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cnn - where to get mylar

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cnn  -  where to get mylar
Unknown part: New Mexico radio October 5, 2013-
22: 00 ETTHIS is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Host Anthony burden: I 've been wearing cowboy boots since I was 14.
Maybe it's because my little boy's role model is always a man in a black hat.
Richard Boone, in the Gun Will Travel, Robert Vaughan is in the magnificent seven.
Silent killer.
"There are men of the past.
They come from other parts of the Western United States.
A place to re-invent, new life is always possible.
As long as you are willing to kill for it. (MUSIC)
The myth of the West almost captures the imagination of Americans.
None of us can escape it.
For a long time, we have been in the image of the Lonely Cowboy, the perception of the frontier values, the self
Sufficiency, rugged individualism, freedom to open up space.
In the United States, few places can reflect the imaginary mythical landscape like New Mexico.
What does freedom mean?
It seems like a different thing for everyone, but something in this place manages to grab the overlap between a lot of different cultures.
The old Route 66 was like a collapsed vein passing through New Mexico, Santa Fe and Albuquerque.
It must have been like magic.
Families loaded a large number of chrome and steel chariots with a powerful V8 engine and took off along the Black jump Road.
They hang out in the whimsical motel and room and swim in the kidneys. shaped pools.
Then everything becomes redundant.
In addition to the desperate and lazy host of the tour show, Route 66 has been retired, chopped and mostly forgotten.
Will anyone else on CNN do this, like driving around 10: 15 p. m. looking for tortillas? Yes. Probably.
I'll say this.
The street looks more interesting at night.
You can imagine Dennis Hooper laughing and dismembering someone in any sinister place on an unfolded TARP ffing --
Rooms in the motel. Cool.
Hope to eat tortillas first, because you really don't want to eat them after you 've eaten ice poison.
In ancient times, the real driver would hang the enemy's testicles behind --view mirrors. Best-
The case scenario here, in my opinion, is the taco truck, which has a lot of them.
The parking lot, the smell of the mysterious part on the baking tray, yes.
Knowing my love for all Mexican dishes, you might want me to have tortillas for the next hour.
The gesture without the scene is good.
Damn tortillas village.
Come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and have tortillas here.
30 steel sleeves per Magazine break as fast as your finger pulls the trigger.
You might ask yourself, why would someone need such a weapon? The AR-
15 is one of the most critical weapons for gun opponents.
This is also America's favorite rifle.
Unidentified male: I never thought I 'd say someone from New York was shooting AR-
In New Mexico, but I was impressed.
We love them as a country.
There are about 4 million in circulation.
This is the case.
Unidentified male: basically, AR-
15 is the semi-automatic civil version of M-16.
The funny thing is, in relation, this gun is almost the same as this one, but it's evil.
Shooting the same caliber, the same magazine capacity, looks a little different.
I'm from the East Coast.
I'm a New Yorker.
But I'm from a place where someone in a bar on the street sees weapons as the reason for the panic.
Here, in most parts of the United States between New York and Los AngelesA.
You walk into a bar and see someone with a weapon, like, you know, that's my neighbor, you know, maybe he's going hunting. Maybe he's --who knows?
Most people you know have their own guns?
Most people you know have guns?
Everyone I know.
Hello everyone.
Unidentified man: the vast majority.
Unidentified male: I have a rifle before I take a baseball bat.
Meet Jesse, Bill, Bo, and Daniel.
When we see the latest statistics on gun purchases in the United States, we are talking about almost Who, and we shake our heads ununderstandably.
Cultural differences are much more divided than policy, which makes the issue of gun control so polarized and, frankly, hopeless.
Unidentified male: He had a gun before he had a baseball bat.
I have the same situation.
I was shooting a BB gun when I was 5 and I knew it was not a toy and it was a weapon and I was very nice --
My father is in charge of the education of using that equipment.
This is very important to me.
Unidentified male: I 've been shooting and I 've always tried to shoot better than last week. It's relaxing.
You went out with your friends.
M: very interesting.
Bolden: I think all of us have a dark elf who wants to pick up the gun, point to something and explode.
Unidentified man: this is a new Springfield arm 9mm with 19 round clips.
BOURDAIN: Yes. I like guns.
I don't have a gun, but I like to have it.
I like to shoot them.
Unidentified male: This is a Glock. 22.
Cheaper than 40 caliber.
Bolden: There's something compelling, creepy rush, a sense of evil empowerment, feeling the warm glow of these heavy iconic shapes in your hands.
Kids, get off my lawn.
Unidentified male: that's 357 of Magnan. It's an eight-shot revolver.
Bolden: This guy is playing bigger. Yes?
Unidentified male: a bit.
BOURDAIN: you can't help but say "Make My Day" or "feel lucky, punk" silently ".
"You can do this all day. (LAUGHTER)
No matter what you think about the issue, in fact, gun culture is ingrained in the country.
Yes, this is where I grew up. This is --
In fact, I shot my first turkey with this gun when I was 12.
It's a 22-ring fire-fighting cylinder.
This is probably the type of gun that most children are starting to use.
These people are not the ones I should worry about, I think. They are nice.
Very patient with a city boy who wants to play with a gun.
Unidentified male: There is a Magnan in Winchester, 338.
This is a big bullet for big games like elk.
Unidentified man: there is a target on the hillside.
Can you see it?
Look now, sir.
New York City liberals start shooting from 244 windswept yards. Oh, wow.
Now, have I considered the wind drop and the wind distance ---what?
Unidentified male: Yes you want to target 13mm on the left and 4mm high and you will get hitcenter. (LAUGHTER)
On the left?
Unidentified male: No, hold on. (CROSSTALK)
I'm just kidding.
Take advantage of the City boys.
Unidentified male: Wind 20 miles per hour.
Man: Yes.
It is difficult to hold a rifle in this wind without a bracket.
All eyes are staring at you, no pressure.
Man: very close, right?
Man: Yes.
He may have a hair left.
Man: I think it was a little high at that time.
Man: A little right.
Unidentified male: But it was really good, Tony.
I mean, you don't miss it too much.
Man: You are really close.
You will hit them. Exhale. Squeeze.
The biggest thing is to let it surprise you.
When you pull the trigger, squeeze slowly.
You won't flinch every time it goes out, which should surprise you.
Unidentified male: Looks good.
It's right in my opinion.
I have to tell you that I am proud of myself.
Somewhere near, I think.
He is born.
BOURDAIN: You think, like, people who don't like guns, if they have a day to shoot targets here ---
Man: Yes. BOURDAIN: --
I suspect that quite a few of them will at least moderate their views to some extent.
Unknown man: Thousand %. Absolutely.
Unidentified male: of course, you will certainly get respect for its power.
Overall, these guys and I should be free to buy all the guns we want.
What I'm not sure about is the rest of you.
I know how to shoot beer cans. (LAUGHTER)
The zombie apocalypse is here, and I'm ready.
Just take the beer. (LAUGHTER)(
Business break)
So when I grew up, when I was a kid, I played cowboys and Indians.
Cowboy myth has such a great attraction to the American selfidentity.
I remember.
Playing cowboys and Indians is only part of culture.
You know, Steve McQueen, you respect John Wayne.
My 12-year-old won't even think of cowboys.
This is David Manzanares.
His family has lived here for generations, all the way back to the conquistors of Spain.
Manzanares: You know, Tony, those cliff walls are 0. 16 billion years old.
And the bottom, about 220.
They can be traced back to the three fold era.
This is the Phantom Ranch, right next door to the spread of David.
It was the last and most productive decades of Georgia O'Keefe's life.
Now you have seen her painting.
This is what she said about my country.
You know, I didn't know who Georgia O'Keefe was until I was in my early 20 s.
MANZANARES: growing up with her, like a grandmother.
I entered a Los Angeles. A.
I went to the gallery outside and I saw the paintings.
I say like an idiot, why do you have a picture of my house?
Please take a step back, she said.
That's Georgia O'Keefe.
It will become more beautiful.
It will become more beautiful.
BOURDAIN: A Biographer at O'Keefe is known for this landscape that attracts artists, fancy, vulgar, and poorly savored, and it's hard to understand if you look around.
For people like me who live, this is the other side of the universe.
It's incredible who lives in the city and for whom the backyard is so big.
There is a view that open spaces like this attract some type of personality.
Manzanares: You know, this country, either hugs you or spit you out in a year.
BOURDAIN: We arrived at a place called The Thief Valley, which, of course, was once considered a notorious paradise for wrest hands.
They call it a rabbit.
Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.
My God, I'm in my 50 s.
Everything is still. -
One day, find an outstanding adult segment.
Three generations of Manzanares are with me this evening.
Herman, David and Max.
We will try our best to prepare a small meal.
Does anyone want coffee?
Let me get some.
Who am I kidding?
I'm a city boy. Yes.
I want to get Jack parance here. Come on.
Who am I kidding?
Dan Flores has also joined us as a respected authority, professor of history, and author of the book horizontal yellow: Nature and History near southwest.
"How about Spanish in New Mexico?
I mean, how powerful is the echo in Spain?
Unidentified male: Spain controls New Mexico far more than Mexico.
I think there are 10 and 11 new Mexican families.
When they look back on themselves, they think they are Spanish.
Unidentified men: these traditions continue to thrive in these small pockets.
We broke contact with Spain.
So I used to work with people from Spain and they kept laughing at me.
What they told me is OK, and you can end it with the wording of Don gikod.
I speak today--
Have a good morning, sir.
They are like stop making fun of us.
You know what I said?
I'm not making fun of you.
That's how we talk.
You know, we went to see Grandpa. he only knew 500. year-ago Spanish.
Unidentified male: Maybe if we are lucky enough, we will let Grandpa play the harmonica as he used to when he was in a cow.
But I have a plan for the meat.
Well, the meat is yours.
Okay, okay.
Man: Just call me cooky.
Some good local beef, hot coal, cast iron pans.
Do you want the green pepper here?
Man: Yes.
Beautiful Bolden. Yes.
I'm going to throw those peppers in, a little bit. -
Stewed for a few minutes, that's fine.
I just need some water flowers like beer. Beautiful.
We have some beans, some potatoes, some corn bread.
We do our best.
This is ready.
Man: Let's eat.
Unidentified man: dig in.
We did a good job, gentlemen.
Man: It's not a joke.
Thank you, Tony.
This is great.
Bolden: I want to know. you have been here for so long. can you still live somewhere else, your family?
Man: not me. No, not me.
Unidentified man: this is my home.
I always get calls here.
I have been to Paris and live in Los Angeles. A. for a while.
Paris is great, you know.
Man: Great.
But it's not here.
Dan, I'm curious why you chose--
Why did you come here at first?
Open space.
Because I grew up in an environment where you can't see 50 feet.
I mean, the forest is so dense.
I used to climb the top of the tree on the highest mountain just to see the forest.
So the idea of being able to see the scenery does force me to do so.
BOURDAIN: The big hole is a truly profound and profound feeling for some type of person. (
Business break)
BOURDAIN: since Santa Fe was established as a province of New Spain before 1598, gray pioneers and enthusiastic pioneers have come to this ruthless land
Welcome to Santa Fe today.
There we can all live in Western dreams and even buy a small piece to take home.
You will love it.
We are almost rooted in the Native American culture, and now in a new, politically correct era, we have decided to love the Indians and all the Native American things.
We're a bit, but we're not really sorry.
But how much is that (INAUDIBLE).
That's not all.
The new West is inclusive.
Woman: Welcome to Santa Fe.
BOURDAIN: you already have a whole set of new age crystal types that seek the purity and intensity of the spirit in the harsh but beautiful landscape.
This is the last place in America. S.
You can wear deer skin and stripes without irony.
When holding the Buddha blanket
Deep in this ordinary heart
Looks like five cents, really authentic stuff. Hi.
Please give me a Fito pie and a soda.
This is a French pie.
Like apple pie or the Manhattan Project, it's almost fatal.
Canned Lotus pepper
Orange Cheese
It's like a substance falling off like a drink and another roller falling into a bag of fried food at night.
It feels like you're holding warm garbage in your bag.
Close your eyes and I put this in your hand and you will be very worried. (INAUDIBLE).
This dish is imposed on everything (INAUDIBLE)
It is delicious, though.
Neither the Frito nor the Frito are native to New Mexico.
They're actually Texans.
You have a lot of great things in New Mexico.
This is Texas.
I managed to reach the depth of my self.
It usually takes a night of drinking to achieve disgust.
Just like after drinking tequila and strip clubs, you will find the Frito pie experience.
As I set out again in my mighty Ford Galaxy, a warm, spreading glow filled my stomach.
But I'm also frustrated. Frito pie.
I smell the metaphor.
When it comes to explosive diarrhea-
You know, the first atomic bomb exploded in the desert of New Mexico on 1945.
Sushi bar, gallery, massage studio. Crystals? We got them.
I think I need to adjust the way I vent because I see the signs of darkness in all of this. (LAUGHTER)
Dan flores: Well, there are a lot of dark signs.
Today is Friday.
Flores: I assure you that this food will make you feel relaxed.
BOURDAIN: horsmann's Paradise Cafe sits next to a gas station, which is almost far from the square and can be reached without leaving the restrictions of the city of San Dafi.
Flores: this is a pepper specially grown for this restaurant, which is not available anywhere else.
BOURDAIN: Dan Flores and I met again to see Santa Fe's most popular New Mexico cuisine from a historical perspective.
Flores: I know people who have traveled 300 or 400 miles to eat in the Knight's paradise.
Bourdon: with Kahn's encilada.
Red New Mexico chili sauce cuts pork with beans and rice.
There must be that.
A stew made of soaked pork and pork. And sopapilla.
Fried bread like spoon bread or Johnny cake.
Early Spaniards, early cows, railroad workers, and--
Do you know, on the way to creating this America, are people romantic about this part of the world?
Flores: they think it's a very difficult place.
On the one hand, it is very remote.
When you are here, it seems to be one of the farthest places on Earth.
I mean, initially, Americans came here because they thought Santa Fe was so far away from the rest of the Spanish empire that it was possible for the United States to take it off.
I don't think anyone will be romantic about it until the Taos painter arrives.
Bolden: a long start
The tradition of the art pilgrimage is to catch the groove of the spirit, every utopian dreamer, the eccentric New Agger, who all come here to look for anything. Mmm, chilies. All right.
Thank you very much.
Unidentified male: Level 3.
Flores: Is that Level 3? All right.
We will be very careful.
Mexican peppers are divided into two types: red pepper and green pepper.
Flores: By the way, this is a state issue in New Mexico.
Red or green?
Red or green.
I usually like green.
Like the Yankees or the Mets.
You have to choose one.
However, this green is not a normal green.
My face is burning.
This is not normal. Oh, god. This hurts.
Flores: I'm going with you.
Faith is here.
One, two, three
It's a slow rolling.
First of all, you think everything will be OK. Then it's not.
You can do nothing but wait.
I think the peppers they use in pepper spray are the same.
Flores: if that tells you anything, or repels the Grizzlies.
A glass of this wine will take you to the hospital.
Flores: It's not a joke.
Everyone in the restaurant looks calm.
Maybe they don't eat this.
Bolden: they all just wanted to get rid of their screams. (
Business break)
History belongs to the winners, they say.
Here, the myth of the Western United States began to take root, romantic legends began, and history was almost rewritten.
This is never empty.
As Dan Flores wrote, the concept of wilderness itself is a cultural construct.
As early as 1539, Franciscan friars Marcos De Nessa (Marcos De Niza) reported that he had seen from a distance the seven cities he called Cibola, the possible golden cities of these cities.
The famous Spanish conquistador, Coronado, soon sent out an expedition where there was indeed a city.
Thank you for inviting us.
Community leader Ivan Pino's home in Zia Pueblo.
I came to join him in a traditional safari with his nephew Robert and his family.
So we have to take our shotgun with us.
We will bring our rabbit sticks.
You know, do it in the bar.
Unidentified male: more difficult.
Unidentified male: prayer is always good so that animals can be willing to commit suicide. (
Speak in a foreign language)
Burden: The Pueblo people who have lived here since about 1250. D.
Long before the Spaniards or others arrived in a well-organized society.
They built more than one.
Adobe Apartments block.
They farm the land.
Irrigation crops using a complex water separation system.
All of this, in Hell, looks like a land of harsh ruthlessness.
It's a good day for hunting, though, because the breeze is nice and cloudy.
The breeze is beautiful.
Man: It's not too hot.
Buden: a long time ago, Pueblo learned to adapt to difficult times, the dry season, war and invasion.
There was nothing for a few years.
They have to deal with it.
We found a mouse.
Our first pack of mice.
BOURDAIN: In preparation for the summer solstice ceremony, games like rabbits and packed mice were collected to the medics as a reward for his service.
Did you notice some feces, fresh ones?
Unidentified male: You see feces and you know there's one around.
At this time of the day, they will be at home.
There are too many predators around.
Burden: not easy.
Once you find a nest, you have to dig those little assholes.
You dig, you dig.
You dig more.
Unidentified male: There is a lot of work to do for a small rodent.
That's what I think. Yes.
Unidentified male: This is what our ancestors sometimes have to do.
You know, when time gets tough.
Now the drought is happening.
If we don't have a grocery store--
Bolden: Yes.
Hope you wash it. -
Man: Do you understand?
Unidentified man: here it is.
Man: Yes.
Bolden: give him a heavy blow to the head.
The ratio of work to protein is not what hunters like.
Unidentified man: a beard.
His tail is a little small.
Plant it back.
Bolden: in order to ensure the regeneration of this once important food source, tradition and ceremony need to put a part of the animal back into the nest.
I will never be hungry.
BOURDAIN: It's really a kind of respect to find a packed mouse, a recognition of an important moment in the early days. The 25-
Drought of the year.
As a city boy, I feel very relieved that these small animals are for the medical people because we don't actually eat any of them.
On the contrary, Ivan's wife, Linda, is preparing a very traditional menu.
Unidentified male: nothing is wasted when our game is brought home.
You know, we'll dry the bones and dehydrate them.
Bourdon: deer bone stew, red pepper stew, stewed with dry elk and potatoes, stewed with chrysanthemum beans, which is baked corn and tortillas.
There are more peppers, of course.
Unidentified male: We call this dish chili as you gather and push around.
Unidentified male: push around until you see what you want.
Man: Yes.
The peppers in this state are amazing.
The seeds have passed on generation after generation.
They live at home.
BOURDAIN: What is the proportion of young people leaving without coming back?
Man: There won't be too many people leaving.
Man: No.
Some people leave, but in the end you have a desire deep inside, you want to go home, you want to learn your culture, you want to be a part of everything.
BOURDAIN: it's understatement to say that the first Europeans to contact Indians are culturally harmful.
What do you think of Americans, given history?
Unidentified male: This village is unique because we can easily ignore everything that happens outside and stay silent here and we do it sometimes.
We closed the road and we did our own business here.
But the specific situation is different.
Maybe even a generation.
We have a veteran, a veteran, a veteran who serves in our army.
Bolden: a great tradition of serving in the Army.
Man: Yes.
Unidentified male: We are still Outdoor.
We are survivors.
I have dealt with the elements of dust, rain and hail.
But it made me a better person.
We are ourselves.
We will still be here. (
Business break)
Bolden: Raise your head in the dark. The night sky.
There is no light pollution from nearby cities, you can see something.
Of course, you have a rich tradition.
Science fiction stuff.
The Manhattan Project in Los Alamos, a nuclear missile launch well hidden deep in the desert.
It's out there.
Where are we?
Unidentified male: The starting point where everything seems to start.
BOURDAIN: submit your approval.
Norrio and his friend James, two people associated with the New Mexico UFO and supernatural Forum.
The unidentified male: this is the real start of the American rocket launch.
Bolden: at the end of World War II, confidential units of the CIA and military intelligence are busy loading sand and sneaking away from possible prosecutions, the best rocket scientist in the world
Did I mention they were Nazis?
Oh yes, many of them have been sent here.
Some other very mysterious things even happened in 1947.
Bourdon: 1947 Roswell incident.
Man: That's right.
This is still a mystery.
Some people say.
You'll notice that they always say that in those questionable, cheap reformulated doc shows.
It was said to be the wreckage of an alien ship.
They were doing something cool at the time.
For example, a Mela.
Like designed to carry high-altitude balloons.
Resolution cameras across the Soviet Union.
When they rise up in the atmosphere, they make pancakes like flying saucers.
Can this explain excessive enthusiasm and mysterious behavior?
I mean, if one of these things crashed in the desert, you can understand a whole bunch of evil things well --
Looks like the body will show up and start telling people never to talk about the incident-
Unidentified male: It's hard to say, you know, but any army can create a cover story for anything.
BOURDAIN: is it possible to be a robot or an alien?
Unidentified male: Well, you know, I heard there was, but I heard there was no.
We're going to take you to a place, a secret place.
Bolden: Yes.
Unidentified male: a place known as Area 51 of Albuquerque.
BOURDAIN: No investigation will be involved.
You know, because every time there's something alien, there's always exploration.
Always with detection
I don't understand.
Like, if they 've been here for years, haven't they done enough research yet?
Well, if you were like in a ghost adventure, you 'd really be playing this one.
Some say the area is used for sinister experiments.
Say half robot
We need to find some scientific ways.
This is better than Area 51.
It's like District 61.
Area 61 is actually a fenced landscape of Kirkland Air Force Base.
Unidentified male: Frontier of military research development and testing.
There are many lights in the evening.
This is a huge complex.
BOURDAIN: in fact, there used to be something really cool being tested in the desert.
It could be DARPA, NSA or air force. Who knows?
You think so--
Do you think there are other forms of life among us?
Man: Yes, I know.
Who do you think it is?
M: Well, I have different opinions personally.
This completely unfamiliar concept is a cover story to hide certain types of items, but I may be wrong.
But I try to be a realist, but I am open to anything.
BOURDAIN: To be sure, there are already real records in the film, somewhere between silos, underground cities, supposed nuclear waste piles and alien cemeteries, there is a big animal and a hole in the ground.
For me, is there any strange beast that is now loaded into a grave-sized pit in the desert? (
Business break)
Bolden: Well, since the beginning of civilization, I think one of the first things we have to do is ---
Any society that learns to do is dig a hole and throw an animal in it, you know, cook it out.
They call it matanza.
Unidentified men: first, second, third, upper.
BOURDAIN: It's almost an old-
The school version of the barbecue, because it includes the burial of a huge pig and a large intake of alcohol.
About 20 minutes from the nearest paved road, it is a place called dead horse ranch.
The people who helped us make the show, their families, friends, and local New Mexico characters all gathered for the celebration.
Beer is available here.
There are a lot of local food here. And abundant. Did I say that?
Man: Tony, do you need a drink?
Bolden: it turns out that margar Tower wine is very delicious and deadly, and in any case, I believe I quickly made a classic mistake as far as I can remember, from margar tower to tequila.
It's really easier to meet new people.
Let me ask you.
Why does an alien visit like the US always involve anal sex at any time?
I have never heard of it before.
Man: once. No.
Am I into that?
But pig, pig.
What about the bodies in the desert?
It has been said that the tradition of Matanza dates back to the days of the Moors, when it must be secret to eat pigs.
But there is a bit of history to prove that in the last 17 hours the pig has cooked slowly on hot coal.
Unidentified male: I'm a bit of a peak on its ass.
It looks delicious.
Frank, he knows.
He runs a POJO barbecue in Albuquerque.
Unidentified male: just start sticking to part of it.
BOURDAIN: it's time to slice.
I came in to help Frank divide my little pig friend into parts of him. Beautiful.
First go to the legs of what you call fresh ham.
Then your four quarters, your shoulders and so on.
The Tenderloin and rib parts of your pork meat.
Nothing is wasted.
All these pig parts are delivered to Harold, who has been using them to make the real New Mexico Specialty rainbow.
Our 300-
Friends will waste.
He was cut into tortillas, added to the beans, cooked with Paso, and put into the pepper. Red or green.
Oh, yes, that will be beautiful.
I put a little bit of time on the grill.
Everyone here has put a lot of work into it.
They are hungry. Time to eat.
I don't know what the show is about, but I 've been thinking about it all the time.
This kind of cowboy, Mexican, Indian, romantic idea.
Many EastEnders come out and fall in love with the romantic concept of the West and want to come out here and create their own Western version.
Is this a good thing?
Unidentified men: as a nation, as a native culture, this is what helps us.
As a culture, it has been here for years.
We invite you to enjoy our sharing.
I mean, there are beans, peppers and corn in India.
The Spanish people brought pork.
I mean, we put it together and we had this meal here.
People love the local culture. they love the Spanish culture here.
This is not always the case when I was young.
You played cowboys and Indians when you were a child.
If there is an American idol hero, it is a cowboy.
Is there any resonance here?
Mexico, Spain, Pueblo, reservations, white, we are all cowboys here.
I am a native of New Mexico.
I went through the odd stages of my ownership of the place.
This is a weird mix of everything here, always. And that's --
This is identity. I don't know.
It allows some freedom.
Bolden: I want to wear cowboy boots and hats right now. do you have any sympathy for this?
Unidentified Woman: Well, I'm from New Mexico and yes, I want to put my wallet on my boots and hat as well.
It's so nice of you.
Man: of course.
I have a question for you, Tony.
What do you think of New Mexico?
What is your idea?
I want to boil it down to a simple statement.
If you are an oriental and you come to New Mexico, you will start to see metaphors on everything, but in fact, if you expand a little, you can say that New Mexico is a perfect metaphor for the United States.
This is a complete mutation.
It has Spanish, Mexican, American originals and added a little bit of radioactivity.
This is what America really looks like.
We are a culture of immigrants. we are a culture of guns.
The expression of American power and identity has always been a cowboy with a gun.
That goes deep.
This is the core of the American dream. love it or hate it.
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