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by:Cailong     2019-07-30
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The immigration crisis;
Sarah Sanders was fired from the restaurant;
Elections in Turkey;
Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on female drivers; 2018 World Cup. Aired 12m-
12: 30 ETAired June 24, 2018-
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Unknown man: free them! Set them free!
Cyril Vanier, CNN anchor (voice-over)
: Protests outside the immigration detention centerS.
Why did Democratic lawmakers say they were heartbroken to see what was inside. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
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Unidentified woman: there is no language to explain how I feel now. VANIER (voice-over)
: A historic day in Saudi Arabia.
Women exercise their rights by driving for the first time.
We will talk to a Saudi activist who was jailed for driving in public. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Start Video Editing)VANIER (voice-over)
Germany is still alive in the last game of the World Cup
One-minute victory against Sweden
That's the goal of getting them ahead. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Live from CNN News Center in Atlanta, I'm Cyril Vanier.
It's great to have you with us. (MUSIC PLAYING)
VANIER: chaos, chaos and protests around President Trump's immigration policy, and treatment for families living apart at the border. (
Start Video Editing)VANIER (voice-over)
: This is a scene outside an immigration detention center in McAllen, Texas.
Protesters blocked a bus that left the facility.
Through the dark windows, our reporter can see the children in the car.
At first, officials did not say who was on the bus or where it was going.
Finally, an AmericanS.
A spokesman for the Customs and Border Patrol said that some families were transferred to the regulatory authorities of the ICE, immigration and customs enforcement bureaus, but it was not clear where the specifics were.
Earlier in the day, a congressional delegation visited the same facility.
They describe what is called "a sea of little girls, boys and parents full of humanity", as well as border patrol personnel who, quote them, "care and confusion ".
President Trump attended a Republican rally in Las Vegas, where he was tough on immigration and attacked Democrats. (
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Trump: We must be very strong.
I also like the issue of elections.
Our problem is the border, not the crime.
Their problem is to open the border and let MS-
Our country is everywhere.
That's it if you listen to them. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VANIER: when the protest happened, our Polo Sandoval was at the processing center in McAllen, Texas.
He submitted the report. (Start Video)
CNN reporter polo sandoval: we are about two miles from the United States. S. -
The families or unaccompanied minors were arrested or surrendered to the Mexican border.
They were brought here.
We show you what it looks like inside, some photos of the holding area.
What happened today is that some of these immigrant groups gathered outside to try to hear their messages and try to communicate their messages to some of the people in it.
When a transport bus comes out from where you see the white vehicle.
That was when the protest spread to the streets.
The demonstrators blocked the bus.
I did talk to McCallen's chief of police, who had to respond here when things got a little nervous.
He did tell me that no one was arrested.
Yes, at least get some people off the bus.
The bus did eventually go in another direction.
We haven't seen any other transport buses coming in and out of here yet.
Again, keep in mind that the president signed this executive order this week calling on these families to stay together even if they are detained.
But the question is, what happens to parents who are separated from their children in the moments and weeks after the zero tolerance measures are implemented so they can make accusations?
We hear from these people that about 26 lawmakers have come here from all over the country to try to see it for themselves.
They described the scenes inside as heartbreaking and saw women and children in these paddocks.
Many people describe them as cages, many people, and many critics describe them as cages.
Lawmakers described the chain fence where these people were being held, and they also called for immigration legislation.
They think this is the final solution.
At the same time, they also talked to some Border Patrol personnel inside to try to deal with all of these issues.
The lawmakers say they feel that the people who deal with these groups have done their best under their guidance.
But, according to these lawmakers, there is still a lot of confusion and confusion behind the scenes. (END VIDEOTAPE)
VANIER: Polo Sandoval from McAllen, Texas.
Some members of Congress who visited the center on Saturday described the situation there as "cruel and inhuman", "prison" and "a great shame for a great country ".
They said they saw the children sleeping on the concrete floor behind the bar.
Jim Sims, a state Democrat, described what he saw. (
Start Video Editing)REP. JIM HIMES (D)
Something happened this morning that I will never forget.
My colleague in Connecticut-
Four of us are here. -
Close to one of these cells-[00:05:00]HIMES: --
There is only a pile of silver Mella there.
We asked to speak to the people present.
When they opened the door, the 20 or 30 piles of silver Mela turned into a little girl. They stood up.
They were scared.
Some people are crying all the time.
When you take the time to talk to them or talk to the agents here, you know it's complicated, a lot of CBP and others just do their best in a crazy flip and humanize as much as possible
Jump out of the White House
But the worst thing we 've seen today is that the president called the little girls who stood up from the Merah mound MS-
13. call them criminals and hope Americans believe that the hundreds of people we see in this facility behind us are dangerous to them and the country.
Each of us, like those little girls, stood up from the mound of Merah at some point in our family history.
We are here in this country of immigrants, and we are involved.
We're not criminals.
I suspect that none of the people we see coming out of those little silver Meira mounds are criminals.
They are scared little girls, they deserve the value and moral good treatment we deserve as Americans, even though the law is so challenging, come here to demand and make sure they receive it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
We have some new numbers.
New information just released by the United StatesS.
The government says more than 2,500 children have been separated since the zero tolerance policy came into effect.
At least 522 children were reunited with their families.
This means that there are still 2,053 children in custody waiting for them to return to their parents.
The government says it knows the location of all detained children and is working to reunite them with their families.
This is the case, though, and it will take some time.
These reunions will not happen soon, as they will only happen after the legal proceedings of the parents are completed.
Julian Zelizer is now with me, a political analyst, historian and professor at Princeton University for CNN.
Julian, we are only a few months away from the mid-term elections in November.
Do you think the events of the past week have helped or hurt Donald Trump and the Republican midterm elections?
Julian Ze, CNN political analyst: it's clear that in some parts of the electorate, they hurt Republicans and suburbs and some of the more moderate areas.
Polls show people are unhappy with what happened last week.
Still, Trump's supporters are still very positive about him, and in many Republican areas generally support the basic policies he is trying to advance on the border.
So I don't believe it will have as much negative impact on Republicans as some would expect.
VANIER: The reason I'm asking you this is that it's clear that, to some extent, Donald Trump had to give in this week because he reversed his position and signed an executive order, stop separating children from parents.
However, he told his supporters over the weekend that he had doubled.
Listen to this. (
Start Video Editing)
Trump: I don't think it's a good question to be weak on the border and weak on the border.
I may be wrong.
I think I was elected largely because we are strong on the border.
I really believe it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VANIER: So this is the same as what you said, and he obviously makes sense.
Staying strong on the border is one of two or three core issues that determine his campaign, winning him the White House.
Why does it not offer mid-term elections?
Ze lize: this is actually the first sentence he said when he announced his candidacy for president. he is very consistent in this regard.
The only question is whether this year
Coupled with President Trump and all the turmoil and chaos, some Republicans are less interested in whether he and some will not show up in the polls.
On the other hand, will this stimulate more Democrats to come out and vote?
This is where it could be damaged.
It's not about the Republican Party, it's not about how it affects the Democratic Party.
VANIER: at his public rally, Donald Trump has been talking about the blue wave of expectations and forecasts for the mid-term elections, a situation where Democrats control the House and actually turn into a red wave.
What are the numbers and what do the data actually tell us?
Zerizawa: The numbers are still biased towards the Democratic Party, and all the mid-term elections are ahead of the opposition to get seats, and so far they are very good for the Democratic Party.
Still, he's not correct, and in the past month or so you 've seen the gap narrowed between the two sides.
You have seen President Trump's support within the Republican Party, and whatever he does, almost remains the same.
So it's not clear yet that this is going to be a wave. -[00:10:00]ZELENY: --
Elections to increase the number of ethnic minorities.
But I don't think it's going to be a wave (INAUDIBLE)at all.
VANIER: The last thing is why do you think Donald Trump changed his mind and changed himself on the family separation policy because he has done other controversial things before.
He's been criticized all the time, and usually he just redoubled his efforts and didn't change his mind.
He actually turned himself around here.
I think he has sent his message to his supporters.
I think in some ways all he wants is short term.
He acted tough and sounded tough, and he showed that he was willing to do something very tough on the issue.
Then he flinch without really changing the policy.
So in some ways, even if it looks like a failure, you can look at it from another point of view that he achieved what he wanted and can move on now.
So I want to have one thing in explaining what happened this week.
It's really interesting.
There is a way to see this even if he is behind, which is actually a win --win for him.
Julian Zelizer, thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you for inviting me.
Vanier: The White House press secretary is the latest Trump official to personally feel the public's anger at the president's policies and actions.
Sarah Sanders tweeted that she was kicked out of a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia on Friday night just because she worked for the gentlemanTrump.
The owner told The Washington Post that she would do it again.
The day before, protesters clashed with Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen over immigration policy.
Earlier this week, Nielsen was booed at a Mexican restaurant.
In African news, the president of Zimbabwe was nearly injured in the blast, which his government described as an assassination attempt. (
Start Video Editing)(MUSIC PLAYING)VANIER (voice-over)
: The president just left the stage at a campaign rally before the explosion.
Many people, including two vice presidents, were injured.
Zimbabwe will hold presidential elections next month for the first time since Robert Mugabe was forced to step down in last November.
A political rally in Ethiopia was also rocked by an explosion on Saturday.
Killing at least one person;
According to state media reports, six suspects have been arrested.
In addition, nine police officers were arrested on suspicion of dereliction of duty.
When the explosion occurred, the new prime minister had just finished speaking to supporters in the capital.
He was not injured. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VANIER: For decades, Saudi women will face prosecution if they do what many other women take for granted: driving.
Just changed. Details --next. (MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)(MUSIC PLAYING)
VANIER: Turkey will start voting in less than an hour.
Voters will elect the president and new parliament for the first time. [00:15:00]
Vanier: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called it a much-anticipated early election.
His main rival is Muharram Ince, a center-left Republican.
If no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, there will be a campaignoff election.
For decades, Saudi women have been legally unable to do what many other women around the world do every day and drive.
Today they can.
As part of Saudi Crown Prince reform, Saudi Arabia has lifted a long ban on female drivers.
CNN correspondent Jomana Karadsheh spoke with several Saudi women about this historic change. (Start Video)
CNN reporter jomana karadsheh: with the midnight bell ringing in Saudi Arabia, the ban on women driving officially ended, and some people who have waited for this moment for a lifetime can no longer wait.
One of the women is a doctor. Mona Al-Fares (ph).
You are one of Jeddah's first women to drive tonight, and you invite CNN to come together.
How do you feel? DR. MONA AL-FARES (PH)
New Saudi driver: great, great. Unbelievable.
Like history.
So I think I made history in this country.
So it's really good, actually, like I really like it, you know, there's freedom in my own country.
Have you ever thought this would happen? AL-FARES (PH)
Never, in fact.
I never thought about this.
In addition to this, I thought about something else.
Like I don't even have a dream.
KARADSHEH: So is tonight. Mona Al-Fares' (ph)
Here comes a friend.
They want to witness this moment. They told us.
They came.
Ladies, I would like to ask you that you have witnessed with us in the last few hoursMona driving.
How do you feel?
Unidentified Woman: We have been waiting for so long and finally arrived.
Unidentified women: this is the history that is taking shape.
I am very optimistic about the future of Saudi women.
Woman: Congrats to Saudi Arabia (INAUDIBLE).
The sky is the limit.
Female: Yay.
I can't believe I'm just part of this big change.
It's amazing on so many levels. (CROSSTALK)(APPLAUSE)KARADSHEH (voice-over)
: A number of women who have worked for the right to drive for many years are absent today and have recently been detained as part of a continuing crackdown on human rights activists.
KARADSHEH: We may not yet see a large number of female drivers on the roads in Saudi Arabia.
Some of the women we interviewed said they would wait to see what the first wave of female drivers would get from society.
Many of the women we have interviewed say that this is a big step in the rights of women in the kingdom, but they acknowledge that there is still a long way to go to achieve equality ---
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, CNN reports. (END VIDEOTAPE)
VANIER: now with me, Manal Al-Sharif.
It's been a long time for you
Time advocate for Saudi women's right to drive.
You were arrested.
After you posted a video of yourself driving in Saudi Arabia, you spent 9 days in jail.
That was 2011.
I want to play some of that video. (
Start Video Editing)
Female :(
Speak a foreign language). (CROSSTALK)
Female :(
Speak a foreign language). (END VIDEO CLIP)
VANIER: I think it seems so naive and so mediocre for a lot of viewers.
But doing that and shooting put you in jail.
How do you feel today? MANAL AL-
Women's rights activist Sharif: I am very happy that women in my country can experience what I experienced that day.
It was May 19, that isINAUDIBLE).
On the same day, the government arrested those (INAUDIBLE)
Women are prohibited from driving in May 19, 2018.
VANIER: I should point this out and I'm glad you did.
In fact, several women activists, including those who opened the car, were just put in prison last month.
You expect--
Seven years ago, when you were in prison, did you ever think that you would see this change in your lifetime? AL-
Sharif: When I left prison, I remember the government asking me to stop the campaign and talk about it.
I just wrote a book about it and I talked about it in every place and I said it was my life mission.
I will only stop when the first driver's license is sent to a Saudi woman.
Today is June 4.
Now my mission in life is to make women-
Saudi Arabia cancels custody of men.
You think--
So this is your new campaign.
You actually have a website,we can put up.
You're still an activist.
But since then-
Your first reason, driving, is actually done, and your goal now is to ban male custody.
I think it is worth explaining.
Women in Saudi Arabia are basically minors. -[00:20:00]VANIER: --
In their lives, they need to be approved by a male guardian to do things like going to college, finding a job, leaving the country, and even doing certain things.
Do you think you will achieve that? AL-
Sharif: male guardianship, you can summarize it in one word and the second word is citizenship
Class citizens of my country.
From the beginning, male custody always lets women drive, which is really part of the male guardianship movement.
This is not something separate from it.
We use driving because it does attract the attention of the media and cause (INAUDIBLE)
Saudi Arabia, we use it to change the course of women. -
Male guardian of our country
VANIER: What do you think of what just happened?
Is this the beginning of more social reforms in Saudi Arabia? AL-
Can I say something?
The first car to enter Saudi Arabia was 1945. INAUDIBLE).
So it took 73 years for a woman to drive these cars and 28 years for the campaign.
I want the driver. -
Car keys are really the key to changing the status of women in our country because now it's a woman who has--
The day I got my driver's license in New Hampshire, I remember it was the day I was liberated.
It was a day when I felt independent and free.
I know these women feel this way now. Susan B.
Anthony once said she never-
She always encourages women to ride bicycles.
There is nothing more liberating women than riding a bike, she said.
Just after 100, I said that in my country, there is nothing more to liberate a woman than to drive her own car.
VANIER: What do you think is the result of this change?
Do you think the faces of this campaign are those campaigns and women like you?
Or do you just think that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has a plan for the country and does he need to do so? AL-
I think a lot of reporters are asking the same question.
I just want to say, if the campaign did not really effectively and impactfully lift the ban in Saudi Arabia, why did the campaign women's rights activists who were prominent in the campaign against the ban, in prison today?
I think this answers the question.
So where did you see it? -
Back to the previous question, do you think this is the beginning of more social reforms or is it over? AL-
Sharif: I don't know.
I hope I have a crystal and I can look forward to the future.
All I can do is hope to keep pushing for change, not out of revenge or hatred, not out of love for my country's homeINAUDIBLE)
To see a beautiful, powerful and liberated country.
You can't--
If half the population of a country is in the back seat, the country cannot function.
So I'm hopeful.
Let's see what happens next year.
Vanier: Manal Al
Thank you so much for joining us, Sharif.
By the way, you're in Sydney.
When will you go to Saudi Arabia next to start a car and your engine? AL-
Sharif: I promised my son that he should drive to Saudi Arabia with him today.
Unfortunately, this will put him in danger.
I would rather leave prison and talk about it than stay in prison.
VANIER: Okay. Manal al-
Thank you so much for joining us, Sharif.
We appreciate it.
The upcoming World Cup champions will be eliminated in Russia.
How do Germany deal with them?
Victory over Sweden-
When we came back(MUSIC PLAYING)(
Business break)[00:25:00](MUSIC PLAYING)
VANIER: German must face
Beat Sweden at the World Cup on Saturday.
Mannmannschaft is recovering from last weekend's embarrassing defeat against Mexico, while Sweden has just won against South Korea.
What happened?
Here's Patrick Snell from CNN. let's take a look at all the matches of the World Cup on Saturday. (Start Video)
Patrick Snell, cnn correspondent: This is a very active Germany-
Last Saturday, in the Swedish World Cup group stage in Sochi, the defending champion Germany will be out, and it looks like this after Sweden's first-half lead.
But Marco Reus had other ideas to drag his country back into the game earlier in the second half, exhausting Werner and Cross's team (ph)
And then the real drama.
The suspension time for Real Madrid is 5 minutes (INAUDIBLE)with (INAUDIBLE)
Real Madrid staff kick free kicks, offering a sensational end to the world championship still alive.
Germany's sensational comeback in Mexico morning, despite six points in the first two games, is still not sure if it has a place in the last 16 games.
Three colors for South Korea and Rostov (ph)
They were ahead of the first half on Saturday due to Carlos Bella's penalty.
It will be better for Mexicans because they have doubled their advantage and Javier Hernandez has not scored the second goal for El Terry, 50 goals for his countryINAUDIBLE)
Also became the third person in Mexico to score in the three World Cup.
Group F, it all boils down to the last group match on Wednesday.
On Saturday, we saw another wonderful performance from Belgium's latest generation of top soccer stars elsewhere.
Lukaku scored twice in his first game, especially against Tunisia.
He will also add two more for Cristiano Ronaldo's four gold boots.
Chelsea's Eden Hazard has also helped him to win two, although there are not many winners in Belgium. 2, (INAUDIBLE)
Lukaku ends again.
So here's what's playing on Sunday and Group G.
England, the 66-year winner, will face Panama, a victory that will allow the British to advance to the next round and eliminate the Panamanian, leaving Group H Japan in conflict with Senegal, while Poland faces Colombia
This is your FIFA World Cup update.
I'm Patrick Snell. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Thanks for watching the CNN newsroom.
I'm Cyril Vanier and I'm back in the headlines in a moment.
Stayed with us on CNN.
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