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communism through rose-colored glasses - colored glass film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
communism through rose-colored glasses  -  colored glass film
"In the spring of 1932, desperate officials eager to work and even live realized that new famine could be happening and began collecting as much grain as possible.
Mass confiscations have taken place across the United States. S. S. R.
In Ukraine, they almost reached the level of fanfare.
"I quote a few words from the" Red Famine ", the brilliant new history of Anne applaum's massive hunger policy against Ukraine in early 1930.
It is estimated that 5 million people have died in just a few years.
Walter Duranti, a Soviet correspondent for The Times, insisted that the story of famine was false.
In 1932, he won the Pulitzer Prize for the newspaper's later "completely misleading" reportage.
"I want to know how many readers are familiar with the history of atrocities and denial, in addition to the vague way?
How many people know the name of Lazar Kaganovich, one of Stalin's main followers in famine?
Other chapters in the history of Communist terrorism, large and small, were expelled from Crimea Tatars to Peru's glorious path to Brezhnev --
Age mental institutions used to torture and imprison dissidents?
Why do people who know all about the infamous prison on Robben Island in South Africa have never heard of the prison on Paines Island in Cuba?
Why is Marxism still valued on university campuses and progressive publishing houses?
To be the same, to rightly demand the removal of the Southern Union statues, they will even feel an inner aversion to Lenin or the hipsters of the Mao era. shirts?
These are not the initial problems.
But it is worth mentioning that today's progressive people are still in a permanent and dangerous half.
Denying the legacy of communism a century after the birth of Russia.
No, they're not true.
Believe Communist Party
No, they don't know the price of the Great Leap Forward or the killing ground.
No, they're not destroying democracy.
But they will insist that there is an essential difference between Nazism and communism. between race-
Hatred and classhatred;
Buchwald and Gulag
This is morally beneficial to the latter.
They will try to separate the theory of communism from practice in order to make the former innocent.
They will strike a balance between acknowledging Communist repression and mass murder and the "real progress and achievements" of communism.
They will say that real communism has never been tried.
They will write in a sympathetic and understandable tone about the Stalinist playwright Lilian Heyman, who never expressed sympathy and understanding to the film director Elia Kazan.
Progressive intellectuals "are half-moralists against the world, but in line with the extreme realism indulgence of the revolutionary movement, French scholar Raymond Allen wrote in" the opium of intellectuals "in 1955.
"How many intellectuals have come to the revolutionary party through the road of moral indignation, and finally indulge in terror and dictatorship?
"On Thursday, I noticed that intellectuals have a long history of deceiving themselves on political commitments, a phenomenon that is entirely bipartisan.
But the consequences of the left-
Travel and excuses
Make it more dangerous.
Venezuela is in the throes of socialist dictatorship and humanitarian destruction today, cheering on suspects who normally progress on predictable and unpleasant roads.
Jeremy Corbyn may be Britain's next prime minister, in part because a generation of Brits has reached a short and direct age without knowing the boundaries from "progressive social commitment" to catastrophic economic results.
Bernie Sanders seized the heart of the Democratic Party last year by portraying "democratic socialism" as an extension of New Deal liberalism, if not the brain.
But the Vermont senator also insisted that "Wall Street's business model is fraud.
Efforts to make capitalism and financial services a crime have also had foreseeable results.
This is a painful fact that the most amazing strategic victory in the West in the last century was the course we never seriously bothered to teach, let alone to learn.
An ideology that is enslaved and distorted at some point is almost the third ideology in the world that has collapsed without fighting, and can be seen by all.
However, when we do the same evil, it is still difficult for us to condemn it.
We see its sympath people as romantics and idealists, not fools, fanatics or cynics of their past and present.
Churchill wrote that when the Germans allowed the leaders of Bolshevik to travel from Switzerland to St.
In 1917, Russia became the most terrible country in all weapons.
They carried Lenin in sealed trucks like plague bacteria.
"A century has passed and the bacteria have not been eradicated, and we still have questions about its immunity.
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