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Return to report card main pageCNN newsroom monster storm batsman Northern California;
White House Mother's report on torture;
Did the torture report deprive the United States? S.
Moral authority? ;
1,603 pages of expenditure bills;
The main behind the Sony leakthe-
The scene aired on December 11, 2014
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Carol costello, cnn anchor: We are grateful for leaving us something good.
Have a good day.
The Newsroom starts now.
Good morning. this is Carol Costello.
Thank you very much for joining us.
We started with monster storms that hit the West Coast. The so-
Known as the river in the sky, its banks now break over California.
Take a look at these live photos of the Bay Area.
Later today, the camera jumps around in strong winds and heavy rains, and gusts can be as high as 80 miles per hour.
This is in San Rafael, where 10 inch of rain is expected in some areas.
The waves hit the coast at 20 feet.
In the Sierra Mountains of Nevada, the rich moisture will fall like snow.
A few feet from it.
The strong wind will whiten the environment.
Mudslides are also a danger.
The river in the sky is actually called the atmospheric river, a damp air band hundreds of miles wide.
The National Weather Service posted this overnight satellite photo on Twitter showing that most of the storms are still offshore but are getting closer and closer.
Dan Simon of CNN is covering the storm.
He was in San Francisco this morning.
Good morning, Dan.
Dan simon, cnn correspondent: Good morning, Carol.
We are in downtown San Francisco.
The rain just started.
As you said, the area will be hit hard, the city itself may rain 9 inch, if not the rain, it is the wind.
You said the hurricane could see 50 to 60-mile-per-
An hour of gusts in the city, maybe 90-mile-per-
An hour outside the city.
As you can imagine, they have been here for the last day or two to prepare for this event.
We have utility cruises trim branches to make sure they don't fall on the wires, clear the rain pipes and prevent the possibility of flooding.
However, some say that, given that the country is in the midst of a historic three-year period, it is a welcome relief --
A year of drought, so of course we can take advantage of all the precipitation, but if you have so much rain, of course, you may have huge problems in a short period of time ---Carol.
Jeff: Okay.
Dan Simon from San Francisco reported on the spot. thank you very much.
Let's go to the Middle East.
The terrorists retaliated against the failure of an attempt to rescue an American hostage.
Officials in southwestern Yemen say militants have fired half a dozen rockets into the United States. S.
The target of the country's largest military air force base.
There were no casualties or significant losses.
Al-Qaida affiliate Ansar
Islamic law says it's in retaliation for the United States. S.
The raid was designed to release Luke Summers. -
You saw him on the right. -
When the US commandos tried to advance the compound, the kidnappers killed American photographers and another South African teacher, Pierre Corki.
Today, a group of key senators will vote to officially declare war on another terrorist group, ISIS.
Whether or not the foreign relations committee should pass a full vote in Congress on this issue is inconsistent.
Senator Rand Paul pushed the move, hoping to impose restrictions on the Obama White House.
Now he says he wants to stop opening.
End the war we saw in Iraq.
Paul believes that President Obama has surpassed his authority by launching airstrikes against ISIS without congressional consent.
Well, here's a new measure of the distance-
Impact on the Senate
Known as report of torture
There's the best new one this morning. selling e-
Books from Amazon intelligence and espionage.
What I want to say is that it's in that part.
Part of the plot was whether the CIA concealed details of the terrorist suspect's brutal interrogation techniques.
Former Vice President Dick Cheney is dismissive of Party attacks and criticism by the Democratic Party. (
Start Video Editing)
Former Vice President Richard Cheney: What happened here is that we asked the agency to take steps to implement the project aimed at catching the asshole who killed us 3,000 people in the 9/11 incident.
And make sure this does not happen again.
That's exactly what they did, and they deserve a lot of praise, not the condemnation they received from the Senate Democrats.
Fox News anchor bret baier: Reports from Feinstein suggest that President Bush did not fully understand the project and that the CIA deliberately kept him in the dark.
Cheney: that's not the case. Didn't happen. Read his book.
He's just a lot--in his memoirs.
In fact, he is an integral part of the project.
He must approve it before we proceed. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Costello: The report also claims that Secretary of State Colin Powell has been kept in the dark for nearly two years because the professional soldier would be "shocked" by the abuse ".
At that time, the government's top law enforcement officials objected to the statement. (
Start Video Editing)
Former US president GonzalezS.
Attorney general: I don't remember this concern, but in some places ---
In due course, people will be interpreted what the government will do ---
I will consider it, so in due course General Powell and others will be told what the government is considering, what the CIA is proposing, what the Justice Department is saying in terms of legality, they will then have the opportunity to express their views.
For example, the same has happened in the application of the Geneva Conventions.
In due course, people were told that they had the opportunity to express their views to the president of the United States. (END VIDEO CLIP)
CNN's Jim Costa reported more at the White House this morning.
Good morning, Jim.
Jim Costa, CNN Senior White House correspondent: Good morning, Carol.
So far, the White House has stopped paying attention to the two big questions raised in the torture report. Should CIA officials be prosecuted for these harsh interrogation strategies that save lives?
One person would say Dick Cheney. (Start Video)ACOSTA (voice-over)
: With debate over the consequences of the torture report, the White House is still watching.
Press Secretary Josh Earnest declined to weigh on the interrogation strategy of whether CIA officials should be tried. (On camera)
: Are these details worth going back to re-examine and should people be prosecuted?
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest: the decision to prosecute was made by the pro-federal prosecutor of the Justice Department.
Costa: The Justice Department says federal prosecutors investigating the program will not launch a new investigation based on the report of Senate Intelligence Committee Democratic Chairman Dianne Feinstein.
Whether tried or not, the CIA has some big names from former Vice President Dick Cheney to defend it, a report Dick Cheney attacked on Fox News.
Cheney: I think it's a bad job.
We did what needed to be done to catch those who were guilty in the 9/11 incident and to prevent further attacks, and we succeeded in both. And I think --
Er er: The report says it's not successful.
Cheney: It's all nonsense in the report.
Costa: to Michael Hayden, former director of the agency. GEN.
Former CIA Director Michael Hayden: What shocked me most about this report is that it was written in writing.
This is a persistent procuratorial document.
Costa: both said it was right that the CIA claimed that harsh interrogation techniques like those shown in the movie Zero Dark Thirty actually prevented the attack and saved life.
But the White House has no position on this critical issue.
EARNEST: it's impossible to know the opposite-factual. Right?
It is impossible to know if this information can be obtained using tactics consistent with the Army Field Manual or other law enforcement techniques. SEN. MARK UDALL (D)
Colorado: The CIA is lying.
Colorado Democratic Senator Mark UDel has called on the president to clean up at the CIA.
Udall said an internal review of the interrogation process by former CIA Director Leon Panetta found that the CIA had misled Congress on brutal tactics.
UDAR: The president needs to clear the government of his senior officials who are helpful in the development and operation of the project.
For director Brennan, that means resigning. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Costa: But there is no indication that this will happen soon.
The White House insists that the president remains confident that CIA Director John Brennan will have the opportunity to defend himself at a CIA press conference later this afternoon ---Carol.
Jeff: Okay.
Jim Costa reported on the scene at the White House.
As Jim said, we should hear more from CIA Director John Brennan in a few hours.
In a rare public exchange, the head of the national intelligence agency will also ask questions to reporters.
CNN will broadcast the news conference live.
Originally scheduled for 1: 30 eastern time.
Still in the newsroom, countries that have violated their human rights have attacked the United States. S.
Reports on torture
Have we lost moral authority?
Should we care?
We will discuss this next time. (
Business break)
Costello: The impact of the torture report has been echoed around the world.
Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei attacked the United States as a symbol of tyranny against the Iranian people. China's state-
The sponsored news agency attacked Americans as hypocrites on human rights.
The Pakistani foreign ministry said Pakistan condemned the torture and that it should not repeat it.
Before you say who cares about the ideas of other countries, remember that there will always be some impact, especially when you think you are a moral authority.
This is President George W.
Bush's alliance in his 2003 states. (
Start Video Editing)GEORGE W.
Bush, former president: Iraqi refugees tell us how torture children get forced confessions when their parents are forced to watch.
International human rights organizations have classified other methods used by the torture room in Iraq.
Electric shock, scalding with an iron, dripping acid on the skin, cutting the tongue with an electric drill and rape.
If this is not evil, then there is no point in evil. (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
Costello: none of the CIA interrogators did, but they did take some extreme measures called torture.
Let's talk to John Hudson about this.
He is a senior journalist at Foreign Policy magazine and Pastor Ron Steve, director of the national religious movement against torture.
You two are welcome.
John Hudson, senior foreign policy Reporter: Thank you.
Costello: Thank you for coming.
Why should America become moral authority, pastor? REV.
Ron Steve, executive director of the national religious movement against torture: Well, we have to be moral authority because we are one of the countries that respect democracy, and faith groups have been working on this for years, so that we can acknowledge our mistakes, we can move on, we can take the lead in this-
On this issue.
But why--
Torture is immoral.
Costello: why is it so important? -
Why is our leadership so important?
Because we are citizens of the world.
Torture is immoral and we actually have such a rare moment in the United StatesS.
We have had a lot of public discussion on a very important ethical issue. -torture.
Torture is always wrong.
Faith groups have said that from the beginning, and now we hear from the President, we hear from the Senate Intelligence Committee.
It is important for the world to hear this, so that we can go beyond this terrible event, the terrible acts you read in this report, and let Congress begin to take some action, so that we can ban torture permanently, and this will never happen again in the name of the United States. S. citizens.
Of course Dick Cheney won't say that, John.
He said he would finish it in a minute. -
Because it saves life, he will do it again in a minute.
But your magazine wrote, citing "how smiling Osama bin Laden would have been if he had seen us discuss such a thing.
He must be glad that he and others were able to get the United States to do such a reprehensible act for fear of a mob.
"But there seems to be no moral code for the mob.
Frankly, the mob killed 3,000 innocent Americans.
Hudson: Yes, this is absolutely right, and the details of what we see revealed and the pain are legitimately shocking to conscience.
What you see is a bold act of publicly making our political remarks, and if you look at China, of course, if you look at Russia, they seized the report but it is important to remember that the debate we are having now is something that will never happen in those countries.
What you're going to get is a massive review.
Censorship and intimidation of anyone, as the Senate Democrats did in this report.
Costello: John, having said that, in terms of the role of the United States on the world stage, how harmful is this torture report?
Hudson: It's definitely going to lower a lot of the values that we're talking about, and you're doing really well in the clips that show George W.
Bush claims that torture is evil. it is easy for other countries to see the United States and call it hypocritical.
But it is important to remember that when foreign countries do so, we do so for domestic consumption, which should not affect our reflection on our own political system, and try to make it better.
Costello: So, pastor, have we sent a strong enough message to make the majority of Americans think torture is wrong, or do we need to do more?
Do you need to scroll the head?
I think we have a very strong message.
Of course, in terms of international standards, impunity is a problem that we must address as a country, and the administration and the Ministry of Justice say they will not sue.
But I think we have actually accepted the fact that American behavior is wrong and immoral.
The best way we can move forward is to give the International Committee of the Red Cross the opportunity to be interrogated in the future, to get the CIA out of the detention business and to no longer set up prisons for detainees, basically restore the order of interrogation and detention of suspects so that we can once again become one of the international communities that respect human rights.
Costello: Pastor Ron Steve, John Hudson, thank you both so much.
I appreciate it.
Hudson: Thank you.
Steve: Thank you very much.
Costello: You're welcome.
Congress will vote today on a huge government spending bill.
The controversial title is "Obamacare and immigration programs are funded.
"Who are the other winners and losers?
First of all, winners, rich donors, scouts and sweet potato producers. The losers? D. C.
People, portraits and school lunches who support the legalization of marijuana.
Dana Bash, CNN's chief congressman, shared more with me.
Good morning, Dana.
Dana Marsh, CNN's chief congressional correspondent: Good morning, Carol.
This is a huge $1.
1 trillion bipartisan bill, this is a big bill that everyone is unhappy with, but we know all the reasons because there are a lot of hidden surprises. (Start Video)BASH (voice-over): A large sum of $1.
Act 1 trillion, which keeps the government running and avoids government closing.
But hiding at 1,603.
Many additional page bills
Those have nothing to do with funding government agencies, but have a lot to do with getting help for their priorities.
Like page 1,599, a change in the campaign finance law allows wealthy donors to provide more money to political parties than they do now, or introduce a new regulation, relax first lady Michelle Obama's controversial health school lunch standard, and a federal program to help women and children feed potatoes that can be called fresh vegetables.
That's what Congressman Mike Simpson is. he's from potatoes.
The chairman of the subcommittee responsible for the project produced Idaho. Other high-profile add-
First, federal funds are not allowed to be implemented in Washington, D. C. C.
The new recreational cannabis method also has no money to stop producing incandescent lamps.
Yes, the light bulb.
Four years ago, when Republicans controlled the House, it should mean the end of the big bill negotiated in the background. (on camera)
: This is the Christmas tree bill that you opposed during your campaign.
You promised not. REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R-OH)
Speaker of the House: please understand that all the provisions in this bill are two-party and two-house, otherwise they will not be in the bill. BASH (voice-over)
: It is true that all irrelevant things in this bill are agreed upon by both parties, such as revoking the trucker regulations that require a shorter working week and removing the stage grouse from the list of endangered species.
Boehner: when we get to the end of the meeting, members are trying to find a way to get their legislation across the finish line, because the issues on the House side are not serious, and there are more issues on the Senate side, to promote their ability to push legislation, some of this will end up on a bill.
There's a new money.
Savings that may delight taxpayers.
They will no longer pay for official portraits of the president or members of Congress. (END VIDEOTAPE)
BASH: But now, Carol, the biggest problem is keeping the Democratic vote away from this, which is actually part of the denial of some reforms, Carol, which was implemented after the financial crisis of 2008.
Wall Street reforms, you have Elizabeth Warren, and many other Democrats are against the bill because the reforms have been cut in the bill, even though their Democratic negotiators have agreed to it.
So, that's part of the reason we're keeping a close eye on the vote, and a few hours later, see if Republican and Democratic leaders can get enough votes because of the opposition between the two parties. -Carol.
Costello: We will definitely be back.
Dana Bash reports live in Washington. thank you very much.
Carnival: Thank you.
Costello: Also in the newsroom: the latest episode of Sony Pictures, definitely not from the theater near you, but from hackers.
Wages, Social Security numbers, scripts leaked, and Angelina Jolie slammed for being a spoiled kid.
Next, we will stay in Tinseltown. (
Business break)
Costello: with the full launch of the holiday season, the Hollywood awards ceremony is also in full swing.
South, began the season of glitz.
Not long ago, 2015 Golden Globes were nominated.
This year, HBO's bird man topped the list with seven nominations.
Here's a quick look at other categories.
Jennifer Aniston won the Best Actress award for cake.
Jones, the theory of everything ".
Or Alice, Julianne Moore.
Rosamond Pike in the Gone Girl and Reese Witherspoon in the wild.
The best movie drama, the boyhood, the fox catcher, The Imitation Game, Selma and the theory of all things fill this category.
For more information on nominations, please visit CNN. com.
The Golden Globes were overshadowed this morning by some humiliating details about Sony's studio hacking and how bad it really is.
Now, we hear from our colleagues in the studio
Host Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin and their electronics
The email war between Angelina Jolie and President Obama.
Give you a little background first.
You may not know the name of Scott Rudin, but have seen his movies social networks, the old man has no country, The Truman Show, he seems to be the one everyone in the college is thanking. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: Thank you Scott Rudin for bringing us this novel and giving us the opportunity to make this film.
Unidentified woman: thanks to Scott Rudin, who brought me here and somehow he had a Jewish vision
The British in Nigeria can come to the pond and play one of the most iconic roles.
Man: Scott Rudin
Man: Scott Rudin
Man: Scott Rudin
Scott Rudin, you made a huge effort for the production of the film.
Scott Rudin, America's best living film producer. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Oh, you know.
Well, it may not hurt Rudin's mail.
Thank you this morning. One e-
The Post says Angelina Jolie's pet film project "Cleopatra" will make him the laughing stock of the industry, "I won't ruin my career for a talented spoiled child
In a separate email
Mail in wrote that mail, Rudin, and Pascal joked about President Obama and movies he might prefer, saying, "I bet he likes Kevin Hart.
"Let's talk about this.
CNN's media correspondent and "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stell and "Entertainment Tonight" reporter nisshere Turner and CNN contributors also joined me.
You two are welcome.
Nice Schell Turner, CNN contributor: Hi. (CROSSTALK)
Costello: nice cut, I 'd love to start with you, I want to start with spoiled kids, but you'll start with a new section from Brian Stell.
This hacker is really serious.
Reliable source brian stelter: it has and will continue to have these effects.
Some of Sony's upcoming movies leaked on the internet about three weeks ago, and we started to see some private information leaked.
Now, all the e-
The damage caused by the Mail is much greater, because we see the real relationship in Hollywood, good, bad, but mainly ugly.
Yes, I have never heard of Angelina Jolie as a spoiled child.
Yes, it's a new one, you know.
The one leaked out yesterday.
We also saw some news about Kevin Hart.
They called him and I wish I could say this on TV, a "prostitute" and say that I am not saying that he is a prostitute but that he is greedy.
So, it's very interesting, and it's also mentioned the racial differences.
They said the color joke about President Obama, so it really started to snowball.
Do you know?
The group, Peace Keepers, started a few weeks ago and they promised that they would have some very embarrassing leaks of information and that they were delivering on their promises.
This is embarrassing for Sony.
This is painful.
Private e-commerce
These people never thought the Mail would leak out.
I spoke to them privately and would not speak on the record, but they said this could happen to any company.
This could happen at any film studio and they obviously feel like they're being used and used by these electronics
Talking about mail now.
I have to say, however, that media companies do not seem to have hacked this information.
We are not going to invade these files.
We just share what we already have in the public domain.
This is a cyber attack. now we see the damage.
Costello: I'm sure Sony doesn't want us to share
Share these electronics
Email to the public, but you can't help. -TURNER: Yes.
I mean they're all online so we don't share anything new, do we?
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