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cnn politics on facebook » | cnn politics on twitter » glass staircase not dress friendly - transparent window film

by:Cailong     2019-08-19
cnn politics on facebook »  | cnn politics on twitter »   glass staircase not dress friendly  -  transparent window film
Women across the United States have been dealing with glass ceilings for years.
But now women in Ohio have a new problem. glass floors.
A $0. 105 billion Court in Franklin County, Ohio opened on Monday, but it seems that the builder has forgotten one thing --
According to affiliate 10TV, the bottom of the stairs.
The stairs are made of glass.
According to Franklin County Judge Julie Lynch, the person in the dress needs to avoid taking the stairs, and Julie Lynch wears his robes almost every day.
"I wear clothes because it's my personal choice," Lynch told 10TV . ".
"When you stand under the stairwell, you can see it from them.
She speculated that stairs had not been designed in consideration for men of half the population.
Lawyer Lori Johnson was startled by the transparent staircase.
Not only did she worry about staring, but she was also worried about how many phones were connected to the camera.
"The next thing you know is that you're on the Internet," Johnson said, according to 10TV . ".
"It sounds like a lawsuit.
"While security guards warn women not to take the stairs, it seems that most people just want people to be mature about the situation.
"Do they want people to mature?
"This is not a solution," Lynch told 10TV . ".
"If we had mature people who didn't break the law, we wouldn't have this building.
@ Woman solution. . . exactly.
The window film has a variety of colors, patterns, designs, etc.
Including the white frost you mentioned, since the beginning of 1960, many government and office buildings have been treated with window movies.
The strange thing is that this simple and economical solution to this problem is ignored.
Maybe if more
A billion-dollar window movie industry is advertising on television? Oh please.
Maybe there are a few pre-
Get off under the clothes there to see the adolescent boys of the woman's legs.
But what's really going on? . . underpants? Underpants. . . .
Some women don't wear underwear.
I'm sure some people will be willing to offer free Peeps. Excuse me?
A court of $0. 105 billion? ? ?
It's a waste of our taxpayers' money.
Judges and courtrooms don't need luxury.
The government can rent a friggen open space in a strip mall for everything we care about.
Don't waste any more money! ! !
The money could have been spent on other things.
This is outrageous! !
It's really not that outrageous.
I'm sure it's not that big for the court to spend so much money. You'd be (
Especially on the commercial scale, I was surprised by the cost of new construction. Me is correct. .
This is normal for a fairly large court. .
It sounds a lot before you really think about the material and the cost of the building.
Plus the court, you have a lot of complicated details that you don't have to consider in a normal building.
Joe agreed very much.
Why can't they do justice at the basic cost?
Effective building?
It's a good idea to rent an empty shopping mall.
You can rent 250 years or more for $0. 105 billion.
And make a fuss about the gap between steps?
You want your tall, high-tech vanity building, and now you're complaining?
This is very offensive to me.
I don't agree, I think men do consider women when designing this!
Give them more power! ! !
Slow down, ladies, go to the commandos at any time!
I want to buy a hat with a vertical camera and stand under the stairs.
When I appear in short skirts in real Scottish tradition, please be prepared.
I think you will leave with something like the National Geographic special and show the male orangutan on the tree. . .
I have always believed that most architects were John when the master fainted.
You're an idiot, sir.
It's a good choice to take the elevator.
What if there is no electricity in the elevator? ? ?
I don't think I'll bring any pants.
So, like a tennis player, it's uncomfortable to wear shorts under a skirt. Who will see it?
Who cares?
OK, so if you see a dirty old man or a group of snickly 12 year olds wandering around, you tell them to move on.
Otherwise, do you think that when something doesn't happen on the stairs that they don't see, would someone have their jollies raise their heads from the stairs?
This is the court. .
I don't even want to imagine a madman standing under the stairs! ! Wear pants. Enough already.
Every time something like this happens, there will always be a group of women complaining.
The funny thing is that the complaining person is never the one you really want to see or even pay attention.
The underwear of a judge's grandmother is now Kodak moment. . . not. . . .
Jim, let's put you in the dress, put you in a place to try the suspect, and let you go up and down the stairs every day.
Seriously, if you want to say that some women have nothing to complain about, try to walk a mile in shoes before you start hating the female roar.
This solved the problem.
I am very satisfied with this as a man.
@ MickI often read that someone was arrested while trying to arrest
Photos of women's skirts in public places, so yes, I do think some men will be so happy.
I agree with you that it would take some rude people to do it in court, but a month ago I read about a person arrested --
A photo of the camera's skirt is hidden on the toe of his shoe.
The evidence suggests that, under the glass staircase of the court, there were clearly enough people standing there.
Time at the bottom of the opaque step.
I think men should go upstairs in skirts.
We will be arrested.
Then, when women go upstairs, whoever goes upstairs should also be arrested.
Don't women see where they go?
I honestly don't understand what the big deal is.
I 've seen a lot of buildings with this kind of staircase, with no riser and gap between the stairs.
It seems to me that Judge Lynch is doing a big deal with very few things, and in any case, does she not know the design details of the building?
It is clear that this is also something she missed, but after the fact, she is happy to blame the other half of the population.
If I were a taxpayer in Franklin County, I would be more concerned about the $0. 105 billion exhortation fee for the building!
More people than standing under the stairs and awkwardly craning their necks to look up.
Sounds like a lot of the wrong places.
Feminism complains to me.
If a woman is found to have designed these stairs, isn't that absolutely sacred?
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