which our stock market is not only rising again, our businesses are hiring again, and people's incomes are rising again. (APPLAUSE)
We will not rest until we get there.
Now, the recovery bill we passed earlier this year has helped stop bleeding.
Everyone agrees with this.
It puts tax cuts in the pockets of working families and small businesses.
It provides unemployment insurance and health insurance to those who have been laid off.
It saves or creates thousands of jobs in the private sector, and ensures that teachers are not fired, and that states lost by the police are not fired for tax revenue.
But the recovery act is just the beginning.
If we want a sustained recovery, if we want a truly growing economy, we have to rebuild a stronger economy than before, as you did in New Orleans.
We need to come together to meet the challenges we face before this recession comes.
Schools that were not closed before the recession.
This means building a clean energy economy that can bring millions of new jobs and new industries. (APPLAUSE)
This means setting up an education system that gives every citizen the skills and training they need to compete with any worker in the world.
This means establishing a health care system that ultimately provides security for those who have insurance and provides affordable options for those who do not. (APPLAUSE)
Let me say, let's finish it.
We will get it done.
Too many Americans-
Too many Americans have waited too long to achieve this goal.
By the end of this year, we will pass health care reform.
With the help of Mary landriu, with the help of Charlie melanken, perhaps with the help of Joe Cao, we will complete health care this year. (APPLAUSE)
Now, in case any of you want to know, I never thought it would be easy. (LAUGHTER)
You know, I sometimes hear these reporters say on the news, "Well, why haven't you solved the world hunger problem yet? " (LAUGHTER)Why --
Why didn't everyone do it?
It's been nine months. Why? (LAUGHTER)
I never said it was easy.
What did I say during the campaign?
I said it was hard to change.
Obama: Big changes are difficult.
After the last nine months, you know me. -
I'm not kidding. (LAUGHTER)
I'm not kidding, it's hard, but you notice I'm not kidding--I don't quit.
We got all these things done.
We continue until we finish. (APPLAUSE)
I don't quit. (APPLAUSE)
You know, let me tell you, those people who are trying to get in the way of progress, they--they're all --
I tell you, I'm just getting started. (APPLAUSE)
I don't quit.
I'm not tired. I just started. (APPLAUSE)
We just started. (APPLAUSE)
I did not resign. (APPLAUSE)
I'm not tired;
I just started. (APPLAUSE)
I just started. (LAUGHTER)
Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!
Obama: Look, I got it. -
You made me angry. (APPLAUSE)
No, but I --
I think it's important for those people to understand, I--
I'm ready to go. I am --
We will continue. (APPLAUSE)
The reason is because there are too many people outside it is hard to get tired. (APPLAUSE)
The simplest thing in the world is to say, well, I don't want any controversy.
Let me take the path of least resistance.
But that means that those who struggle before we get elected will continue to struggle.
People, if they used to have high premiums for health care, they would have higher premiums later.
That's not why--
This is not the reason why I applied for this job.
Whether on the Gulf Coast or across the United States, we face challenges ---they're big;
They are complex challenges.
They don't like simple answers or quick solutions.
It takes diligence, perseverance and patience to satisfy them.
It requires not only the government's plans and policies,
It requires a renewed spirit of cooperation and commitment between our citizens, a renewed sense of responsibility for ourselves and each other, and that's why it's important, whether you're dealing with Republicans or Democrats, we are all civilized and we are all listening to each other. . . (APPLAUSE). . .
We are willing to find common ground and areas of cooperation. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: In the days after Hurricane Katrina, it was this spirit that took over the city and the region that supported you until today.
You are not tired.
Still, you are still outside.
Still working hard.
Still rebuilding.
Still dedicated to your city.
I have talked a lot today about what measures we have taken at the federal level to help restore and rebuild the Gulf Coast, but the true story about this ---
The indomitable resilience of this community.
This is not from Washington;
Start here. . . (APPLAUSE). . .
Reborn in New Orleans.
It begins with men and women who wade in deep water or climb up the roof and risk their lives to save people they have never seen before.
First of all, doctors and nurses who stay to take care of the patients and the injured, without equipment, without electricity, like general surgeons in our country
Regina Benjamin. . . (APPLAUSE). . .
Mortgaged her house and the credit card swiped so she could reopen the clinic to help take care of the victims of the storm.
All volunteer firefighters from the city have recently traveled to Iowa to help another community recover from the devastation of the tornado.
They went because they remembered that after Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 of New York City firefighters came to New Orleans to help people. (APPLAUSE)
The story of the city's resilience begins with all the men and women who refuse to give up their homes, who stay to clean up and rebuild not just their homes, or their own yards, or their own lives, but so are their neighbors.
At the University of New Orleans and other colleges and universities in the city, this year's graduating class will be the first to choose to apply for a New Orleans school after Hurricane Katrina. (APPLAUSE)
Think about it.
They know what's going on here.
They know how much work is left to do.
But they chose to come.
They want to be here.
Of all the signs of progress I mentioned today, this is the strongest, and there are people who come to the city, especially the young people, who are committed to the future of the city, they are prepared and willing to withstand the storms that may come, eager to rebuild something better in place of the past.
This is the commitment and determination we need now, not just in New Orleans, but across the United States.
If we can harness this spirit, I have no doubt that we will succeed in meeting our greatest challenges.
I thank all of you because I know you are here because you believe it is possible to reshape America and make it a reality. (APPLAUSE)
Thank you very much.
Appreciate you. Thank you.
Now here's --
Wait a minute. (LAUGHTER)
Obama: First of all, I want--
Let me take a sip of water.
Audience :(OFF-MIKE)
Obama: Excuse me?
Audience :(OFF-MIKE)
Obama: Nice to meet you. (LAUGHTER)
All right.
You can sit down.
We have to answer some questions.
Now, the --
What we have to do is, we have--
Raise your hand if you have any questions.
I can't reach everyone. I --
Girl, boy, girl, boy, I'm going, so you're not going. . . (LAUGHTER). . .
So I'm not angry with life.
If there is someone in the audience who has a microphone, then, when I visit you, if you can wait until you get the microphone and introduce yourself so that we know who you are, OK?
I'll --
The gentleman I went--right there.
Good to meet you, Pastor.
You look good today.
QUESTION: Thank you, sir.
You bet.
Q: I'm Pastor Smith from Rayville, Anna. And, Mr.
My question, Mr. Chairman, is that the drop-out rate in the United States is 30%.
In my community. -
How we feel in the community. -
We don't knock on private schools,
We don't knock on other schools, but in our community we increase our drop-out rate from 13%. 8 percent. And we have a --
Our attendance rate is 97%. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: Great.
Question: We don't have any gangs in our school, our--
Our graduation rate has risen to 73 from 64% this year. 5 percent. (APPLAUSE)
It worries me that in America we have lost so many young people, not just black people --
Except for all men, American men.
What I want to ask you is-
I know my secretary of state, I support you and him. -
Instead of just looking at different schools, we should look at all of our children and schools because none of them have all the problems;
We have problems.
Obama: Well, look,-
There is a reason why I went to visit Martin Luther King charter school because, as I said before, it is a good news about New Orleans ---let's face it;
Before the storm, the school did not work for the children in New Orleans. (APPLAUSE)And --
What happens is that this community actually takes advantage of the crisis as an opportunity to start rebuilding and try new ways of learning.
One of the things we did in the Recovery Act, which was rarely followed at the time, but I think one of the most important things we did was, we said, you know, we need to help build the school.
We're going to put money into the state so that, you know, the governor doesn't have to cut jobs, or, you know, the school ---
The local school district is not that big a problem with the budget.
But we also did something called the title race.
And what the top game says is that we're going to set aside $5 billion for the states to compete.
But the deal is this: in order to compete, you have to make sure that you show us how you reduce the drop-out rate and increase the low drop-out rate
Performing School?
How do you improve the quality of teachers and really emphasize teachers, because the most important thing in school is teachers.
Will we support them? -
What training do they need?
How do you keep valid data so that we know what's going on in these schools and people-
Didn't the children fall from the cracks?
So we are working on a series of things to try to be a good partner for state and local school districts to raise our expectations while also giving them tools.
I mean, one of the problems with not having a child left behind is that it has a bunch of tests and I think that's reasonable and high expectations,, it does not always follow the tools required by the school to actually achieve the set goals.
So we want to provide these resources.
Pastor, I think you will. -
When I say I can work hard, the state can work hard, the city can work hard, you will agree with me, all of this ---
Every government official can try to improve our school, but we won't succeed if our parents don't stick to the excellence of our children.
So, you know, when I was visiting school today, I--beautiful kids.
I mean, they're just charming and smart.
They sit there, introduce themselves and describe all their projects.
They are very proud of their school.
You can see that adults invest in making sure they understand their importance, they are special, but we also have high expectations for them.
They sat still.
They are "Yes, sir," Yes, madam.
"It's just that family training is very different.
Now, not --not --
Not every child. -
Not every child can get the support they need at home. Let's face it.
But in our community, all of us can support our children in one way or another and help them. . . (
Interrupted by live events)
Phillips: OK, we're leaving the president here for a while.
Some very incredible photos came to us from the scene of KUSA and we have this delay, which is for good reason. A six-year-
We were told that the old boy was actually inside what was called an experimental plane.
As you can see, it's just floating around--
The sky here.
This is Lamer County, Colorado.
As you can see, this plane is a bit like a hot air balloon.
It's hard to believe a six. year-
There's an old boy in this.
But that's basically what we got now from officials in lardham county, the six-year-old boy. year-
The old boy managed to climb the entrance of the experimental plane.
How he managed to make this thing Airborne has not been heard yet.
But he works in that device.
Now the authorities are busy trying to save him.
The plane is described by a sheriff's officer in Colorado, and you can see that it's dome-shaped, but it's about 20 feet--
20 feet high, 5 feet wide at the bottom, covered with foil.
Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, we were told-
We have a good reason to be black here. There we go --
It's in and out because Nine News from Colorado are actually tracking this live broadcast for us.
They are tracking and providing updates.
Guys, I don't know if this is possible, if KUSA has broken it on the spot, and they are doing any kind of narrative.
Let me know, maybe we can do that.
But the sheriff's office said that if you know the area well, the boy was last seen, just south of Evans, close to county 46 and Highway 85.
If you have an idea about that field
I am not familiar with it.
But we're just continuing to get information on the location of KUSA. -
Okay, the helicopter is following this live broadcast. -
Give me that name again? Greg? Got it.
Craig Kennedy, you're on the phone with me and I know you know a lot about hot air balloons.
Are you following us on site?
Craig Kennedy, a hot air balloon expert (via telephone)
I just got a call from you guys telling me what happened.
I must tell you that I am shocked by the prospect.
Please give me a quick update.
Do we have six? year-
A child sitting alone in a balloon?
The pilot was thrown out?
Obviously, Craig, the information we got was he--
The experimental plane is at home.
If you are familiar with the area, this is a huge helium balloon attached to their home on the chemical Ridge Road in Fort Collins.
According to family members and officials including law enforcement,year-
In fact, when no one was watching the plane, the old boy got on the plane and grasped the rope of the plane to untie it.
So that's what we know now.
So, I guess when we watch the live stream through KUSA, what I want to know from you is, how long does this helium balloon have to fly?
Because while we 've been watching it live, we can see it getting smaller and smaller on one side of the balloon.
We keep getting in and out because we're putting off time and we certainly don't want to see anything ---
God bless Craig, something disastrous happened here.
You're asking for a lot of speculation, and I can't see anything that's happening.
But if you're talking about a helium balloon that can lift off the backyard with a child. . .
Yes, that's right.
KENNEDY: . . .
You mean the balloon has enough to lift the baby. In a best-
In this case, the balloon will eventually slowly lose its lift and gently bring the child back to the ground.
I will tell you how familiar I am with similar situations-
I believe it was in my 80 s or 90 s. -
In the Colorado Springs area, 11-year-
Actually an old boy with intellectual disabilities.
He went out with an adult pilot for a hot air balloon flight and on landing the adult pilot was bounced out of the wicker basket leaving 11-year-
Old boy flying alone
In this case, because there was a radio on board, it ended up spectacular, and the little boy was able to broadcast to the chase team, basically taught how to fly by a flight attendant named David holenbach (ph)
From Colorado Springs.
This is one of those things, you know, intuition.
Of course it's painful, but it's over. -it ended right.
This is good news.
This is the best-case scenario.
So, what you told me, I realize you don't know much about what's going on here, and we don't.
All we know is that it's an experimental plane, but it's basically a helium balloon, a large helium balloon with some sort of basket underneath.
It looks closed, Craig.
So, let's say these six. year-old --
There is no type of communication system and he does not know how to use it.
How did you drive this thing?
You mean, eventually, helium will. -
Eventually, the balloon will lose helium and it will land safely on the ground.
In a safe place.
But how do you drive this stuff?
-Is it possible? year-
Old might look at mom or dad and be able to fix this in some way?
Kennedy: I am very worried that the answer to this question is No.
Helium balloons are usually operated by releasing balloons.
The pilot will carry sand or water and allow a certain amount of sand or water to be released from the balloon to make the balloon fly higher.
Instead, the pilot will open the valve or vent of the helium balloon part itself to allow some lifting gas or helium to escape and bring the balloon back to the ground.
In this case, I don't know enough about the plane, but what I can hope and pray for is that the balloon comes back gently in the open.
Obviously, it is possible to rise to 10,000 feet.
So, from this point of view. . .
Well, you tell me now.
Depending on the photo or picture you see, how high does this balloon look?
They are talking about 7,000 feet now.
Kennedy: OK, the question is, is it warm outside?
Is there enough sunshine outside?
If there is a cloud on the road, it will prevent the sun from warming the helium inside the balloon, further causing the balloon to rise further. If it's --
If there is no more sun, then there is no reason to believe that the balloon will continue to rise as the weight of the child on board.
In theory, the gas will start to leave the balloon at some point and go back to the ground.
I hope it will relax.
Okay, Craig, let's bring Chad Myers in.
He is monitoring the weather.
Chad, how do you comment on this?
AMS meteorologist Chad Myers: There are 66 degrees on the surface of Kyra, but 32 degrees at 3,000 feet degrees.
3,000 feet higher than the surface
You have to remember this is a mile away. high city.
So, you have started with 5,000 feet.
Now, what is this balloon at 7,000, relative to 5,000?
So, we don't know if it's 2,000 feet above ground level or 7,000 feet above ground level.
If it is actually 7,000 feet off the ground, then the temperature there will be 7 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is clear that it is far below the freezing point and is almost zero.
At this height, the wind speed is 30 miles per hour from the north and west.
So, if we-
We will fly you to this place.
The balloon is flying away from the mountain.
It is good news that it is moving towards the flat land to Lehmann (ph)and so on.
But, I would say, the wind in the northwest will stop this thing from at least 30 miles per hour.
It will be a very difficult landing at this point in time.
Now, if the balloon stays in flight for so long, the wind will disappear after sunset, Kyra.
Phillips: Chad or Craig, is there a way to figure out how long this balloon is?
I mean, by looking at its size, how much helium is there in it?
I mean, is there some math here, a little science and math?
Miles: We don't know how much this child is.
Kennedy: according to what you said, if the outdoor air temperature is much colder 3,000 feet from the ground, it will prevent the lifting gas from expanding and make the balloon climb higher.
So this is also good news.
I'm glad to hear that the wind is moving towards the eastern plains of Colorado.
Let's assume that the balloon will fly in the middle of the day and remain at a relatively low level depending on the weight of the child on board and the fact that he is no longer heating helium.
Then, when the weather is cold, it is usually the afternoon wind, and as the sun begins to go down, it may bring the child down relatively softly into the calm wind that is close to the sunset.
The closer we get to the sunset, the wind will go down.
Cross: Craig, Chad, with my phone.
Kathy Davis of the lardham County Sheriff's Department issued a statement.
Kathy, what can you tell us?
We tried to piece together these six details. year-
The old one entered the experimental plane, a hot air balloon that is now floating at high altitude.
Kathy Davis of the Ramer County Security Department(via telephone)
: Our office received a call this morning and we responded to the Financial Times at the emergency services on patrol.
Collins said in the report that a homemade flying saucer built by an adult male was released from the tether and began flying east.
Six, obviously. year-
The old boy has climbed up the entrance and is in the equipment at this time.
We have contacted the FAA and we are at Air Force Base and balloon company and we are working to determine the best course of action.
At this point, we did see it, it was over the County of Colorado wells.
Kathy, what is the best course of action?
What can you do?
I mean, you just stare at it and try to get the vehicle--
Emergency vehicles may end up coming down in a place that looks lower and lower?
Davis: We have to respond as much as we can.
This is the first time we will do what we need to do.
Phillips: Now, six. year-
Is the old boy just hanging out here, undoing the rope and taking it off?
Is his parents there?
Do you know the details of how he entered there alone and in the air?
Davis: Sorry, I don't know the details.
Phillips: So, did the parents provide any information about this?
Davis: I don't have this information at this time.
Who hit 911?
Davis: Sorry, I don't know.
How did you find out?
Davis: We got a call from our dispatch center.
Is it a 911 call?
Davis: Sorry, I don't have this information either.
So now, what you can tell us is that you are following it and trying to determine what to do.
Can you tell me who is involved in the hope of a safe rescue here?
Police, air, is it a fire?
Can you tell me all the agencies involved?
We have contacted Warren Air Force Base.
We have several regional news agencies with helicopters who volunteered to help.
We have contacted a hot air balloon company.
We have contacted everyone we can reach and we are now trying to figure out what to do.
What did the Air Force do?
Did they send the plane?
Are they monitoring through radar or--
How did the Air Force get involved?
Davis: We contacted the Warren Air Force Base to see if they had ideas and if they could help us.
I'm not in the dispatch center right now, so I don't know anything about this right now.
Phillips: So, the family described it as a homemade UFO?
Davis: Yes.
PHILLIPS: But from what you know, is this basically a hot air balloon completely covered with silver lining?
I'm sorry, I don't know.
Okay, Kathy Davis from lardham County Sheriff's Department, thank you for the statement and the information you brought us.
Okay, Chad, you heard what she was saying.
You heard about it, Craig. It's a first.
Guys, now, if you're just adjusting, you're actually watching live photos through our affiliate site, KUSA, and obviously the family is described as a homemade UFO, it's on the ground in Fort Collins.
But it looks like a homemade hot air balloon.
Apparently, six of them. year-
The old son, not sure if he did it himself or was with his parents, got into the hot air balloon and could take off by himself.
He sat alone in the hot air balloon.
Miles, Chad, has been watching the weather. . .
MYERS: Kyra?
Go ahead, Chad.
Miles: Do you know that it's a hot air balloon, not a helium pull balloon?
Do we know?
You know, it's good--you know what?
You made a very good point because, according to news nine, they said it was helium.
They said it was a big helium balloon hanging at home.
So, this is a good point.
Craig, maybe you can show us the difference between a hot air balloon and a helium balloon.
Craig, are you still there?
Yes, can you hear me?
I can hear you now.
Kennedy: I'm now watching a still picture on Nine News. com.
It looks like a flying saucer. shaped Mylar-
Some varieties of coated helium balloons.
This is very different from the shape, size and function of the hot air balloon.
The hot air balloon will be an open battery that will be heated with propane gas and will cause the balloon to rise or fall depending on the heat applied.
The special plane looks like a closed helium battery in this pull balloon.
It's no different from the party balloon, and it seems to me that you're going to a birthday party that's made of Mela.
Obviously I can't see a lot of details on this plane.
But I certainly hope that the Mela coating will prevent it from taking too much heat and continue to climb high.
If what I hear is correct, the temperature of 3,000 feet will make the balloon not rise to a high temperature, maybe when the sun disappears, when the sun starts to fall, the balloon will lose its lift and will gently return to the ground in the hope of a calm wind.
Phillips: Okay.
So, obviously, I'm not an expert in hot air balloons and Merah helium balloons, Craig.
I mean, you will think of the Merah balloon with helium and you will think of the birthday party.
You don't think of a huge balloon with your six. year-old airborne.
Is one safer than the other?
I mean, is this kid in a helium-filled barley pull balloon better off than a hot air balloon in an open basket?
Kennedy: In this case, I can't say that I can be sure which one is safer.
You know, there are six, frankly. year-old free-
Flying on a plane that seemed out of control scared me.
I can only hope to be the best.
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