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by:Cailong     2019-07-05
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Massive fire in Toronto-6 th
Toronto's fire alarm lights up the sky, putting hundreds of firefighters at risk, 32 trucks at 100-year-old building.
The full POSTDeer ran in a mess in 2010-the pesky cloven hoof prevented the deer from participating in most human activities, but that doesn't mean they won't do their best to shop at the local grocery store, the pony goes to the bar for a beer or saves cash at a nearby bank.
CNN reported some of the most important events in the history of the world, but collecting dust behind the library is a strange gem, characterized by the obvious and most natural state of the deer-breaking and entering our hearts.
This is the best video compilation this year.
28-year-old won again on Mondayyear-
In Nepal's first elephant beauty pageant, old Chen Chong-alkali defeated two old contestants as part of three elephant beauty contests --
Elephant Festival.
Five judges rated a total of six elephants according to various criteria, including posture, appearance, hygiene, skin color and response to the order.
And, of course, their makeup.
The elephant's donkey, or handler, carefully decorated each animal with brightly colored patterns and colored their toenails.
"I think she won because I worked hard for her," said mahout Prabhu Chaudhary of Chanchalkali . ".
"The fact that she is younger than her competitors also helps.
Zachary Jackson León
JohnHere is a baby who may have a fun life.
Zachary Jackson Levon offers-
John is the new son of a pop legend, Sir Elton John, and a longtime partner of David Finn.
Like the baby in John's song "León", Zachary was born on Christmas Day (
Although the New York Times did not say "God is dead" as the song announced ").
The couple hired a surrogate mother to have children for them.
He will grow up with the care of wealthy celebrity gay parents in London, Los Angeles and Atlanta, Georgia.
Sir Elton is the honorary Knight Commander of the finest medal of the British Empire, member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, owner of five Grammy Awards, Oscar and Tony.
Furnish is a Hollywood film producer.
"I don't think our lives are suitable for raising children," Furnish told People magazine in April 2009 . ".
"We have been busy flying all the time.
"Elton will not really leave the road," he said . ".
"We don't want to give the baby sitter and the housekeeper what we have to raise.
We want to be positive parents.
We have [Godson]and]
The children we support in Africa, so we are very good (
No children).
"They seem to have changed their minds.
American presidential candidate Alvin GreenS.
The Senate from South Carolina is back in the race.
Green, an unemployed veteran who once again ran for public office, paid $165 in application fees last week to attend a special election for state council seats opened after the death of a Democratic representative. Cathy B. Harvin.
Although his identity is actually unknown, waiting for criminal charges, sometimes his behavior is strange --
He suggested making his own plan of action to boost the economy.
This summer, Green became the Democratic nominee for president of the United States in South Carolina, making the main headlines. S. Senate.
People began to wonder how green accomplished such a remarkable political feat.
Green was easily defeated by the current Republican senator in November. Jim DeMint.
Wayward crocodile-as part of a must-see this week, CNN.
Com is playing some of our favorite videos this year.
Today we will launch our best crocodile video from 2010.
Alligators tend to end up in unpopular places, and as you might have guessed, the fate of some of them is a bit grim.
Like many Americans, Tim and Kylie burns are shocked by the dolphin scene killed in Oscar Bay
The award-winning documentary depicts the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan's Taiji village.
Now the Florida couple are turning that anger into an effort to end the killing.
The pair will travel to Japan on Monday to meet with activist Rick Obari, who is the voice behind the Bay and founder of Save the Japanese dolphins, A campaign to end the slaughter of dolphins in Japanese fisheries.
The group also focuses on capturing and trading dolphins to zoos and aquariums around the world.
I declare first: I am a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and an opponent of drowning and electric shock dogs, so I have two reasons to be skeptical about Michael Vic, especially after he smashed the boy Middle School on Sunday.
So when I read this morning about the Philadelphia Hawks quarterback
Leave Virginia court after he pleaded guilty 2008.
One day I want to have a dog again-well, I don't like it at all.
He must have been nitpicking, I think.
After his conviction, it was raining in all hell-imprisonment, NFL suspension, A checkbook full of fines and retaliation-a lifetime ban on owning a dog is the only clause that seems to have strong enough condemnation of his crime.
Alas, this is not a playful sentence.
Vick is not only serious in saying this to thegrio.
But he gave details of how having a dog could help him recover.
"I think it will be a big step in my recovery.
"I think just keep a pet in my home and show people that I really care, love and love animals," he said . ".
The newborn panda at the Atlanta zoo received a clean health bill on Thursday.
"In his one month long life, he looks great and goes well at this stage," said the doctor.
Haley Murphy, director of the Atlanta Zoo Veterinary Services Department
The unknown panda cub is the only giant panda born in the United States. S. in 2010.
He weighed at two in the morning on Thursday.
2 pounds, 13.
It is 7 inch long from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail.
He has a whole layer of hair and continues to use his 13-
Lun, a one-year-old mother, is in their study.
"His mother took great care of him and had a great mother instinct," Murphy said . ".
"We checked his vital signs this morning and found that he was in good shape and had a good meal, and for pandas of his age, his weight was average.
"The full POSTBane is a 4-year-
Old German Shepherd
A police dog in Michigan is looking for a missing dementia patient who has become the subject of the search himself. Bane, a 4-year-
The old German Shepherd dog, who disappeared in November 13, was based on a website set up by his handler, Michigan mounted police Jamie Blis.
Bullis wrote that the two were part of a team looking for the missing man in a swamp near Alpena, northern Michigan, when dog clues were caught in the brush.
"I gave up on the clues to open him.
About the time I set him free, a deer that had already been buried in less than five yards from me jumped up and ran straight in front of Bain.
Bane is wrote: "Bain chase.
"After about a second he could not see, and I have never seen him since.
The next day, human remains were found by searchers;
According to the Detroit Free News, the police believe they are missing but are waiting to confirm their identity.
The "find Bane" Facebook page, established by Bullis, has received up to 5,000 friends, and a video on YouTube records Bane's training.
Volunteers continued to look for Bain, but BLIS did not encourage them to venture into the forest as the gun deer season in Michigan lasted until 30 minutes behind Tuesday.
In South Africa, poachers are suffering from the cutting edge of technology as the government increases its efforts to contain rhinos being killed by horns.
In the past few months, South Africa has used rhino GPS, police st thorns and other methods to stop rhino killing in South Africa's national park and wildlife sanctuary.
Now, the government may place drones in the air to help hunt down poachers.
According to media reports, South African Defense Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said on Thursday that the country hopes to deploy unmanned helicopters developed by defense company Denel in the fight against poachers.
"The problem with the rhino is something we think is particularly cruel and we have promised [sampax]
South African national park
According to the South African times, Sisulu said in dealing with the matter.
"We also want to use Denel to have a special drone [
Unmanned aerial vehicle]
"This can help us," she said, according to the South African times . ".
The problem has sparked efforts by grassroots groups to stop poachers.
On Facebook, help
Rhino poaching is recruiting volunteer pilots to serve as eyes and ears on the ground in the affected areas.
The group had 420 "likes" as of Friday morning ".
A full undercover video taken by one of the country's largest Turkish producers shows the cruel and inhumane treatment of birds by an animal rights organization.
The complete story goal saved you. S.
An employee of the Afghan soldier Arizona animal shelter was fired on Friday after an accidental euthanasia investigation into a hero dog from Afghanistan this week.
The dog, named Target, was taken from Afghanistan to the United States in February when she reminded soldiers of a suicide bomber, killing dozens of people.
Last Friday, she disappeared at the home of an Army sergeant.
Terry Young was one of those rescued from the bomb.
The animal care and control center received a phone call about a stray ewes.
Mixed dogs in the San Tan Valley area on Friday.
An animal control officer picked the dog up and took her to the shelter where the dog stayed at the weekend.
Shelter officials said the dog was not implanted with microchips and was not licensed in the county.
On Monday morning, the employee mistakenly removed the dog from the fence and carried out euthanasia.
The dog did not arrange euthanasia.
The employee, who was given administrative permission on Monday, was accused of failing to follow the appropriate procedures during euthanasia.
The investigation began, the shelter said, causing the employee to be fired today.
Lisa Garcia, assistant county manager for Health and Human Services, said: "We are continuing to study the management practices and procedures for animal care and control to ensure that such things do not happen again . ".
A press release from Pinal County noted that due to online article reviews and threats to the employee on the county's phone, it would not name the employee.
"She was pregnant when the target helped stop the suicide bomber from attacking him.
She has a litter of puppies in Afghanistan.
Since then, Target's puppy has been brought to the United States, and she has been reported by CNN for heroism.
"She got her name because the Afghans we live with have been trying to get rid of her.
She's got a bullet in her leg. . . .
The Afghans really knocked her down . "
Christopher Duke said he helped take care of Afghan targets and adopted her packager, Luvers.
"It's definitely not going to kill the dog.
She went through it almost, "he said at their party in Georgia in July.
The zoo announced on Thursday that the panda born at the Georgia zoo in Atlanta on November 3 was a boy. The 11-
The mother of the Oz cub, Lun, has been silent for a short period of time, allowing zoos and Chinese veterinarians to watch the little one.
He began to develop the giant panda's unique black saddle on his shoulder, and the patch around his eyes has not yet been opened.
The unnamed young man and his mother won't be able to make a public appearance until spring, but fans can watch it on the pandas at the Atlanta Zoo.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin showed off his new puppy.
Putin's puppet Prime Minister Vladimir Putin asked the Russians for help when he named his new puppy.
The dog was a gift from Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to celebrate an agreement between the two countries to establish a gas pipeline.
The Bulgarian Shepherd has a Bulgarian name, Yorgo, but Putin wants to give it a Russian name, Novinite, Sofia News Agency. com says.
Photos of Putin touching the fuzzy puppy are widely circulated, which may soften the former president
KGB agent judo-
Hard Wrestling
For whatever reason, the Global Mail in Toronto, Canada notes.
"Russian activists embraced it affectionately and kissed it on the nose," the official RIA news agency reported with due diligence . ".
Full back SpiderMan is real! -
Unemployment is a terrible enemy in New York.
Peter Parker can prove that. His alter-ego Spider-
On Wednesday, a man came to town with Mayor Michael Bloomberg to name the spider-
Man, you're hired, "promote free career services in the city.
You will notice that Spidey did not have access to the Internet and did not climb down the building.
I guess he's on the subway. Don't judge.
He may be tired of filling out his job application.
The company, which owns a barge leaking 98,000 gallons of oil into the Massachusetts waterway, has agreed to a $6 million civil settlement with the government.
Bouchard Transportation Companywill pay the U. S.
The Justice Department announced that the Department of Justice, Massachusetts and Rhode Island were responsible for their role in the oil spill in April 2003.
Barge carrying No
The judicial notice said that the fuel oil from a power plant from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the Massachusetts sandwich was stranded in the Bay of Baz, Massachusetts, and the hull was cracked and leaked.
Prisoners affected by bad movies
Do prisoners have the right to television in prison? Debatable.
However, a federal judge is reviewing the case of Prisoner James pryn, who says he has the right to accept the media.
Poulin claims that he and the other prisoners are receiving the same movies over and over, not the basic programs.
Sounds like torture, but if President George W. Bush
Bush is still defending the water sentence. . .
Like the Tiger at the Kiev Zoo in Ukraine, it is endangered in the wild.
A rare Northeast Tiger-one of an estimated 300 to 400 tigers still in the wild --
On Tuesday, poachers were killed near Vladivostok, Russia.
The Siberian tiger was discovered by the international animal welfare anti-foundation.
According to a press release from IFAW, poaching patrols in the coastal province.
The organization says the region (
Including parts of China and North Korea)
It is the last home of the wild northeast tiger. before it was vigorously protected, it was endangered in 1940, leaving only 40 around the world.
Four suspected poachers were caught with the dead. year-
IFAW said a husband Tiger was arrested by Rangers from the Khasan District of the province.
A hunter was injured by a big cat and needed hospital treatment.
Complete post-event thinking like a lemur
They are smart and cute.
You can call them Natalie Portmans of the animal kingdom.
Scientists at Duke University say that furry primates animals understand numbers and they have mastered computer skills to prove this, although it is the most basic.
They say that the wisdom of lemurs allows us to understand how humans thought millions of years ago.
It might make you think, why can't we all be cute and smart?
This week, the complete POSTA goldfish in G-
20 summits were held in Seoul, South Korea.
At the G20 summit in Seoul, South Korea, security officials deployed 50,000 police and soldiers, as well as an elite water security force: six goldfish.
According to the London Mirror, security officials put six goldfish in a tank to provide toilet water for meetings.
According to The Mirror, officials will look to see if the fish showed signs of illness or poisoning to protect participants.
An animal rights group has been attacked for using a fin-like defender.
Tracy Lehman said: "There are various modern scientific methods that can better protect world leaders and prevent the death of fish from suffering from contaminated water . " The executive vice president of the people in charge of animal ethical treatment wrote in a letter to the conference organizers.
"After all, the fish can't tell you exactly what might be wrong with the water," she added . ".
Double waterfall at ground zero
Some of the country's most poignant monuments feature the simplest elements: water.
Engineers are now testing two waterfalls zero as part of a planned "reflection absence" Memorial Square open on the 10 th
Twin towers collapse a anniversary.
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