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by:Cailong     2019-07-25
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There are three things you need to know today.
Petraeus of the CIAS. Army Gen.
David Petraeus was the top leader of the United States. S.
The commander in Iraq and Afghanistan served as director of the CIA on Tuesday.
Petraeus succeeded the current US president Leon Panetta. S.
Minister of Defense.
At the ceremony that announced his retirement last week, Petraeus said his journey with the army would not end, although he and his wife "are about to start an exciting new journey with another extraordinary organization.
"President Barack Obama cited Petraeus's experience in working with the CIA to combat the insurgency in the field as the reason why he was nominated as director of the agency.
Alleged hate crimes: James Craig Anderson's family will hold a press conference on Tuesday morning, a man who was beaten and then knocked down in a parking lot at Jackson Motor Inn, Mississippi.
The announcement of the family will come on the same day
A teenager who died at Anderson will hold a trial hearing.
Prosecutors say the killing of black Anderson was racially motivated. The killing -
After CNN got and played Exclusive surveillance videos showing when the attack happened, it drew national attention --
The United States is also investigating the matter. S.
Justice Department.
Anderson, 49, was first beaten by the group of teenagers while standing in the motel parking lot early in the morning of June 26, according to some teenagers interviewed by the police.
According to witnesses and officials, a group of teenagers drove a large Ford pickup truck over Anderson after the beating.
Anderson died of injury later that day.
British phone hacking: British lawmakers will be trying to determine whether News Corp.
For the scale of the illegal hacking of the News of the world, chief executive James Murdoch misled them.
News Corp's son Murdoch
The chairman of Rupert Murdoch has repeatedly told lawmakers that a survey showed no evidence of widespread phone hacking at the News of the world.
But the newspaper's former editor questioned James Murdoch's statement and will testify before the Culture, Media and Sports Commission.
Colin Myler will attend with Tom Krone, the newspaper's former top lawyer.
Former senior HR officer Daniel Kerke and former
Jonathan Chapman, director of legal affairs, will also testify in court.
There are three things you need to know today.
Texas Fire: On Friday, authorities were working on a plan to return residents forced to flee wild fires in northern Texas, a day after firefighters made progress in their fight against the fire that destroyed dozens
According to the Texas Forest Authority, the fire in Palo Alto County had burned 6,200 acres by Thursday.
The fire is burning around the posan Kingdom lake resort near Brad town, about 100 miles west of Dallas.
"We feel much better about this fire today," said Forest Authority spokesman John Nichols, because the fire is now under control by 50%.
He said that some residents who were forced to evacuate the fire were lifted and the fire was driven by high temperature and dry wind.
Clement's trial: A judge will hold a hearing on Friday to consider whether a review of former major league pitcher Roger Clements should be conducted on suspicion of lying to Congress.
The Clements case.
He was accused of obstructing a congressional charge, three false statements and two perjury charges.
On July, the trial was declared invalid after the court presented evidence previously found unacceptable. U. S.
District Court Judge Reggie Walton will consider how to resolve the case at a Washington hearing on Friday.
Kathy Anthony: Kathy Anthony's lawyer will appear in court on Friday against the motion of the prosecutor to ask her to repay the cost of investigating her daughter's disappearance and death.
Court documents submitted by the state prosecutor's office and law enforcement agencies show that these costs exceed $350,000.
It is not clear whether Anthony will attend the hearing on Friday in front of Orange County Chief Justice Bevan Perry.
Anthony has been in seclusion since she was acquitted on murder charges in July, with her 2-2008 deathsyear-
Her daughter and she were later released from prison.
But in the same case, a Florida jury found her guilty of four counts of misgiving false information to law enforcement officers.
Prosecutors cited a Florida law that allowed the state to fine defendants in criminal cases to recover the money spent.
There are three things you need to know today.
Pacific surfing: when the National Hurricane Center sees hurricane Cartia in the Atlantic Ocean and tropical disturbances in the Gulf of Mexico, forecasters on the West Coast warn that there will be huge waves and dangerous rapids on beaches facing the Southwest.
The National Weather Service says up to 11 feet of the waves from South San Luis Obispo to San Diego could hit the southern California beach.
"Surfing can be dangerous for anyone entering the water," the weather forecast said . ".
The waves are the result of a winter storm off the coast of New Zealand, and now the waves in New Zealand can be felt in the Pacific Ocean.
CNN affiliate KHNL reported that Hawaii has been hit by huge waves since Tuesday, with forecasters saying-to-12-
Waves are expected in the islands today.
Okama Fire: On Wednesday, one of the two fires in the city of okama moved in the direction of Edmund in the north near the suburbs, illuminated by a flame spiral and a burning residual fire.
Edmund's fire chief, Tim Wheeler, said the fire broke out Tuesday in the less populated north-east city of orklahe and moved in more residential directions.
"The wind has moved a bit," Wheeler said . ".
"This is the current path it will go through the wooded areas, which will increase the intensity of the fire.
"He said it was hoped that the fire would stop before crossing Interstate 44 to reach the southeast of Edmund, but the ministry had launched the Red code system, the telephone number of the residents, encouraging them to evacuate.
Libyan money: The British foreign minister said in a statement on Wednesday that the British government has begun to provide unfrozen money to a bank in Libya.
0. 28 billion dinars were transported by the Royal Air Force (
About 0. 14 billion)
Libya's central bank in Benghazi, the statement said.
The money is one of the billions of dollars that the United Nations has frozen at the beginning of the crisis.
The money "will be used to pay the salaries of Libyan public sector employees, including nurses, doctors, teachers and police," the statement said . ".
It will also be used to pay for medicines and food.
Hurricane Irene :-
Everyone on the East Coast is watching Hurricane Irene as warnings and watches have been issued along the Atlantic coast.
The storm is expected to land in North Carolina on Saturday and could then cause severe flooding in New York City. Libya: -
Fighting continued near Tripoli airport and in parts of Libya's capital on Friday as rebels sought to hunt down ousted leader Moammar Gadhafi.
The chairman of the opposition National Transitional Council, Mahmoud Jabil, said in Islamabad on Friday that more frozen assets in Libya need to be released to ensure a successful transition.
Postal officials in the coastal area of North Carolina ordered all tourists to evacuate before Hurricane Irene, who attacked homes in the Bahamas on Wednesday. S. East Coast.
According to the National Hurricane Center, Irene's maximum sustained wind speed is 115 miles per hour, which may rise to level 4 intensity on Thursday.
Federal emergency management officials send a simple message to those on or near the road: be prepared.
Libya's future is still being questioned on Thursday, despite the Rebels starting to consolidate their grip on power, while fighters fighting forces loyal to Gaddafi are also intensifying the hunt for the troubled leader.
Elsewhere, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will meet with the interim prime minister in Milan, the National Transitional Council's Mahmood Jabil, and the Libyan Contact Group will meet in Islamabad.
Late Wednesday, it was reported that Steve Jobs, the iconic innovator, had resigned as CEO of Apple, and the tech world was in trouble.
What does jobs mean for Apple, technology and the economy?
Who is Tim Cook, the executive who took over?
The Labor Department's weekly jobless claims will be announced at 8: 30 a. m. m. ET.
Investors expect the unemployment rate to fall 8,000 to 400,000.
President Obama is honing his employment plans while vacationing at Martha's Vineyard.
The African Union held a summit in adidiba, Ethiopia, pledging to help the victims of the drought in the Horn of Africa.
According to the United Nations, about 640,000 children are threatened with severe malnutrition. The U. N.
Private and government donors are being sought.
There are three things you need to know today.
Labor Day travel: according to a report from AAA, a car driving Group, a bad economy has hindered travel plans for this Labor Day weekend. A total of 31.
The group said it expects 5 million Americans to leave home at least 50 miles during the five-day period from September 1-9. That's down 2.
From 4% last year, then 32.
There are 3 million Americans traveling on Labor Day.
According to a report prepared in partnership with IHS Global Insight, the gloomy economic outlook is dragging down consumer confidence.
In particular, the report notes that consumer discretionary revenue growth is not enough to keep up with rising travel costs.
Although the overall number of travelers is expected to decline, Americans who drive on Labor Day weekends are expected to increase by 0. 5% to 27. 3 million.
Read the full report of CNNMoney.
Hurricane Forecast: according to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Irene is expected to become a level 3 hurricane with winds of more than 110 miles/hour on Wednesday afternoon.
The storm could threaten much of the east coast, heading north from Carolina.
Bill Reid, head of Miami.
The National Hurricane Center says temperatures in the Atlantic to Cape hatras, North Carolina, are enough to maintain a major hurricane.
Five in the center of the hurricane
The daily forecast shows a storm approaching North Carolina on Saturday, hugging the coast all weekend.
BART Mobile: San Francisco transport system officials plan to hold a special meeting on Wednesday to discuss the agency's decision to cut off mobile phone signals at specific stations earlier this month to defend against protests.
The board of directors of Gulf fast transit will discuss whether its officials should continue to use controversial moves that anger free-speech activists.
On August 11, demonstrators planned to hold a rally to draw attention to the shooting of a number of transit police, including 45 deaths. year-
Old Charles Hill
Hill was shot dead after a standoff with officers on July 3.
The transport agency says protests during peak hours endanger the safety of commuters and employees.
There are three things you need to know today. MLK Memorial -
Media members will see the new MLK memorial in a special preview between 7: 30 on Monday. m. and 10:30 a. m.
"The composition of the Memorial Hall uses landscape elements to strongly convey the four basic and recurring themes of the entire PhD.
According to the website of the memorial, the King's message: justice, democracy, hope and love.
"The semi-circular geometry of the Memorial Hall, tied in the triangular structure of the site, forms a view of water with tidal basins and frames.
"The memorial will be near the Roosevelt Memorial, allowing viewers to see the Lincoln Memorial directly.
"The approved site created a visual" leadership line "from the Lincoln Memorial, commemorating the President who protected the United States from internal conflict, and Martin Luther King Jr.
He delivered his famous speech "I Have a Dream;
"Commemorating the Jefferson Memorial, commemorating the president who helped create the United States, he is the author of the declaration of independence," the website said . ".
Three things you need to know today.
Kansas City curfew: 9 p curfew in Kansas City, Missouri. m.
Following the violence last weekend, a curfew was imposed on teenagers aged 17 and under in five districts of the city, three of whom were shot and wounded in the city's rural club square entertainment district.
Last Saturday's gunshots took place just a few yards away from Mayor Sly James, who appeared in the square area, according to CNN affiliate TV, to solve the problem of a large number of teenagers gathered in some entertainment and shopping areas of the city.
The new curfew will pass on Thursday night, and the mayor is expected to sign on Friday, covering the city's downtown West Port, according to local media reports, zona Rosa and 18 and Wayne historical jazz and country club square.
It will take effect on the last Sunday of September and will start again on Friday before Memorial Day.
Violators will face fines and legal fees of up to $500, according to CCTV.
Kansas City is the second big city this month to impose an early curfew in the popular entertainment district.
Last weekend, Philadelphia in Pennsylvania began a curfew on violence against teenage thugs.
The Norwegian massacre: families of victims of mass shootings on an island in Norway will go to the scene on Friday, a month after Scandinavian countries fell in mourning for two attacks. Sixty-
On July 22, nine people were killed on the island of Utoya, where hundreds of mainly young people gathered for a summer camp organized by the ruling Labor youth team.
A few hours ago, eight others were killed in an explosion at the government building in Oslo.
Anders Breivik, accused of carrying out two attacks, is expected to appear in Oslo on Friday.
Police or prosecutors expect to speak to reporters after he appears, but will not be open to the public or the media.
Mortgage rate: 30-
The annual fixed-rate mortgage fell to 4.
According to CNNMoney, this week reached the lowest level of 15% in 50 years.
The average interest rate exceeded the previous 4 lows.
According to a major mortgage market survey by mortgage supporter Freddie Mac, 17% was set in last November.
Average interest rate of 15-1
Annual fixed interest rate loan 3.
36%, according to the report.
Major League Baseball: be careful, you have some games. That's right.
Thursday marked the official start of the small League World Series, where the best young players demonstrated their skills at Williams sports in Pennsylvania.
The 65 World Series will be held on August 28 at the diamond field.
It offers an opportunity to see some young talents who may one day play in your favorite college or professional baseball team.
This year, several new teams will start playing in Williams sports for the first time.
It includes a team from Montana, which has never played in a series.
"Think about it, 65 years later," 12-year-
Old Andy Mel told the Billings Gazette, "We are the only team in Montana to do so.
"But maybe most people's eyes are trained in a team with home advantages.
For the first time in decades, a local team
A Keystone from Pennsylvania.
Is taking part in the World Series.
"It's 25 minutes from the hotel and the turnout should be amazing," Keystone manager Bill Garbrick told the Daily Times . ".
"It will be exciting for us.
These guys went through some tough games and some real intimate games and they just showed the same heart as the last two days.
That's why we're here.
"Completely back to the school in Joplin --
Wednesday is the beginning of the student school year in Joplin, Missouri, and for a town that is still being rebuilt, it is a bittersweet moment as a tornado can occur, killing more than 150 people.
For Joplin's 2,200 high school students, reopening the school means separating grades that are usually studied in the same building. Ninth-and 10th-
Students will go to an existing Middle School while senior students will attend classes in the shopping center.
The mall is the only place to accommodate students, officials said.
The school district spent $5.
5 million to 95,000-square-
Retail facilities on foot.
"Every time I drive past it, it's still really sad," said senior Lydia mcalist, looking at the ruins of Joplin High School, one of the 10 school buildings damaged or destroyed by the storm.
President's trip to the Midwest-
The next day in the heart of the United States, President Obama will meet farmers and business owners in Peosta, Iowa, with dubuque County, an enclave of 1,700 people, a large industrial park and some new businesses.
The White House says the trip to the Midwest is an opportunity for the president to talk to his community about job growth and the impact of national economic policies.
Obama also plans to sit down with CNN's Wolf-on-
Interview on Tuesday.
Three things you need to know today.
Obama: President Obama is expected to discuss strategies to create jobs and improve the economy in three months.
From Monday, the day bus tour is part of the Midwest.
"Many Americans are now seriously hurt.
Many people have lost their jobs for too long.
"Getting these men and women back to work and increasing wages for everyone must be our top priority," the president said in a weekly radio address on Saturday . ".
Obama plans to take 360-
Travel through Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois Mile, meeting group
Business owners and others in rural activities.
On Monday, he will hold town hall events in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, and Decorah, Iowa. (
CNN's Wolf Blitzer will take you on a bus trip to Obama.
Join the wolf-on-
An interview with the president at Six on Tuesday nightm.
ET in the Situation Room. ")
On Thursday, the president and his family will travel to Martha's Vineyard, his third consecutive summer vacation destination.
Missing in Aruba: United StatesS.
A judicial official said the man in connection with the case of a missing American woman would appear in court on Monday.
An investigating judge can order the detention of Gary Jordan, 50, at least eight days old, to order him to stay on the island, or to release him for lack of evidence, according to Aruba lawyer takontan.
On August 5, 35-year-old Robyn Gardner was arrested by police near Baby Beach on the west side of the Caribbean island.
Financial markets: this week may be as bumpy as last week's crazy trip, as Wall Street continues to deal with the consequences of the downgrade of S & P, the problems in Europe and the fate of the United StatesS.
According to CNNMoney, the economy.
Investors will receive the Empire State manufacturing index at 8: 30 on Monday. m. ET.
The manufacturing survey in July was negative, meaning manufacturing activity contracted during this period.
Investors will continue to see if the trend will last for a second month.
The retailers who announced their results on Monday included city decorators and home improvement chain Lowe.
Analysts expect Labor to earn 66 cents per share and 32 cents per share for urban decoration companies.
There are three things you need to know today.
Meteor shower: the Perseid meteor shower will peak overnight, and NASA wants to watch as a shared online experience.
The space agency will host live online chat from 11: 00. m.
It lasts until 5. m. ET Saturday.
Astronomers at the Marshall Space Flight Center, Bill Cook, Danielle Moze and Rhiannon Blauw, will host the chat.
As you chat, a camera at the Marshall Center in Huntsville, Alabama will play photos of the night sky looking for a meteor.
NASA says about 20 to 30 meteors will appear in an hour due to the full moon.
The northern hemisphere will be the best place to watch.
Perseids from dust and debris left behind SwiftTuttle comet.
Every August, the Earth passes through the cloud of debris from the comet, and the visible meteor is part of the debris that burns in the atmosphere.
Flash mob: young people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania face early curfew on Friday and Saturday nights in response to the recent flash
Mob violence in the city
Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to appear on the streets of Philadelphia City Center and University City After 9: 00 in the evening. m.
In other parts of the city, the curfew is still 10. m.
Midnight for those under 13 and those under 18.
Philadelphia police say violators will be taken home or taken to the police station and face a fine of between $100 and $300.
Parents of violators will receive a warning of the first crime, and subsequent offences may be fined up to $500.
The "flash family" is a group of people who decided to gather somewhere after being organized by email.
Email and social media
The city accused the mobs of carrying out several attacks on residents in recent weeks.
The beating seriously injured people.
Police custody death: a growing controversy over the death of a homeless person during the arrest, a city council in Southern California will meet on Friday to decide whether to hire a consultant to review its police station.
Kelly Thomas died last month after fuller ton had a fight with police that prosecutors described as "violent and desperate.
The Orange County district attorney and the FBI are investigating the incident, which is investigating violations of civil rights.
The death of the mentally divided Thomas led to temporary changes in the local police station.
Police Chief Michael Cyrus took paid sick leave this week when at least one member of parliament asked him to resign.
Six fulleton officers on suspicion of involvement
City officials say Thomas's death in custody "has been given paid administrative leave and you need to know three things today.
NFL preseason: Are you ready to play football?
There was a labor dispute between NFL owners and players earlier this summer, and there was concern that we would wait for the college games to begin answering the question.
But under the labor agreement of the league in July 25, training camp started, and tonight we will have the first pre-season game in the NFL.
The Jaguar is in the Patriots;
The Crows visited the Eagles.
The Seahawks went to the charger in ESPN's game;
The wild horse of the Cowboys;
The Cardinals visited the Raiders.
Ten more teams will start their preseason on Friday.
Even if the game starts, SI.
According to com, due to the delay in the labor agreement, there is still a considerable amount of free
Looking for agent players at home.
PGA golf: The Last of the 2011 Grand four tournaments of golf, the PGA Championship, held on Thursday in suburban Atlanta, with a focus on two players, Tiger Woods and Rory McRoy, cameron Murphy of golf magazine wrote.
"The PGA will define the definition of each major occupation, whether it will be a memorable step in a player's journey to rule the world, or a victory that is not easy to forget --than-
Legendary golfer
This means that this PGA tournament is all about Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods before further notice, "Morfit wrote.
Special guests will include William Shatner, known in conference literature as "one of the world's popular cultural treasures", as well as Leonard Nemo and several actors in subsequent generations of shows and films.
There are three things you need to know today.
The American spelling champion will be crowned in Texas on Wednesday afternoon.
Jesse dabinigel Richards (Nigel Richards), a graduate student at Berkeley, California, and Kenji Matsumoto, Aiea, Hawaii, lead the race, which will enter the final day of the race. Twenty-
Eight rounds have been completed and three will be held on Wednesday.
The winner received a prize of $10,000.
Nearly 350 players took part in the national spelling championship at the Dallas interstate.
You can live on the Internet.
The game starts at 10. m.
End around 3: 30. m. ET. News Corp. : News Corp.
Fiscal year will be announced-
Wednesday's earnings report showed that after a short break, Rupert Murdoch, the troubled chairman and CEO, could regain focus. A phone-
The hacking scandal brought 168-year-
The old newspaper has ended and has caused parliamentary investigations in the UK, which may raise concerns about a routine report that is usually only combed by shareholders.
A key group of news groups
Investors called on the company to separate the role of chairman and CEO, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.
The group also wants most of its board members to be independent, the report said.
Dodge stadium beating: Two California men are scheduled to be summoned in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning for beating San Francisco Giants fans in the Dodge stadium parking lot.
A hospital spokesman said Tuesday that victim Brian Stowe was still hospitalized for brain damage.
Marvin Norwood, 30, and Louis Sanchez, 29, are both accused of intentional injury, assault and assault, all three of which are felony, according to complaints provided by the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.
Sanchez has also been charged with two minor crimes.
One for battery and the other for attack
According to the complaint, a lawsuit was filed against two other persons on the same day.
According to the prosecutor's office, Sanchez and Norwood were arrested in their home in San Bernardino County on July 21, each of whom was released on bail for $500,000.
There are three things you need to know today.
Gas prices: will the sharp fall in global stock markets ease pressure on gas stations?
Oil prices have fallen more than 17% in the past month, closing at $83 on Monday.
According to CNNMoney, a bucket.
That's down from $100 a barrel two weeks ago.
Prices are expected to rise this year.
The government will release its monthly price outlook on Tuesday.
Whether oil prices rise again may depend on whether market forecasters think global economic demand will weaken after the stock market sell-off --offs.
Meanwhile, national average gasoline prices fell about a penny overnight to $3.
According to AAA's daily fuel schedule, $65 per gallon.
The average is $3. 70 a week ago.
Heat Warning: The National Weather Service said on Tuesday it has issued a heat warning for most parts of the United StatesS.
Forecasters say East Orlando and southeast Louis Anna must endure at least one more day of high-temperature observation or warning, while high-temperature warnings in the southern Plains and parts of the South-East take effect
Polygamous trial: the penalty phase of the Warren Jeffers trial is scheduled to start closing the case on Tuesday morning.
The polygamous leader was convicted last week on two charges of sexual assault on children.
The prosecution and the defense will have 30 minutes to make a statement on Tuesday.
Consideration is expected to commence immediately thereafter.
On Monday, the two sides closed the case without the defense calling any witnesses.
There are three things you need to know today.
Waves threaten factories: Chinese workers are repairing a dam damaged by the massive waves of tropical storm Muifa to protect a petrochemical plant, Xinhua reported.
Waves of up to 65 feet (20 meters)
The Xinhua news agency reported, citing military personnel under repair, that the Dylan dam was destroyed.
Officials are concerned that a toxic leak could occur if the water reaches the nuclear power plant.
According to Xinhua News Agency, Fujia chemical plant produces p-PX, a carcinogenic chemical used in the production of polyester films and fabrics.
Dangerous high temperatures: On Monday, most parts of Orlando and Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi were warned of high temperatures because the high temperatures index in those areas could reach 110 degrees.
The National Weather Service warned most outdoor activities, saying
Situations of threats may occur, especially if appropriate hydration is not performed.
Forecasters say some areas may receive limited relief from thunderstorms, but they also warn that dangerous high temperatures in other areas may not break until mid-week.
LeBron's bikeathon: Miami Heat star LeBron James will return to his hometown of Akron, Ohio on Monday, this time leading 2. 6-
As part of his "educational wheels" initiative, miles of bicycles cross the streets of the city.
James and 20 high school students will pedal from Akron University to East High School, where hundreds of students in the program will wait for them.
Cycling will be the first event since the project went through the King's renaming of the children's bikeA-Thon.
The initiative strives to improve the academic achievements of the third university
Grade students from single
Parents and families.
"We feel it's time to change Bikeathon to something more educational at the same time," James told Akron Lighthouse Magazine . ".
"We feel good about it.
"There are three things you need to know today.
Jupiter mission: NASA plans to launch the Juno satellite on Friday, starting five-year, 400-million-
The space agency hopes to use it to reveal how the solar system is formed.
Plan in 11:34 take off. m. ET.
Astronomers at the Kennedy Space Center said the Juno mission will provide unprecedented insight into the formation of the solar system by investigating what is underneath Jupiter's atmosphere.
Jupiter is known for its violent storms and gas atmosphere.
After extreme weather
The heat wave has caused fatal losses across the country, especially for athletes, two soccer players and a coach died this week in summer football training.
The heat wave is now the second month-
Set up electricity in Texas and killed dozens of people in the United StatesS. heartland.
At the same time, Tropical Storm Emily will bring heavy rain to Haiti on Thursday, rushing straight to the port-au-
Many earthquake victims live in unstable conditions.
Nearly $12,000N.
Peacekeepers are on standby urgently.
Typhoon Kabayan, expected to be a four-level storm, could hit or pass Japan's Okinawa later on Thursday.
The Typhoon boosted monsoon rainfall in northern Philippines. Turkey recall -
Cargill Meat Solutions
Announced an immediate recall of 36 million pounds of turkey chicken as it could be contaminated with salmonella bacteria.
The company said Cargill's factory in Springdale, Arkansas processed fresh and frozen turkey products between February 20-8 and 2.
At least one person died in 26 states and 76 were ill.
After Tropical Storm Emily-
According to the National Hurricane Center, the Bahamas government has released a tropical storm watch report to prepare for Emily, a storm that continues to move to the northeast of the Caribbean.
Emily expects to strengthen slightly before leaving the dominican Republic and Haiti later on Wednesday. Post-
Market watch-
Tuesday was the biggest of the Dow.
Lost twice in two months.
Fears of recession spread.
What will Wednesday bring?
In addition, CNN reporters have also seen some people who may be squeezed by debt --
Hospitals, airports, jobs-
Seekers and students
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