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by:Cailong     2019-08-12
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Back to Transcripts principal pageCNN newsroom Trump said to black voters: "What the hell have you lost? ";
CDC: Pregnant women should avoid the Miami area;
Trump meets with 16 national security experts
Latest news of the Clinton mail scandal
An investigation into the United States has begun. S.
Swimming events in Rio;
President Obama will visit the state of Luis Anna. Aired 12-
Month p ETAired August 20, 2016-
12: 00 ETTHIS is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated. [12:00:03]
Martin savidge, CNN guest anchor: Hello everyone.
Thanks for joining me.
I'm Martin Savidge from Fredricka Whitfield.
Donald Trump's minority outreach campaign, Republican candidates and the Republican National Committee, will meet with Trump's National Hispanic Advisory Committee at any time.
The meeting was only one of his recent contacts with minority communities.
Last night, he took a somewhat unconventional approach in contact with black voters in Dimondale, Michigan. Listen. (
Start Video Editing)DONALD TRUMP (R)
Presidential candidate: I'll say again, what's your loss?
You see, what are you losing?
You live in poverty.
Your school is not good.
You don't have a job.
58% of your young people are out of work.
What the hell are you losing? (END VIDEO CLIP)
CNN correspondent Chris Frates reported the story for us from Washington.
Chris, what do you think is behind Trump's new campaign strategy?
Chris frates, CNN investigative correspondent: Yes, Martin, you see, he's doing something.
He tried to expand his appeal to minority voters, but he also tried to show some swing state voters, some white swing state voters that he was not biased.
He's not racist.
Yesterday, in a speech by Hillary Clinton, he took black American voters for granted.
He conveyed this message to the white masses in a white-dominated suburb, which caused some criticism.
But if he ran for re-election at the end of his first term, he would also win 95% of the black vote.
Look, this is a very high order.
Especially given President Obama, the first black president in the United States won only 93% of the black vote in his re-election.
This is particularly difficult given where Donald Trump started.
Look at the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal survey.
This shows Trump's support in Africa.
Only 1% Americans.
Meanwhile, according to the poll, Clinton received 91% of support from the black community.
You know, Trump's question about what black people will lose by voting for him, and the Clinton campaign answered it quickly.
They said in a statement that Donald Trump asked Africa
What the American community will lose by voting for him.
The answer is everything, from someone who questioned the first African citizen --
The president of the United States, a white supremacist in court, was sued for housing discrimination against people of color.
Donald Trump's portrayal of the entire community as living in poverty without work continues to show that he is completely out of touch with Africans
American Community
So, instead of making any comments there, Martin, the Clinton campaign fought back very hard.
We're going to see if Donald Trump's charm offensive against minority communities has helped raise some of the numbers in these polls. -Martin.
Savage: Yes.
Thanks a lot to Chris Frates.
We'll see if the charm you're talking about works.
Let's talk more about Trump's minority outreach with our political group, Mustafa Tamez, a Democratic political adviser and a supporter of Hillary Clinton, pete hawkstra is an agent for Donald Trump and a former Republican congressman in Michigan.
Thank you both for joining us this morning.
Let me start with you, Trump's outreach to minority communities, and summarize, what exactly have you lost, can this play a role in conveying information?
It actually works as a slogan, but does it really work?
Mustafa Tamez, Democratic political adviser: Well, look, Trump is good at putting out slogans because he's more of a candidate like Howard Stern than Ronald Reagan.
All his appeal so far is trust me, I know what I'm doing, trust me, I'll get 95% of Africans
Only after I was elected will the United States vote.
In fact, Republicans conducted an autopsy after the 2008 election and told them that they must make some progress with Latino voters and Africans.
Instead of trying to make progress, American voters have dramatically turned in another direction.
Let me ask you, Pete.
We have looked into these polls that show Donald Trump's poor performance, especially in Africa --American voters
So, I guess from a strategic point of view, is this tangent often appearing when Donald Trump is trying to win an election, or should he focus more on voters who are really likely to vote for him?
Pete hawkstra, Donald Trump's agent: I don't think it's a tangent at all.
All Americans want success in black communities, Hispanic communities and other minority communities.
When he came to Michigan, he was talking to people in West Michigan, and on their behalf I told them that not only do I want West Michigan to thrive and succeed, but I want Detroit, I hope Flint will succeed.
Because when we want to succeed as a nation, we need black communities.
We need Detroit. We need Flint.
We need success in these communities. [12:05:01]
So, you know, in blue states like Michigan, this is a very effective message.
We need to solve the problem of black crime in big cities.
These cities need to revitalize their economies.
We need to rebuild our education system.
These cities have been under Democratic control for 40 years.
The school is failing.
The economy is in recession.
The violence is growing and I'm glad we have a presidential candidate to go out and vote.
We will pay attention to this problem, we will solve these problems, we believe that we will succeed.
You know, Jack Kemp, in his 70 s. -
Savage: if this is a strong message and a strong message, why doesn't he enter Africa?
Where is the American community contrary to him?
HOEKSTRA: Well, you have to remember that during the primary election he went to Chicago and did the propaganda and was criticized for going there.
But I fully expect that Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and other Republicans will need to go to those downtown communities, have direct conversations with them, and make our suggestions.
As Republicans, they are open to this, what do we need to do? -
This is really the first time the leaders of our party have put up the agenda and asked them to vote.
This is very important in the tone and tenor of Jack camp.
Okay, wait a minute.
I'll be back to you in a moment, but first, let me play Donald Trump again about some of the sounds of Africa
American support and rhetoric.
Let's listen first. (
Start Video Editing)
Trump: at the end of four years, I assure you that I will get 95% of Africans --American vote.
I promise you because I will produce in inland cities and I will produce for AfricansAmericans.
Democrats and Democrats won't produce, and everything they do is take advantage of your vote. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Savage: Mustafa, you know, this is from a man who, according to NBC, currently gets about 1% of AfricansAmerican vote.
Do you think that would work?
TAMEEZ: that's not working, look--
Just listen to him.
I will assure you, he said, that this tells you that Donald Trump's commitment makes no sense at all because he likes to repeat top-level remarks without producing any results.
When we talked about it in Flint, Michigan, there was a Republican governor who created the water crisis, and the democratic government saved the auto industry.
So Democrats have a history of raising people, while Donald Trump and Republicans have tried to deny voters the privilege of getting fewer people into the election, not more.
Peter, I want to give you the final say here.
I'm not saying that the message from Donald Trump may not be valid.
This is his system of transmission of this exaggerated fact, 95% of Africans
The Americans will vote for me before the next election.
It seems to have lost something.
Do you think the problem is the way he talks?
HOEKSTRA: I don't think that's a problem at all.
Very ambitious.
We need a leader with vision.
We will enter communities that have been struggling for years because their future looks very bleak, he said.
As we provide the community with a package and a package of solutions, they start to see improvements in the community and they will respond overwhelmingly to the solutions and results we have put forward-
This is a change election.
You know, we have a leader. -
I see.
Trump is the wrong messenger.
Leave it there.
We only have so much time.
I understand what you're talking about.
Yes, thank you.
SAVIDGE: Thank you for summarizing it for us.
Mustafa Tamez, thank you too.
Pete hawkstra, we appreciate this conversation. Thanks.
We will arrive at 2: 00 eastern time.
Ben Carson's reaction to Trump's comments last night about whether they will try to attract minority voters.
Of course, he will join us at 2: 00 eastern time.
Next, the new Zika problem, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warned pregnant women and their partners to stay away from one of the hottest summer destinations in the United States.
More about this. (
Business break)[12:12:36]
SAVIDGE: the Zika virus is growing in Florida as the CDC advises pregnant women to stay away from Miami Beach.
The proposal was released after new virus cases were traced to a 1.
5 miles from South Beach.
CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen is joining us now from Miami Beach.
Elizabeth, how worried are pregnant women in the area?
Elizabeth cohen, cnn senior medical correspondent: Martin, I 've been talking to obstetricians here and they say these women are worried.
I should have told you that I am in South Beach, which explains some of the music you hear. It's lovely.
It can be said that this is one of the two Zika areas.
This means the Zika virus is spreading here.
People get it here.
They don't have to travel outside the United States.
The obstetrician told me that women were worried and then many of them avoided going out as much as possible.
They say even some of their patients have decided to keep themselves at home during pregnancy.
That's what Governor Rick Scott said yesterday. (
Start Video Editing)
Scott: We have a new area of less than 1 in Miami Beach. 5 square miles.
We are reducing the area of Winwood due to education and mosquito control work.
We request additional support from the CDC.
We have started to increase the spray.
We are doing everything we can to help pregnant women in our state become a safe state and we will stay that way. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Cohen: I was told by the obstetrician that there were a few patients, not many, but there were a few who had actually decided to leave the area and live somewhere else for the rest of the pregnancy ---Martin.
Elizabeth dge: Elizabeth, I know we have identified two Zika districts now.
But I think it would be a wrong attitude if you were outside and you were completely safe?
Cohen: Well, you know, from what the Centers for Disease Control says, Martin seems like that.
They say these two Zika districts don't come here if you are pregnant or if you are a sexual partner of a pregnant person because you don't want to give her Zika.
But even big Miami
Of course, the Dade County area is a huge area and the CDC says you should consider not coming here at all if you are worried.
Say Hey you should consider not coming to Miami if you are pregnant
Dai de County said a lot.
You don't hear this very often.
You don't usually hear health officials say, hey, you know, you should consider not coming to the entire metropolitan area. [12:15:03]Savage: Yes.
Of course, the economic impact will be enormous in addition to medical problems.
Thank you very much, Elizabeth Cohen.
Next, Donald Trump reached out.
This week, he held a round table at home focusing on combating terrorism.
We will talk to two people in the room about what they said and what they planned. (
Business break)
SAVIDGE: A lot has happened this week, especially the Trump campaign.
So the next story may be a bit lost in the shuffle.
Let's talk.
Donald Trump met 16 foreign policy experts at his home in New York.
The focus, the approach to fighting radical Islam, foreign policy experts, retired military leaders and members of Congress are all there.
We have two people joining us in that room now.
James Carafano is a foreign policy expert at the Heritage Foundation, aged 25.
Year veteran Mark Krikorian was there too.
He is the executive director of the Immigration Research Center.
Mark, let me start with you.
Go in, what are you looking forward?
What is the invitation and what do you expect to hear?
Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Research: Well, as far as I know, it was an invitation, and a wide variety of people had a wide range of discussions on how to deal with the fight against radical Islam. [12:20:00]
Now my part is immigration and the rest is not in my area.
But you know, as far as I know, it's an opportunity to present ideas, to get you to pitch about what methods, what strategies are important and necessary, and how the campaign should talk about it.
From this point of view, I think it is a useful meeting.
James, is this your experience there?
Do you think everyone will contribute ideas and Donald Trump will listen?
Is that the case?
Defense expert james carafano: this is the second time I 've been there.
What's really interesting about Mark and I in both categories is that it's not just campaign advisors.
There is a number in the room that is not involved in the campaign at all.
So Neither Mark nor I run.
We just did a candidate briefing there.
Presided over by Mayor Giuliani.
I think this is a very substantive group.
They have an agenda, Giuliani walks through the agenda, there's a discussion, you know, the dynamics are interesting, just like the ones I saw at the last meeting.
Trump will sit there and listen to the discussion and he is really involved in the discussion.
He would give everyone a say, and then he said, that's what I think you just said, and he put Trump in ---
Savage: I want to know the essence of it. Let's do that.
Mark, as you mentioned, you studied immigration.
What do you think about Trump's plan to suspend immigration from countries with terrorist problems, or call for a temporary ban on Muslims from entering the United StatesS.
Was your idea at the time your suggestion? Do you concur?
KIRKORIAN: I think things about Muslims have been learned more.
What he talked about in his recent speech on Monday was that, among other things, there should be a test of values that would allow US immigrants from abroad to live together.
You are an expert.
Do you agree?
Yes, absolutely.
Obviously, why are we talking about it.
This is not a political test, of course.
It's not that you're a Democrat or that you like high taxes or something.
Have you shared the basic values of our democratic society?
Freedom of speech, freedom of religion-
Is this a questionnaire? Or what's going on? -
KIRKORIAN: these are all details that need to be addressed, but for those who apply for citizenship, and even some who apply for immigration, these details have been addressed in similar matters, have you basically signed something that proves that you are not now, that you are not a polygamous thing, a member of a Communist party or a Nazi party, something like that.
So it seems to me that it needs to simply expand and move up the tour, not only for those who want to be citizens, even for people who want to immigrate and live in our society who want to move here to live in our community who think it is OK to behead gay people and kill (inaudible).
I don't want people like that to move here.
I see.
I also went to James because I wanted to know about him.
We discuss a concrete plan to combat terrorism.
What did you talk about there?
So, to talk about what I have put forward and how they are accepted, what I feel most comfortable.
One thing I pointed out is that there was a lot of discussion about ISIS, and a lot of discussion about ISIS between the two candidates in the campaign.
But what I really stress is that it seems to be understood that al-Qaida is actually much stronger and more visible today than it was in September 11, 2001.
So you have the global footprint of Al Qaeda, which is as important a part of the problem as ISIS, and must be part of your global footprint ---
But what did you do?
What is the action plan?
CARAFANO: Well, I mean, so the way you deal with al-Qaida and ISIS, first of all, we 've built a historic caliphate.
We are leading the global Islamic insurgency and overthrowing their claims and depriving them of territorial control, and Iraq is very, very important.
But beyond that, I think it's a key point, when you see the global footprint of ISIS and the footprint of Al Qaeda, it looks different in different parts of the world, you need counter-terrorism strategies that suit the regions and regions you are fighting.
It's really nice to sit at the table and you often talk about border security.
Our discussion of transnational criminal groups is not enough.
One of the main reasons for the insecurity of our borders is that this huge criminal enterprise is undermining stability.
You can have a good border strategy that includes cracking down on major criminals not only entering the United States and Canada in Latin America ---
Savage: Let me bring Mark back because it's more of his expertise.
Mark, I was wondering if anyone at this meeting challenged Donald Trump or came up with an idea that seemed to be directly opposite his idea?
No, I don't think so. it's really not the point.
The problem is not to question him, nor to challenge him.
We're basically exchanging ideas for him and the rest of the campaign. [12:25:06]
As Jim suggested, neither he nor I nor some of the others were really involved in the campaign.
Basically give them the idea of how to think about these problems.
One of the things I 've highlighted is that Jim said, it's important that when you talk about border security, it's not just the border.
I am trying to stress that because immigration security starts with the visa office, most of the new illegal foreigners come with a visa.
Then it is also at the border, which is the second level, and it has to fully enforce the immigration law across the country.
We don't know which illegal foreigner employee is a dishwasher and which one is a terrorist.
So you need to have three security levels, not only about the border fence, but it's just part of the big picture of immigration security, although the fence is important.
I think a lot of people will agree with that.
I ask you this, Mark.
Is there any more discussion about military operations, whether in Syria, Iraq or other places where al-Qaida and ISIS are considered active or growing, Libya is another example?
Are there boots on the ground?
This is not my area.
But the discussion about the nature of the war we are having against radical Islam is more general, and it is a conceptual discussion about how to define the issue and how to talk about it to the public, not whether we have details like air strikes in Libya.
Not that level--
James, let me turn to you and ask you this question.
What do you think of this?
Will there be more active troops under the Trump administration?
CARAFANO: so the discussion about the military is actually not getting a lot of discussion, is--
I heard him say it a few times.
He is very interested in rebuilding our military capabilities.
Whether you want to continue attacking or defending, if you want to stop someone, you can't really protect citizens if you don't have enough military power.
So one of the things we do every year is that the military tension index, we rate American levels in an objective wayS.
Military power every year.
We don't think the state of the army is very good. it really needs to be rebuilt on a large scale.
Trump has promised to do so not only in this meeting, but also in other meetings.
Savage: did he talk about having more ground troops in Syria, Iraq or other countries?
CARAFANO: there is not much discussion about specific military operations, because if you look at ISIS's global layoffs and the global layoffs of ISIS and al-Qaida, there is no unified strategy suitable for each country ---
I agree.
CARAFANO: very few countries have such concepts.
The answer is that the United States joined the brigade and invaded the brigade.
Savage: Yes.
Mark, is this going to happen?
Do you have another meeting?
Is this the first and the last?
You said it was the second time.
KRIKORIAN: as far as I know, nothing was arranged, but the way they left was that it was the beginning of a process and there would be further consultation.
I would love to give me some ideas.
If Hillary Clinton's campaign team called, I would also be happy to tell them what I thought.
That's what I think any political movement needs to do, so they're not just talking to themselves.
Yes, thank you.
It was a pleasure to hear the news.
Thank you so much to James Carafano and Mark Krikorian.
We appreciate talking to you today. Thanks. (
Business break)[12:31:43]
SAVIDGE: It's the problem that has been bothering Hillary Clinton, who uses private email
Her mail server during the State Department.
Six weeks after the FBI refused to file a criminal charge against Clinton, the federal judge has now issued a ruling that will again face her with some tricky questions about her emailmails.
Joe Johns, CNN's senior correspondent in Washington, reports. (
Start Video Editing)
Joe johns, CNN Senior Washington Correspondent: keeping another development in E-Commerce
The Post reported the lies of Hillary Clinton, but it was also a small victory for her.
A federal judge in Washington ruled that she must answer questions in writing in a Freedom of Information lawsuit against her email
Mail server, a lawyer who conservatively organizes judicial observation, asked to allow an interview with her after taking the oath.
The campaign on Friday night said it was satisfied with the court's ruling, but called on the judiciary to pay attention to Clinton's pursuit since 1990, and described the case as another Democratic candidate for litigation aimed at hurting the American people.
John: Former President Bill Clinton tried to avoid any actual or conflict of interest, announcing that if his wife, he would resign from the board of directors of the Clinton Foundation, the former Secretary of State won in November.
The foundation also said they would no longer accept donations from companies or foreign countries. DONALD TRUMP, (R)
Presidential candidate: Peter Schweitzer's Bill Clinton cash book records how Bill and Hillary use the State Department to enrich their families and the United States, at the expense of the United States.
You're poor when she's rich.
John: during Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state, the foundation was reviewed for close contact with the State Department.
Trump: Does Hillary Clinton apologize for turning the State Department into payfor-
Where to play the operation of the offer to sell the highest bid?
John: The Clinton campaign has categorically denied any compensation. to-
Play charges.
In fact, the candidate defended the work of the Foundation.
Hillary ClintonD)
Presidential candidate: We have too many things to be proud of, and I will object to any hints and charges made by Donald Trump.
John: It's all happening with new details.
Clinton's controversial emailmail server.
According to the New York Times, she told the FBI that it was her predecessor at the State Department Colin Powell who advised her to use personal emailmail.
The Times quoted a quote from Joe Conison's new book about Bill Clinton, at the 2009 dinner hosted by former secretary of state Madeline Allbright.
Powell advised Clinton to use her own email
In addition to the confidential communications he sends and receives through State Department computers, he has been doing so.
In a statement, Powell's office responded that he did not remember such a conversation, but did write a memo to Clinton about his use of an individual AOL account, saying, "There was no equivalent system within the department at that time.
He uses a secure status computer at his desk to manage confidential information.
John: of course, there are some big differences between Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton's emails. mail.
Powell entered the office in 2001, when
Mail is not as popular as 2009.
Powell never had his own private server.
CNN Washington reports Joe John(END VIDEO CLIP)
SAVIDGE: Well, now join us to discuss this further, Democratic political advisers, Clinton supporters Mustafa Tamez and Pete hawkstra, former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, he's an agent for Donald Trump and it's nice to see you both again. [12:35:05]
Let me start with you.
Do you think this will be a question that Hillary Clinton can support her? TAMEEZ: No.
Like Judicial Watch and other organizations that have been around for a long time, the purpose they have announced in many ways is to chase Democrats by creating trivial litigation and provide some information to distort it, then create a media cycle from it.
So this is what we 've seen throughout the history of Clinton and Obama, and these groups are not going to disappear, they are well funded and they want to do harm to the Clintons and Democrats. SAVIDGE: OK, e-
The Mail is a bit out of the way now.
Let's continue with the Clinton Foundation.
Pete, there's no hard evidence of any salary. for-
The game plan mentioned, is this really the kind of fight Donald Trump wants to choose with Hillary Clinton?
HOEKSTRA: Oh, I don't think so.
Trump is choosing the battle.
He pointed out some discrepancies and that all Americans should be concerned about what happened to the Clinton Foundation.
You know, because it's constantly being revealed from emails
You know, those emails that slowly flow out have not been made public before.
When people actually see the content of these emails
Mail, they look at what's going on in the State Department, they look now at what the Clinton Foundation is saying and we won't take any foreign money.
Bill Clinton will resign from the board.
The question is why when the lady does not take these steps
Clinton became secretary of state?
If it's right now, it's also right when she became secretary of state eight years ago.
They are creating their own problems, their own problems, and the media are slowly digging and discovering, you know, there may be some problems here.
Savage: I agree with some issues of public concern, Mustafa.
And, you know, these suggestions for changes that have been talked about, especially, you know, if Hillary Clinton should be president, if they're good changes, you don't care about them, is it not based on election results?
Well, look.
I mean, if Donald Trump is elected, we have the same problem, he has to put his business in some kind of trust, and I have to be managed by someone else. . .
Savage: But Donald Trump, who was not secretary of state, did not receive money from foreign entities at the time.
TAMEEZ: but the work done by the Clinton Foundation is very important around the world.
They lifted people out of poverty.
In the previous section, you are talking about terrorism, and one of the reasons that breeds terrorism is that there is no equal opportunity. . .
Savage: that's not what I want to say.
My point here is not to question the benefits of the Foundation.
My point is that they are implementing or suggesting changes if she becomes president.
Why not implement these changes now?
TAMEEZ: because I think, when you are the president of the United States, there is a set of obligations that are different from those of you or even a cabinet official, and we all know that.
The work that Bill Clinton has done as a former president of the Clinton Foundation has helped people get rid of poverty, helped the environment, and some important issues that the world needs.
So, I don't really see parallel at this point.
There was a party group that conducted the investigation and brought the lawsuit, not the media.
People will understand this over time and it will get better.
When Hillary Clinton was in office, both Senator and First Lady and Secretary of State, there was a high approval rating because she did a good job and that's why people are going to elect her president of the United States: but they may not be aware of this particular conflict.
I asked you this, Pete.
Should the Clinton Foundation be dissolved or what do you think the Foundation should do?
HOEKSTRA: Well, I think what really needs to happen here is, first, they have to be transparent about all the funds that have been in the organization since it was established.
They say there will be transparency when she becomes secretary of state.
They are obviously not completely transparent.
I think they can continue to run their foundation if both the Clintons are no longer in public office.
If Hillary is elected president of the United States, I think the relationship between the Clinton couple and the Foundation should be cut off, it should be an independent organization, there is nothing to do with the Clinton couple, they can move on, or the organization can move on and do any potential conflict of interest that it has been trying to do but has not done
Okay, I see.
Mustafa, what about blind trust like this?
If you can, please finish the work as soon as possible.
TAMEEZ: I think it's a good idea and I think it's very likely to happen.
But one important reason Donald Trump has a problem with this is that he doesn't understand charity.
I mean, as repeatedly reported in many articles, he said in the Washington Post that he did not donate to charity.
People like this. . .
Savage: Well, you turned to Trump.
So what I want to know is, is it a good idea for Hillary Clinton to end some kind of blind trust? [12:40:02]
Yes, I think it's a good idea and I think it makes sense.
The Clinton Foundation has done a lot of work and they will continue to do a lot of work.
Okay, Mustafa Tamez, Pete hawkstra. Thanks again.
(Pcb: Thank you. (
Business break)
An unidentified woman: a San Francisco startup is making a kayak in a box.
Roberto gurires, co-founder of ohu kayak: we are changing the way people connect with the outdoors, other effects, and we design, manufacture and sell kayaks that fold into a small box.
Unidentified women: they went from box to boat in about 5 minutes.
GURIERREZ: The kayak is made of corrugated polycarbonate, it is a continuous piece of plastic, the case itself unfolds like a piece of paper, and then it closes at the top.
Unidentified woman: co-founder Anton Willis came up with the design.
GURIERREZ: he read an article about origami and its application and decided that I would try to make a kayak like origami.
Unidentified woman: light and durable kayak.
GURIERREZ: We tested them on 6 feet waves of faster rivers.
We threw them off the roof of three people. story building.
Unidentified Woman: The three founders launched the company on Kickstarter in 2012, which is just getting started.
GURIERREZ: we finished our first day goal in a few hours.
We raised nearly half a million dollars on kickstarter.
Unidentified women: Within four years, the company has sold nearly 9,000 kayaks around the world.
Unidentified women: the future of kayaks is really getting more and more people on board.
You can be 15 feet metres from the coast and feel like you're miles from anywhere you leave. (END VIDEO CLIP)[12:45:08]
Savage: The International Olympic Committee has set up a disciplinary committee to investigate the events of Ryan Lochte and three other swimmers in Rio.
Source told CNN writer Christine Brennan,S.
Swimmer Ryan Lochte will eventually be suspended after giving an inaccurate description of the alleged armed robbery.
Lochte insisted that he and his teammates were robbed at a gun at a gas station in Rio.
Well, tell the legal person that Avery Friedman, a civil rights lawyer and law professor, is in the world champion City in Cleveland, and then Richard Herman, a criminal defense lawyer and law professor in New York, join us from Las Vegas.
Avery, let me start with you.
There are still some lingering legal issues, and I was wondering, do you think Lochte will still be in trouble legally?
Avery Friedman, legal analyst: Well, I think the legal issue is mainly because he lied to the Brazilian police.
The hard part is that he portrayed himself as an innocent American foreigner, and you know, he was chosen by the conquistors of Brazil.
In fact, we have a young American hero here, Martin, who unfortunately turned himself into an ugly American punk.
The question is, what do you do?
Brazil will not extradite. even if Brazil has the same felony, it is not worth doing so.
The bottom line is his colleague, and if you remember, Jimmy figan reached an agreement with Brazilian officials to pay about $11,000 to Brazilian charities, we will see Olympic officials sending Ryan to bad boy schools.
They will teach him manners and they will suspend him for a while, you know, you will see him attend on 2020.
Okay, let me bring in Richard's apology that we 've read.
This may have been written by him or by his lawyer, specifically by the promoter of the lawsuit.
Do you think all this will jeopardize his endorsement, Richard?
Richard Herman, criminal defense lawyer: It's incredible, Martin.
But I think everyone has lost their mind and it must have been Trump who said he would get 95% of the black vote.
People here have lost their minds.
Listen to me, Martin. What happened?
The boys had a few cocktails, they went out, they went to the gas station, there was no bathroom, they went behind the bushes, there was a lost sign on the wall that came out, lochte apparently removed it. That's it.
Those are low-level violations or misdemeanors in the United States.
Low level, what happens next?
Armed security guards around them mistakenly imprisoned them and pointed their heads with guns.
It was attacking them with lethal weapons and blackmailing them for $400 so they could leave.
Obviously, this is a proper procedure in Brazil and everyone accepts it.
And then what did they do?
They blackmailed the guy for $10,600 so he could leave the country on a broken sign.
This is outrageous.
Okay, Richard. thank you.
This is a very dramatic retelling.
Let's talk about legal issues.
Avery, he makes a lot of sense.
A man pointed a gun at you and you should hand over the money.
Sounds like a robbery. HERMAN: It is. FRIEDMAN.
I see.
I understand the emotional argument.
But the bottom line is that in Brazil, you follow Brazilian regulation and you follow a way of life in Brazil.
The bottom line is that no one can forgive what he did.
You want to describe it as a low-level crime in the United States.
The young man represents the United States.
In fact, what he has done can have a responsible response.
After that, the party of the Olympic committee will not ignore it.
There will be a consequence, or he will be responsible.
Okay, let me get Richard here quickly, because I'm leaving.
Richard, how do you think this will end in the next two days?
Herman: Oh, Martin, it's not going to end these two days.
It will last for a while.
Do you want to take this to heart?
Too outrageous.
It's long overdue.
SAVIDGE: OK, I'm sure we will discuss it further.
Let me call both of you in the past.
We will answer the phone later.
Avery Freeman, Richard Herman, nice to meet you both. Thanks.
Nice to meet you.
Meanwhile, the Red Cross says it is the worst natural disaster in the United States. S.
Since Hurricane Sandy in 2012[12:49:39]
Next, we will go to the flood area in the state of Luis Anna to see how serious the damage is and see if the recovery work is going on. (
Business break)
Savage: President Obama has been on vacation since most parts of southern Luis Anna are dealing with massive flooding.
After repeated criticism, the White House announced that he would visit Baton Rouge on Tuesday.
The Red Cross says the flood disaster is the worst since super storm Sandy four years ago, and this morning, the deputy governor of Luiz Anna state said they still didn't get out of the forest even if the flood receded. (
Start audio clips)VOICE OF LT.
Billy nungesell, governor of the state of Luis Anna: Well, we are trying to provide supplies for those with intestines at home.
We have a group of volunteers and faith.
Began to help people Mark groups in their homes.
But as you can see, we still have flood areas.
So we will respond to the families who are trying to keep it dry with sandbags and let some of them go out quietly. (END AUDIO CLIP)
SAVIDGE: Polo Sandoval is--
Or destroy me, that's the south of Baton Rouge and I can see at least no rain, so it's a positive news.
But other than that, I see a lot of water.
Paul SANDOVAL, cnn correspondent: Yes, Martin, the sky is cloudy.
This adds at least a glimmer of hope to the people in the south of Luis Anna, and I can tell you that they are in full recovery mode.
For lucky people, if we even want to call them, at least their community is dry and they can go in and start clearing all the pieces in the house.
For others, that's what they have to deal with, including the block.
You can see that the house is still surrounded by water, so the people here are waiting, including Ms. Ellie Stevens.
We met her just now.
In fact, she lives in a house next to the Blue House and you can see it in the distance. [12:55:01]
She was there to raise her family, her five children, and she had been together for the last five days until a few minutes ago--
When she came here, met the reality that she still couldn't get in and see what might be done. (
Start Video Editing)
Standing here, you are very close, but you can't go yet.
Ellie Stevens, flood victim in Anna, Louis: Yes, I can't go.
Sandoval: What do you think?
Stevens: You know, I'm really trying to see if I can see it today, you know, to see how big the loss is.
But you know, the water is still there and may not be able to get in today.
Sandoval: Despite Allie's emotions, being so close and unable to leave?
What do you think?
Stevens: Well, that's what I don't want to do.
Everything will be fine. (END VIDEO CLIP)
However, despite this, Martin continued to smile behind the tears, and we met many such people.
When people try to rebuild, pick up the pieces, the group's resilience has reached an incredible level because at least they appreciate each other and, finally, earlier this week, I did hear a national guard member tell me that the demand for food and water was still high, even saying that it was the same level he saw during Hurricane Katrina, Martin.
SAVIDGE: It's ironic, but water is one of the things that's needed most in the flood.
Thank you very much.
Learn how to help victims of the flood in the state of Luis Anna.
Listen to cnn, please. com/impact.
Luiz Anna governor John Bill Edwards, who will discuss with Jack Tapper the floods on the state of the Union address, interviewed at 9: 00 tomorrowm.
CNN, Eastern time.
The next hour of "CNN Newsroom" starts after this short break. (
Business break)
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