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cod liver oil vs. fish oil capsules - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-16
cod liver oil vs. fish oil capsules  -  pet manufacturing process
3 is an important fatty acid known for its heart benefits, including lowering blood tg levels, a more regular heartbeat, reducing inflammation and reducing the formation of arterial plaques.
As recommended by the American Heart Association, cod liver oil and fish oil capsules are a great choice for people who are not willing to eat fish at least twice a week.
However, they are not suitable if you are allergic to fish or seafood as they can cause an allergic reaction.
Fish liver oil made.
The production process of cod liver oil and fish oil is different.
Cod liver oil is made of cod liver oil, so it is named.
After the fish liver is steamed, press the oil again.
Cod liver oil has liquid or capsules.
On the other hand, fish oil capsules are made from meat of different types of fish-
Such as salmon, herring or sardines-
Then press it to extract the oil.
The capsule contains extracted fish oil. Types of Omega-
Vs in cod liver oil 3.
Types of Omega: Fish Oil
The 3 found in cod liver oil and fish oil capsules are the same.
They all contain docosaolenacid or DHA, as well as 20 cosaenacid or EPA as a Marine source of omega-
3. the proportion is similar.
There's a third kind of Omega --3, called alpha-
Flax seed oil or ALA was found in some vegetable products such as flax seeds, walnuts, rapeseed seeds and soybean oil.
The DHA Pauling Institute explained that both DHA and EPA are present in cod liver oil and fish oil capsules, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.
Extra vitamins in cod liver oil
The main difference between cod liver oil and cod liver oil capsules is that cod liver oil contains fat-
Soluble vitamin A and D
Because these vitamins are stored in the liver of the fish, they are present in cod liver oil, but not in cod liver oil capsules. Fat-
Soluble vitamins can lead to excessive toxicity.
The tolerable upper limit intake (UL) for adults is set to 2,000 IU of vitamin D and 3,000 IU of vitamin.
Beyond this UL, vitamin D can lead to nausea, vomiting, weakness and constipation, while vitamin A can lead to birth defects, liver problems, osteoporosis, and even central nervous system diseases.
Pollutants in cod liver oil
Another region of cod liver oil and cod liver oil capsules is their level of contamination of pollutants.
The liver has many functions, including filtering different substances in the body.
Thus, cod liver oil may contain more environmental contaminants such as PCBs or PCBs than other fish oil capsules.
In terms of contaminants, fish oil capsules are relatively safe because mercury and PCBs tend to accumulate in the meat of the fish, not in the oil.
Keep in mind that young children, pregnant women and nursing women are more vulnerable to heavy metals and, therefore, should consult a doctor to discuss any issues.
Cod liver oil.
As cod liver oil contains high levels of vitamin A and D and is more likely to contain PCBs and other contaminants, pregnant women should avoid taking it.
Excessive intake of vitamin A during pregnancy can lead to some birth defects, including abnormalities in the eyes, heart and skull.
It is safer to take fish oil capsules during pregnancy;
They provide the same omega.
3. there is no risk of excessive fat.
Soluble vitamins or contamination of the fetus.
Average American consumption 0. 1 to 0.
2 mg of EPA and DHA, omega-3.
Recommendation 0 of the World Health Organization. 3 to 0.
A combination of 5 mg EPA and DHA per day, whether from consumption of fresh fish or supplements such as cod liver oil or fish oil capsules.
If you are interested in taking fish oil supplements, please talk to your doctor or pharmacist to determine omega-
3 interact with some drugs, especially blood thinners such as warfarin and aspirin.
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