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commercial daylighting retrofit gains advocate with new collaboration - translucent polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
commercial daylighting retrofit gains advocate with new collaboration  -  translucent polycarbonate
The two leaders in the business lighting transformation industry announced plans to work together to serve this booming market. Duo-
Guardian Industries
And SpecPro
Services will be provided to architects, designers, contractors and owners handling existing lighting systems in the building envelope.
This alliance provides a single
SOURCE solutions to the energy efficiency, aesthetic, economic and occupant productivity challenges faced by building owners.
SpecPro, based in Papillion NE, has 65 years of combined experience in consulting, inspection, forensic analysis, maintenance, repair and replacement of existing systems.
The company is now a national transformation distributor for DuoGard.
Founded in 1984, headquartered in Canton MI, Duo-
Gard designs, engineers and manufactures commercial lighting systems for renovation and new construction, specializing in translucent polycarbonate glazing technology and proprietary frames.
Both companies say they are responding to the urgent needs of the industry.
Researchers at the Rocky Mountain Institute report that the vast majority of current building inventory will remain in 2030.
Today, most of these stocks live in dilapidated, degraded lighting systems that waste energy and the productivity of workers.
This provides a great opportunity for the fitters.
"Many owners do not know that they need to carry out lighting renovation;
In fact, most people don't know about effective lighting and the many positive results it produces, "said Jeff STEBA, director of operations at SpecPro.
"With two people
Gard, we are advocates of building owners and we can solve their lighting problems no matter what challenges we face.
According to David Miller
Gard's president, this partnership has opened up a new dimension for the company, which has pioneered many lighting innovations from the very beginning.
"This new collaboration allows us to expand our business to transformation by integrating strategies, systems and advanced technologies," he said . ".
"Combine the experience and expertise of SpecPro and Duo --
Gard has brought new vitality to the market in the transformation.
"Edit the dual core of the contact
Gard: Julie Mead, marketing manager623-0561 / jmead(at)duo-gard(dot)
Marketing consultant comLinda Byam761-7990 / lbyam(at)duo-gard(dot)
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