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Community news: West Kerry - food packaging film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
Community news: West Kerry  -  food packaging film
Visitors at Dün si on Beach were blown away on Friday as members of the Camphill Community performed "Walk in My Shoes ".
Dancers and family, friends and supporters of the Dingle Camphill community gathered for a 20-minute show, the third and final dance recorded by photographer Michael Kay.
If you want to catch up on this show, 20-
The project's minute films will be shown on Friday, May 4, and at three o'clock P. M. , the performance exhibition of Phoenix cinema and dancers will be displayed at Gray Lane bistro from May 3-5 to 7.
The show was choreographed by Zoe Uy fakhalin under the guidance of an artist in the Community Planning Award managed by Create.
By the end of the week, gathering the knowledge and experience of scientists, locals and planners in maharees' meetings may play an important role in determining in the future where people can and cannot live in rural Ireland.
The meeting was held after Dr. Eugene Farrell of the University of California college, who is studying the coastal erosion of marharris, last Thursday and Friday, A group of planners who are attending the conference of the Irish planning institute in Tralee invited them to host the field trip.
Dr. Farrell showed planners the serious impact of erosion on Maharees and explained how the locals worked with Kerry County Council, official bodies and other interest groups to bring the sandy peninsula from
He also held a seminar at the bar in Spillane, offering a unique opportunity for scientists and local communities to sit down with people implementing planning policies.
Spillane's workshop focused on the national adaptation framework, which was published in January, proposing national strategies to combat climate change.
This strategy may have a huge impact on the decision to grant planning permission in Maharees and elsewhere.
It can be seen from the workshop that while planners know a lot about planning policies, if they are to effectively implement the planning policies contained in the national adaptation framework, they need to know more about climate change, for example, Maharees, Dr. Farrell described it as "a good example of the impact of climate change ".
Another important outcome of the workshop was that it gave planners an in-depth understanding of the work done by local people in maharris to combat coastal erosion and how they could be incorporated into planning policies.
"The planners are very excited to see the community working with official agencies in Maharees," he added . ".
In maharris, local communities led by the maharris Conservation Association are looking for solutions to the challenges of climate change and coastal erosion.
According to Dr. Farrell, the work being done may be a template for communication between the community and planners on dealing with these issues.
He said: "long-term planning solutions must be based on scientific evidence . . . . . . We need to change the way we plan. we need to work with nature . ".
"In this regard, planners working with local-level communities are critical.
At the same time, a very positive result of continuous cooperation
The action between the maharees' locals and official agencies on erosion is that OPW is announcing funding of € 150,000 for the study of coastal erosion and flood risk management in maharees.
"This is the first step in developing a long-term strategy that comes from the community, working with scientists to understand and work together to solve the problem," Dr. Farrell said . ". Rev.
Felix Jones took the first step on her journey of hope and prayer, which will end with the renovation of St. Jones
James Church in Dingle
On May 1, Pastor Felix (pictured right) will perform the final 116 km foot walk from Dublin, Mino, San Diego-De Compostela completed to the famous church, which shares its name with St.
James Church in Dingle
The fundraising effort was to renovate the iconic church, which was widely used by the Western Kerry community during the festival, in addition to the Irish church service.
The cost of the renovation works is € 500,000, which includes water supply for the church, installation of toilets for the disabled, and under-floor heating.
The wall next to the church's Holy room shows the details of the planned renovation.
A Church of Ireland dedicated to the Holy.
James is a place of worship for the West Kry Anglican Church, and for the past 16 years it has been the birthplace of the international famous "Other Voices" series.
To support fundraising activities, please visit their crowdfunding page on www. ifundraise.
IE browser/stjameschurch.
Breath-holding participants in the Irish wild Atlantic Cycling campaign will take the Dingle strike band into Dingle next Monday to provide a pumping rhythm for the pedal pusher.
This cycle starts at Kinsale, ends at Donegal and is expected to be between 3 points at Skellig hotel.
Four o'clock P. M. and next Monday, although the time they arrive may be delayed due to bad weather.
There will be two cyclists.
Stay at night in Sikri and in order to make them happy, the Dingle Peninsula travel alliance will provide all the information about the area, including an electric bike guide for "ventry way.
Electric bikes don't seem like an obvious option for cyclists, but it gives them the chance to see rest while traveling west.
WAW Cycle sport tif will leave Dingle on Wednesday and the strike band again offers rhythm as they face the Conor pass leading to Tralee.
At the recent annual general meeting of B & B Ireland, brendan Fitzgerald from Dingle was selected as director of Wild Atlantic Way Kerry on the board of B & B Ireland, replacing Delhi Murphy.
During a very successful term, B & B expanded its market share and increased its membership in Ireland's national representative body, with Delhi Murphy completing his term on the board.
Also in AGM, Ireland B & B, Philomena and Michael Brosnan of Imeall na Mara B & B in Baile na nGall are nominated for 2018 of the year
Dingle takes the lead in a campaign to cut singles
Use plastic cups, cartons and packaging that discard streets and pollute the ocean.
The Glan environmental initiative was officially launched in Dingle on Friday to encourage businesses to reduce singles
Use plastic and use more eco-friendly alternatives. Take-
Coffee cups are a good example, but the same idea applies to food packaging and even plastic beverage straws --
1 billion of garbage is used and dumped worldwide each year.
The initiative was conducted by Louise Ovey of Dingle SeaWorld, Joe Lynch of Dingle neat town, and Susan Vickers, who cleans the coast, to talk about garbage and the environment.
Susan Vickers said the dialogue developed into the Glan (green Lan) initiative, which has received a very positive response from Dingle enterprises.
The Maharees Protection Association has begun to implement the initiative, which is now in the process of implementing it and will also launch it in Tralee next week.
After that, the initiative is planned to be promoted nationwide.
The main purpose of GLAN is to help businesses and individuals make small changes that will help reverse some of our excesses
Dependence on plastic
This is done in the form of a pledge, so the business is given a list of pledges from which three or more to be executed are selected.
Participating businesses will label Glan on windows and encourage people to support their efforts.
Along with the Glan project, Dingle will also try out "two-minute street cleaning" to encourage the frequent occurrence of small-scale garbagepicks.
Kerry County Council supports this initiative, the first such initiative in the country.
"We are very excited about the possibility that Glan offers for those who want to take immediate positive action to deal with the wave of plastic pollution that seems to sweep us.
It allows locals to own their own consumption and sets a good example for others.
"Think about local, global action" is a bit cliché these days, but the move is a perfect example, "said Emlyn Cullen, national spring cleaning manager at Taisce.
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