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coke, ford, nike, others back petroleum-free, plant-based plastics - polyethylene terephthalate

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
coke, ford, nike, others back petroleum-free, plant-based plastics  -  polyethylene terephthalate
Five of China's largest companies are fully supporting the factory.
In the name of ecology
Friendly Coca-ColaCola Co. ,Ford Motor Co. ,H. J. Heinz Co. ,Nike Inc.
P & G company to jointly develop and use the factory-
PET plastic in products including bottles, clothing, footwear, automotive fabrics and carpets.
PET is a durable, lightweight resin, officially called PET. Plant-
Like many other plastics, the plastic-based version does not require oil.
Coca-Cola's current PlantBottle program draws on similar ideas using packages made in parts of materials made from sugar cane.
Some of Heinz's ketchup bottles have the same set up.
Coca-Cola, the world's largest manufacturer of soft drinks, is not the only company to start green packaging.
Pepsi announced last year a plastic bottle made entirely from a factory.
Fully renewable resources such as pine bark, grass and corn crust.
The company has brands such as Tropicana and Frito.
Lay said it also plans to explore other materials such as orange peel and Yan mai pi.
Oil prices have been high recently, and many companies are looking for more natural ingredients for their products.
The Ford car interior uses soybean foam;
Other companies that produce oil
Free memory foam mattress, detergent, candles, etc.
Members of the new pet cooperative say they want to find new uses for plastic while supporting life
Cycle Research and standardized terminology for companies and consumers.
The group has even received support from the World Wildlife Fund.
"Fossil fuels such as oil have a significant impact on the Earth's biodiversity, climate and other natural systems," said Irene Simon, senior project official for packaging, a propaganda group.
"Managing our natural resources sustainably and finding alternatives to fossil fuels is a business and environmental priority.
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Plastic bottles based on plants?
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